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That would seem to be a group to walk away from.

So, could this be in general reaction to the much-touted observation that the latest generation of kids seem to be more sincere and compassionate (with notable exceptions, naturally)?

If the discussion is on a subject where the less privileged has more direct experience, I agree whole-heartedly, because there's more direct knowledge there.  Much in the same way that I would allow a professor of particle physics to lead a conversation about quarks, but I would let a neurobiologist lead a conversation about dendrites.  Let the people who know, talk.

I was also told that I shouldn't ask people any questions, and that instead I should show up to discussions having read the correct blogs ahead of time and decided on an opinion someone else had arrived on. This too is no exaggeration.

That's not a discussion.  That's social signaling, and fart-huffing.

So, for those of you who wanted to read my Dylann Roof article, I only have one word for you:


Sainthood guaranteed.

Yeah, smashwords.  Looking forward to reading these again.

I'm back from Cowboying, and have bought all three.  Will buy LO when available.

This is a really good analysis of the tensions between white progressive Sanders-supporters and BLM that might shed some light into why they feel defensive enough to try to discredit BLM activists:

Do you disagree with the premise--that racial inequality is largely a function of economic inequality?

It seems to me that it strikes at the heart of the matter. What drives the school to prison pipeline? Underfunded schools and and the continued privatization of prisons. Do a lot of cops think black lives don't matter because they are black or more because our value as human fucking beings in America is viewed in terms of money and the power that comes with that? Are there specific racial issues that wouldn't be heavily mitigated by tangible reform towards more economic justice? If so, how exactly are they mutually exclusive from economic disenfranchisement?

Yes, I absolutely disagree with that premise. There is really no evidence that supports it. While poverty is higher among black people by percentage, they are a smaller total percentage of the population, by a lot, and therefore there are far more poor white people than poor black people. If economic inequality explained the poor treatment of black people, then you would expect to see that same economic inequality affecting poor white people in the same ways. Therefore, you would expect to see an epidemic of white deaths at the hands of police, and an epidemic of white people in prison, far outstripping those occurring among black people.

But we don't. And we do see middle-class black people being murdered by the police, and middle-class black people being sent to prison, at a far higher rate than one could ever expect based on the economics-over-racism model.

I think it is a very appealing story that many white Progressives tell, that there is truly no racism, really, only classism under another name. Unfortunately, it is not supported by the available evidence provided to us by our friend, Reality.

OK. Was sitting this out, weighing things, adjusting priors. This post sent it way over the top. I'm convinced. Bernie thinks economic inequality is at the root, but you've clearly shown its not.

Woot! More people I can give money to!

Good essay. Thanks!

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Was goth a thing?
« on: August 08, 2015, 07:24:39 pm »
The whole scene shattered into a million subgenres.

Did you know there was such a thing as a "graver"? Goths who roll on X and go to raves. And listen to Gabber.

Good luck, Dok.  I see in no way that this could not be a story someday.

No, this ain't ever gonna be a story.  I've been forced out of the profession that has taken most of my life to learn.

This isn't about stories.  Sometimes shit is a little more important than stories.

Oh, THAT profession. Shit. Is this some misguided payback from the plant fiasco?

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: August 08, 2015, 09:27:08 am »
A man gains superpowers after a bizarre accident and decides to fight crime, but is quickly and constantly imposed upon to instead use these powers for mundane purposes by opportunistic and passive-aggressive friends and family members

I can see this one.  I'd watch.

Good luck, Dok.  I see in no way that this could not be a story someday.

In other news, I'm off to Montana for the annual Land Shark hunt.  Not sure if I'll have conneectivity for the week.

Don't be excessively stupid while I'm gone, yeah?

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