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What's cool is that even if a woman spag like that is one in a million, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of them out there.


It would need to be corrected to reflect the correct math, which would be fourteen thousand if we are expanding the search for EOC's lifemate to men.

I'm not sure how EOC feels about that, though.

I think it's more that the original figure should've been 3,500, but that doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

Oh, you're right. Good catch.

also LOL bi people. 7000 works for me :D

What's cool is that even if a woman spag like that is one in a million, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of them out there.


Members are now actively seeking out other cat groups to troll.

Pretty sure it won't end there.

What have I made?

Anarchist cat group is actually a pretty cool place, but they tend to come down on the banhammer on trolls and has a safe space policy of sorts.

I noticed you joined, and an influx of Discordian kitty fans

I moderate a few safe spaces online and I have an entire policy based on assuming good faith and ignorance or malice and avoiding banning unless it's obvious, or hard limits are crossed.

I merely use my trolling skills to make problematic people flounce. Like TERF's.

Only known communicable mental illness  8)

Who are you and why should I give a shit?

I have real internets!

man I love living closer to the centre of town (15 minutes leisurely stroll yo) and have been getting way moar exercise and have noticed an improvement in muscle tone in my calves already!

also the cheap supermarket is within walking distance and i just got a butt load of cat related bitz for cheap.

I have left the house all but 1 day this week, as living where I was was very isolating :(

also Payne got his trailer in the boonies and i miss his face.

i survived moving house! The new flat is gorgeous and comnvienient for ALL THE THINGS. There is still a not unconsiderable amount of unpacking to be done, but the kitchen is useable. Landlord and landlady live next door, and have offered me use of thir wifi for a as yet unknown nominal fee, which I need to sort out this weekend so i can manage my finances and housing assistance, and i've got the local authority to agree to treat me as if i am 35 already for the purposes of said housing assistance, ensuring that i can pay next months rent ok and get furniture that i need. :D

i am however exhausted, but i have been keeping on top of chores and dealing with a bit more unpacking each day.


For Nigel and Roger.

 :lulz: I like it. I don't really know what's happening, but I like it.

it's like a gender flipped version of cross dressing eric idle.

Tomorrow is moving day.  Blargh, usual drill.
me also- will be mostly internetless for a week or so...
good luck.

correct attitude, you has it.

rockin that shit like eric idle yo



sisters bf has been incommunicado for 2 whole days.

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