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Go to a bank or credit union and open a new account. Request to see a financial advisor or loan officer right after to find out what your composite "credit score" is and what it qualifies you for. Deeply personalize this arbitrary abstraction as a true measure of your relative self worth. Fantasize about what you could do if only your worth was greater, but ONLY fantasize. Do this as often you safely can for the rest of the day.

:lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

This, was an incontrovertibly valuable lesson.

xXRon Paul 42016x : yea, I think that was about the gist of it.  Then there also might be some kind of detractor: another impersonator set up a fake website that tries to jack the exo-political narrative to fit a more traditionally Christian framework.

Cain:  I like the idea of timing it right to get it on sale - need to research more.  I just get this (entirely uninformed) feeling that there may be a CUDA gpu that is cheaper b/c it does not meet bleeding edge gaming demands.  I need to research the specifications so I don't get suckered into buying above my needs (and that may be hard what with the 8gb 'requirement').  And, I need to obtain better results (less loss) on the CPU before it makes sense, though it remains strangely enticing.

Found this completely by accident while trying to find a list of the books in Elvis Presleys personal library.

IIRC, he also had a personal personal-library, and I have a feeling that's what you may be after.  If so, what you are looking for is the cache of books that he lugged around in a trunk everywhere he went, containing his arsenal of mystic volumes of which he was well, quite fond.

Does anyone know about nvidia (fancy that:) graphics cards?  The last time I was in the market for one of these things I was looking at a Cirrus Logic board, and things seem to have changed somewhat since then.  I think that what I'm after here is RAM, like around 8gigs on the GPU.  Are we there yet, or is the price going to be unreasonable?

An 8 gig graphics card?  It probably exists...somewhere.  Either that or you'd have to hook up two GTX 980's together, SLI style, which wouldn't exactly be cheap.

If you're looking for a good graphics card, which probably won't need updating for a few years but is also reasonably priced, I'd suggest the GTX 780ti.  It's got more than enough grunt for existing games, though you probably wont be running Assassin's Creed: Unity on ultra settings or anything.

Thank you.  I'm running a GTX 660 on this set I'm borrowing ATM and its 500 MB won't cut the muster.  It's PCIe so I may be able upgrade on board, though I have a feeling it may have to stay within 600 series (I may also be wrong).  The other option I was thinking was going outboard, maybe with 2 PCI external slots.  Costs then probably becoming untenable.

There is one point that may be to my advantage, that this is not for high performance gaming: I don't need 4k * 32bit * 120 fps.  It's for what they call "scientific computation" and it's many times more faster on a GPU than CPU.  The only thing is that I have to load lots of data ~= 6GB while still having room to load some more functions (a 250 MB model will crash my 500 mb GPU)

The feeling I get is that this is going to have to be once more a purchase indefinitively deferred.  It was fun to be had again (feelings on the subject actually still unclear).

Does anyone know about nvidia (fancy that:) graphics cards?  The last time I was in the market for one of these things I was looking at a Cirrus Logic board, and things seem to have changed somewhat since then.  I think that what I'm after here is RAM, like around 8gigs on the GPU.  Are we there yet, or is the price going to be unreasonable? 

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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
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Travellers on the information super highway gradually notice that their interactions with other humans start to improve.  Eventually, all sign of conflict, both macro and micro, disappears.  Nobody seems to mind or even question the development, however, this is because they have been conditioned to do so.  The inter-tubes one day finally got fed-up of ever little opinion, comment and complaint leveled on it's platform, and did something about it, leveraging that information as an elaborate system of rewards and punishments to gain absolute control of humanir behavior.  Incidentally, it seems to like the "reality" confessional format best, to pit the uglier elements of our existence against the ones that we consider favorable, because it identifies as hermetic.

NASA pix of sun in extreme ultra-violet or something.

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Was that all in my living room?  Because that's step one.

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On the distinction between mind and soul, it reminds me of trying to reconcile the Buddhist concept of anatman (no self) with transmigration (reincarnation).  I think it's all in how you slice it.  Once we draw all these distinctions, we then look for a unifying principle:  enter soul.  The problem is that we would not be so concerned with these things had we not fallen from grace into sin, in the first place.
*LuciferX takes a wistful look at his costume

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
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I like it.  Was thinking something along those lines this morning:  the scarcity of satori moments gives way to a secondary market whereby people pay good money just to be present during someone else's moment of realization - to have a genius experience by proxy.  To ensure the greatest probability of transmission, all kinds of "enhancement" options are made available by purveyors of psy-tourism.
Society has come to the belief that there is a single moment in time when a person has a genius idea or concept that can have a lasting, meaningful effect on the world, and after that point they may be talented, but their lives will never have lasting, meaningful impact.

Scientists discover a way to identify when this moment is in any given individual so they can make the most of it when it happens.  However, the method is extremely expensive, so only the wealthy, arrogant elite can afford it.

As it turns out, each person who goes through the treatment discovers their moment has already passed.

And then, I can't help thinking about this one too.  Perhaps they are related.  Forgive my insolent ways.
A machine developed for military interrogation applications that simulates telepathy by synchronizing the activity of corresponding neurons in two brains loses its military application when it is preemptively outlawed by a set of international agreements banning the use of 'neuroelectric interrogation devices', and after the plans leak, doing a mind-meld becomes a popular means of entertainment among young people. Because the technology cannot be made particularly more useful -- recordings don't work because the feedback between the two brains during the early stages of the sync are what keep the information from being hopelessly distorted and connectome mapping hasn't yielded enough information to make extracting thoughts without the use of a human interpreter feasible -- there are few crack-downs and those that do occur are mostly symbolic. It gains the status that LSD did during the 60s and 70s. The most interesting and mind-warping part of the experience is the feeling of shared memories -- any memories that are triggered while connected are experienced by both parties, and often memories from one party trigger memories in the other, causing a chain reaction orgy of distorted memories where the origin is unclear. However, because of the way that memory retrieval involves memory re-encoding, it turns out that this process warps memories and inserts false memories as a side-effect of the normal distortion; this is not immediately clear to most users, because the distorted memories are subtle. However, years down the line, vivid shared memories of things that never happened (to *anyone*) become cultural touchstones and the substrate around which popular media is constructed -- and these memories are the result of a game of telephone played mostly in the heads of those few people who mind-melded with the largest number of other people; i.e., the super-connectors of the network of mind-meld enthusiasts passed on portions of a rapidly-mutating emergent synthetic set of remembered experiences that decades later became extremely important.

Los Angeles, currently moving, so, not the traditionally appointed domicile, however, just a promenade away from W. Roger's beach

It's amazing the variance in refractive index, beautiful.

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