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The NYT will hire anyone won't they?

There's more truth here than one would think.

That's what you get when you pay for your calamari dinner with necronomicoin.

Dammit. I can't hate him as much now.

And don't forget about the Flurmmentaglegrundlerstummeningtammerbanditersun pillowcase.

Pages is much better than I rember a Mac word processing program previously being.  But I also use GoogleDocs, so there's that.

I'm for the double cross.

Just googled it.  Then I remembered I saw an episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain was presented with this stuff.

Good lord.

They should have a specific sentence for BEING A DUMBASS.  You know, maybe a couple of years doing scutwork on a farm somewhere.  Nothing to fuck your life up, but something difficult that involves long hours.

I kind of like this.

Oh, Phyllis -- You so craaaazy.

Let the furry beast hitch a ride.  It should be more interesting, and we'll probably end up killing it anyway.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Financial fuckery thread
« on: Today at 12:10:24 pm »

Paul Flowers, the former Co-op Bank chairman, has been charged with drug possession, prosecutors have said.

Mr Flowers was arrested in November following newspaper allegations he was involved in a drug deal.

He had stepped down from the Co-op six months earlier over concerns about his expenses. He resigned as a Methodist Church minister days before his arrest.

He has been charged with two counts of possession of a class A drug and one count of possession of a class C drug.

The charges relate to cocaine, methamphetamine and ketamine.

Will be interesting to see the fallout from this. It would also be interesting to see the results of mandatory piss testing if you're an executive of a bank. This seems to be a very established cultural theme and I really don't understand how anyone can claim the economy to be improving if you've still got the same cracked up wankers spinning the roulette wheel.

"Hopped up on meth and Special K" is a great way to sum up the economy of the past decade.

Wow, she's special.

Really?  I thought the message is, "If you leave a backpack with a pressure cooker in the same location as the bombing the night of the memorial service, you'll be arrested, even if you claim it's art."

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