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Bring and Brag / Re: AGNOSIS! EP. 23 “The Great Escapism”
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:50:46 am »
Written by Bobby Campbell – Art by Marcelino Balao III
Continued from AGNOSIS! EP. 23X “The Grunch of Fnords”

So much awesome!

:lulz: :lulz:  :lulz:

We really only needed IX Lucifers and now the system is stretched thinner than Shandor's understanding of Ecclesiastes and international politics

Like the 10th commandment, it only seems superfluous and is actually the root of all evil (this would have been properly explained on the second (actually first) tablet if only Moses hadn't "dropped" it ;)

I got sent home because the heat is fucking with the cryoslicer.  :sad:

There's a joke in there, but I can't seem to find it.
Because God stopped cooking up serpents with biscuit reinforced butt joints.


And, the axe

Trump by Teisco, 1967

Our slicer is nothing like those slicers, FYI. It's some sort of two-million-dollar stove-sized contraption.

Me-me-me! got first dibs on using the slicer:  I propose using the slides to stack the images and feed it though some electron scanning & propagation software I wrote for project Oro-borrows.

I can use it, for science, without ever having to touch it, see?  Everyone wins!

I promise I wont use it for cooking like those "other" applicants.  My solution is renewable!

I think it is my contract, indubitably, right? :lulz:

My sex life? i'll let you know when one happens.  :sad:

Seriously, it seems like i've had everything up to but not including, full penetrative sex. I've even been told i'm pretty decent at the lead up: kissing, fondling all that good stuff, but someway or another, the actual sex part has never happened. It's like i'm stuck in a highly contrived romantic comedy. The part that really drives me up a wall is the fact that the parts i just mentioned are some of the most present i've been in my life. I have anxiety in almost every part of my life, but hanky panky seems to be the only state in which all those switches get shut off and i'm entirely focused on the activity at hand. For that brief moment, i'm not a quivering pile of insecurities, I am MAN, a primal by product of millions of monkeys successfully fucking in exactly this fashion. And then the director yells cut, the set shuts down, and i'm left with balls the exact shade of the ocean.
:lulz: :mittens:
That is hilarious!
Also, on a more serious note, enjoy what you get and don't worry too much.
Update on this: Same shit different year.
Record heat-wave and obsessively sexual tv commercials got teens on the rise, though population growth rate remains the same IN July!

I can't find the second episode, watching Nina Simone instead.

if our strategy wasn't MAD, I wonder how much more the 'other' side would stand against US;

or, doesn't the US having a foreign policy have a weird ring to it?

[I hate myself for saying this, but we have not lost that loving feeling]

The fuck does joining the army have to do with perpetuating war?
Non Serviam

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: July 01, 2015, 07:33:33 am »
The denizens of a simulated reality create a simulated reality of their own. This threatens to overload the computer on which the first simulated reality runs
Meltdown from overload results in supernova as all negative energy-density trapped in quantum bits first explodes, then curves back on itself becoming first information-based black hole.  Surface of event horizon houses monstrous synthesis of reality, developing inside the product of two nested simulations.  Inhabitants of "realty" quickly forget there was was a difference between fiction and fact.

I wonder if sales of Hagakure are soaring in wake of season 2 of True Detective, much like season one prompted purchases of The King in Yellow?  It was pretty prominently displayed in episode one in Ani Bezzerides' home, alongside a less prominent copy of A Book of Five Rings and some what look like some Fairbairn and Sykes knife-fighting manuals.

Well tough luck poseurs, my samurai killer manuals are well over a decade old. My knifefighting manuals too, though I only keep digitized copies of those nowadays.

Had been thinking about episode, and I call foul if anyone uses a wakizashi.

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