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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: September 16, 2016, 07:14:06 pm »
A version of Crash for the A man dressed like a bat universe: a group of people develop a sexual fetish surrounding accidental falls into vats of mutation-inducing toxic waste.
That's cool.  I was thinking, when the Joker gets his perma-grin from the acid wash, is there any way DC was using "mutation inducing" industrial waste as a veil for some lysergic counterpart?  I figure this question probably betrays my ignorance, and I'm fine with that.

The Joker's original appearance is a bit too early for that, though I'm not sure about the red hood arc (i.e., his origin story). It's hard to tell how much of the really strange stuff in comics had its origin in legitimate psychedelia, since the comics code disallowed that sort of stuff. That said, the outfits that continued through the comics code era as comics were generally fairly conservative & straight-laced -- whereas the real freaks at EC shut down and started MAD.

Thank you for that insight - it may take some to percolate - meanwhile, made me remember:

At piano bar in parallel universe MAD editor at large tapped by largest trans-national drug cartel to canonize their narrative on the current state of world affairs.  War on drugs turns out to be (according to them) one of the only remaining active fronts of political conflict.  World leaders otherwise outed as being mostly in agreement about issues that they dramatize to the public.  The more divisively they render the circumstances, the more important their jobs of reconciliation become.  Moral of the story is to have public be less dependent upon understanding the world in terms of black and white, so their leaders could act accordingly.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: September 15, 2016, 08:40:39 pm »
A version of Crash for the Batman universe: a group of people develop a sexual fetish surrounding accidental falls into vats of mutation-inducing toxic waste.
That's cool.  I was thinking, when the Joker gets his perma-grin from the acid wash, is there any way DC was using "mutation inducing" industrial waste as a veil for some lysergic counterpart?  I figure this question probably betrays my ignorance, and I'm fine with that.

I mean, is this some fancy way of saying it interferes with working memory (as in, just forget about optimal efficiency for your Imperial surplus labour meat robots)?  Because if they were going to clarify how anything does so, the above quotes provide no such indication.  LuciferX gives this 3 Fishy-Axis-Power-PointS.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Danse Russe
« on: September 14, 2016, 07:29:10 pm »
...  And then a little Kerouac, I was looking for the source of that little phrase "praised be the non-ending".
Praised be man, he is existing in milk
and living in lilies -
And his violin music takes place in milk
and creamy emptiness -
Praised be the unfolded inside petal
flesh of tend'rest thought -
(petrels on the follying
wave-valleys idly
sing themselves asleep) -
Praised be delusion, the ripple -
Praised be the Holy Ocean of Eternity -
Praised be I, writing, dead already and
dead again -
Dipped in acid inkl
the flamd
of Tim
the Anglo Oglo Saxon Maneuvers
Of Old Poet-o's -

Praised be wood, it is milk -
Praised be Honey at the Source -
Praised be the embrace of soft sleep
- the valor of angels in valleys
of hell on earth below -
Praised be the Non ending -
Praised be the lights of earth-man -
Praised be the watchers -
Praised be my fellow man
For dwelling in milk"

Kinda a little catch-22 that "need to eat more, to get my metabolism going again" so I prime the pump with a little exercise if/when energy permits.

Given Fermi normals on two time-like geodesics (not denying the curvature of time), their intersection may define a locally flat metric space in the inertial frame of reference.  Further analysis may conclude that the observer is from a parallel universe, although it remains inconsequential to the resulting orthonormal tetrad.

Supposed elite transport for somewhat recently closed bordello:

Is there some rule, somewhere, which states that broadcasting how one doesn't cotton well to confrontation automatically turns into a provocation?  They just don't get it:  You clearly don't want to know why some people don't like fighting.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: OOO
« on: September 03, 2016, 09:42:34 pm »
I found this online as a good stepping stone:

Ontology is the philosophical study of existence. Object-oriented ontology (“OOO” for short) puts things at the center of this study. Its proponents contend that nothing has special status, but that everything exists equally—plumbers, DVD players, cotton, bonobos, sandstone, and Harry Potter, for example. In particular, OOO rejects the claims that human experience rests at the center of philosophy, and that things can be understood by how they appear to us. In place of science alone, OOO uses speculation to characterize how objects exist and interact.

