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Dok, what in the name of Sam Tarwell are you doing on Facebook that's blowing up my feed?

Hi, new guy!

Pool's on the roof.

This thread caused me to return to the arguments against human uniqueness outlined by the illustrious Professor Trol Bearington.

I forgot all about that thread.  :lulz: It was hilarious.

How do you remember all these dumbass threads?

That sounds very similar to a lot of BLM complaints about Sanders when he says, "trust me, racism is an economic issue."

Get a Surface? Not particularly a cheap option but they (should) run Windows 10 now which is the same OS whether it's on tablet or proper computer.

Really? Because it was my understanding that with the Windows 8 Surface tablets this was actually a lie and they actually ran something called "Windows RT"

What I am hearing, here, is "I want a tablet that is also fully-functional computer but I only want to spend $150".

I don't expect that; I expect to end up with a tablet that is a very low-end computer only*

*(ie. with all feasibly removable tablet-specific things completely deleted and preferably formatted over)

So you want a tablet that has all tablet functionality deleted?

Have you considered getting one of these?


From what I hear, it's happening in some colleges, as well.

I think I'm gonna hand the expertise on the subject of race over to the people with the most day-to-day experience with it.

Would you prefer to have a high rise building's tabs (the metal hangers that are used to hold the concrete slabs in place) inspected by a welder with 20 years experience, or an engineering professor with zero time in the field?

And this would also be the perfect time for questions -- specifically, the white professor asking questions of the black teens.

That would seem to be a group to walk away from.

So, could this be in general reaction to the much-touted observation that the latest generation of kids seem to be more sincere and compassionate (with notable exceptions, naturally)?

If the discussion is on a subject where the less privileged has more direct experience, I agree whole-heartedly, because there's more direct knowledge there.  Much in the same way that I would allow a professor of particle physics to lead a conversation about quarks, but I would let a neurobiologist lead a conversation about dendrites.  Let the people who know, talk.

I was also told that I shouldn't ask people any questions, and that instead I should show up to discussions having read the correct blogs ahead of time and decided on an opinion someone else had arrived on. This too is no exaggeration.

That's not a discussion.  That's social signaling, and fart-huffing.

So, for those of you who wanted to read my Dylann Roof article, I only have one word for you:


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