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If you feel like going for a round with it, shure.  It looks cool from a third party view, though.

Flamethrower gameplay
.  Also:

- no missile killstreak
- arm through gut!
- good guy Turian Sentinel
- fire explosions.  Lots and lots of fire explosions.

Holy crap, dude.  Flamethrowers and grenades.  Awesome.


I HAD taken the Volbeat album into my office. Then I put it in the CD player ON TOP OF THE LADY GAGA ALBUM.

This restores my faith, to some degree, that the Electrical Alien Overlords from Galaxy Seven haven't gotten loose again.

Onto our next mystery:  What is a CD?


Oh, crap.  A real politician has shown up.  We're screwed.

If you feel like going for a round with it, shure.  It looks cool from a third party view, though.

Whoa.  Does one of those guys have a flamethrower?

Holy crap.  I was wondering why there wasn't as much time spent "aiming".

It would be easy to go down the "we would have won anyway, haters gonna hate" route, but I'm pondering if I should try and change my feelings about the tribe if it turns out they're culpable.

Though that would make things tricky in the Alphapants household.  Mrs LMNO is a huge fan.  Perhaps the most effective way of dealing with cognitive dissonance is, "My wife would get pissed at me otherwise. Let this one go."

That post of mine may have come off harsher than intended.  I think I've got a handle on things, now.  Since the NFL is still investigating to see what may have happened, the issue can safely be tucked away into a "maybe" state for now.

Also, for a laugh I checked FB, and read the comments.  Wow.  There are a lot of people flailing their arms around and screeching.

 :lulz:  I had forgotten about that little bit of Science™.

This must be what a conservative feels like every time the Trickle Down theory is disproved.

The difference here is that I made an emotional commitment to "my" team. 

I feel about hockey, much of baseball, and soccer the way you do about football, because I haven't really invested emotionally.  It wouldn't be cognitive dissonance if I didn't give a shit.

At the end of the day, it's just a bunch of dudes in plastic armor running on a field.

Ah, yes, I forgot the part where I dismiss the whole thing.  That's a tactic, as well.  Shuts down the morality side, leaves the tribal side alone.

My minister friend is a Colts fan, and he hates the Pats, and he was like, "the Colts would have been using the same balls. I just like saying that the Pats have deflated balls"

Also, it's the Pats. They're the Yankees of football.

But they don't.  Each team has their own set of balls.  <giggle>

    I'm experiencing some mahor cognitive dissonance, and since I know that it's happening, I'm having fun seeing my brain jump around and act all twitchy.

    Basically, the sports team I've given my tribal allegience to has been accused of cheating, and there appears to be evidence to back it up.  Because I give weight to the concept of fairness, my morals are in conflict with my tribe.  It's really fascinating to see what's my mind's been doing.

    • Deny that it even happened. "There's no way they could have had the opportunity."
    • Even if it did happen, it's not cheating because it wasn't utilized. "The game was won on the ground, and Brady had one of his worst passing games all season."
    • We didn't win by cheating, the other team lost by poor play. "Their defense sucked, and their offensive line was non-existent."

    And in a very clever turnaround, pretending to appeal to fairness itself. "Did the officials check the other team's equipment too, or just ours?"

    The thing is, I know how this works, and in all likelyhood even if they are found guilty of cheating, the emotional tribal affiliation will beat out the intellectual morality, and I'll go on being a fan.  Brains are weird.

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