I think the point is that humans prescribe values, narratives/histories, and uses to objects. But how is the nature of objects if it were to step outside human value systems? How do these objects relate to each other with all things being equal? (Of course we can never step outside our nervous system, so all of this would be speculative debate).   

The only half-truth in OOO is that nothing does indeed have special status, over and against their inability to make of it the absence of an intentional object.

Culturally, some of us are obligated to frown on those that cannot queue in an orderly fashion.

How the fuck can my phone get that right and still have problems with "hello" and "man". Worst fucking pocket spy I've ever used.

I agree that normative distance-standing rules are not absolute, however, I also suspect no earthly introduction can make proper of what those devices get-up into.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: August 27, 2016, 09:03:55 pm »
Well, at least Sorweel should come out of things OK.  Unless he literally runs into the No-God or goes on to kill Kelhus, that boy's unstoppable.

Or, if the theories are correct at least, he runs into Kelmonas.  The fan theory is that Kel's a narindar of Ajokli, and thus stands outside the sight of the gods, including Yatwer and her White Luck Warrior.  He sacrified that beetle as an offering, a murder done for no other reason than "because". 

Ajokli is the god of tricksters, thieves and assassins...a description that fits Kel to a t.  I also wonder if Ajokli can see the No-God and Consult..."He only seems such [the Fool] because he sees what the others do not see... What you do not see ... The blindness of the sighted".  Which also makes me wonder if there is a link between Ajokli and the Solitary God of the Cishaurim...the reference to the blindness of the sighted, the fact that the Psukhe is undetectable by other magi and even unknown to the Consult, and that the Cishaurim wage war against the followers of the Tusk.  Ajokli, via the nameless narindar in the White Luck Warrior notes that his cult alone is persecuted by the Tusk. 

I'm also somewhat amused by the many parallels one can draw between Ajokli, narindar and our favourite inscrutable trickster god, the Anticipation of Mephala himself, Vivec.  Narindar are holy assassins the gods send, but narindar of Ajokli are ritual assassins for whom the act is holy, and are asked to kill without reference to their own cares.  Of course, Vivec is the Tribunal replacement for Mephala, whom the Morag Tong assassins (and maybe the Dark Brotherhood, if the Night Mother is Mephala.  Of course, one reading of the 36 sermons suggests Vivec is in fact the Night Mother).  Assassins remove the act of emotion from murder, which in turn makes it an act of destruction...and destruction is another form of creation.  Murder and enlightenment, combined.

Incidentally, narindar = narinder = narendra = "lord of men" in Sanskrit.  Just putting that out there.

Now THERE'S some food for fucking thought.

The themes of sight and blindness are rampant in this series and especially in this trilogy. Khellus's children are constantly described as having inherited their father's sight to varying degrees. One of them had to be chained up because he could see deeply but lacked the dispassionate conditioning. Minor spoiler: Serwa in The Great Ordeal makes a statement to the effect of "light is our birthright."

The entire Dunyain philosophy revolves around the eponymous Darkness that comes before, and the Logos is the way to be able to "see" the origin of one's own thoughts. Plus, the Probablity Trance.

The Few have their own form of sight, and Mimara's Judging Eye represents a kind of sight that perhaps no other living person possesses, except perhaps Khellus during the Circumfixion. What little we know about Cishaurim sorcery revolves around themes of sight and blindness.

Then there was that guy in the cave, with the heart.

The various asides about how the Nonmen perceive the world comes to mind as well: they can't "see" two-dimensional images, so they sculpt. I forget if it was a character or in one of the pre-chapter quotes, but it's stated that Men fear and hate the darkness because it is ignorance made visible, while the Nonmen see it as holy.

The No-God is, apparently, invisible to Heaven. And, it seems, somehow invisible to itself ("WHAT DO YOU SEE?")

I don't have a real thesis here, but it will surprise me greatly if the conclusion of this series is not somehow related to sight and blindness.

Lacking all context for the above, let me miopically state how awesome that sounds. :lulz:  "circumfixion" :lulz:

I do not envy this and cannot answer your question to satisfaction: your position is probably more nuanced than most would be willing to relate to ATM.  Although I can pretend to understand and formulate a response, I must admit that part of me is trying to somehow retroactively advise a version of myself from a past life.  This is not meant to be disparaging.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: August 27, 2016, 08:59:40 am »
Eval is not to evaluate.

All the above.  And I love what Alan Watts describes as/in "The Wisdom of Insecurity".

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