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Unfortunately, we've already had the "11/12 of people should die" wander through, and that was, what, six years ago?

Was that the Lamanite, or was he another "civilization is useless" dude?

He is fucking the wrong end of the pig.

I'm not sure I've ever heard that before...

Or Kill Me / Re: Another reason to hate the world. True or False?
« on: August 21, 2014, 12:46:13 pm »
I always had you pegged for well-hung.

To be fair, you're pretty good at pegging people.

I'm no psychiatrist, but does it seem weird to you that von professes previous same-sex relationships, and yet chooses "faggot" as a pejoritive?  There seems to be a lot of self-hate going on in his head.

Did she for reals send a written response?  Is it amusing enough to share?

Oh noes!  What will you ever do now?

Hey, if Andy Kaufman fell for it....

So, interesting disconnect this morning.  One of my co-workers was bragging they did the ice bucket challenge already.  I said, "Oh, that's cool. How much did you donate?"  They replied, "At the time, I didn't realize you donated, too," and just let it at that.  As if, it's completely impossible to donate to ALS after the fact.  Like, "I already did the thing, and I'm done thinking about it."

Like there's a specific window of time when you can donate to a charity.

What's interesting is that Mrs LMNO and I know several family members who have done it, and none of them nominated us.  Maybe they know a thing or two about us.

It changed over time.  It originally started as "Ice Water, or donate $100."

Then, it changed to "Ice Water and donate $10, or donate $100."

Now, it's "Ice Water and donate whatever you want, or bitch about it on Facebook."

Someone posted something to the effect of "How many buckets of ice do I have to pour on my head to raise awareness of Ferguson?"

But I feel that's a false equivalence -- I am perfectly capable of being aware of both ALS and Ferguson.  It's not an "either pay attention to this, or pay attention to that" kind of thing.  If you allow that kind of thinking, then you can always raise it to the next level... "Why are you paying attention to that, and not to the Ebola crisis/Syria/ISIS..."

In fact, someone has already calculated the amount of water being poured over people's heads, because don't you know there's a massive drought going on right now?

I think it's adorable.  We contrive such fragile systems of thinking and then huff and puff about it. :lulz:

They're not really constructed, so much as they evolve over time. I'm fairly certain there have never been any Jewish carpenters who were able to stop storms, walk on water, and rise from the dead. But I'm also fairly certain at least one Jewish carpenter just kinda said, "Fuck this hammering. I'm gonna preach!" one day. Where that other stuff came in, I don't know. Maybe they did some good drugs. But Christianity didn't come out of thin air, and it certainly wasn't contrived like Scientology or Discordia.

Council of Nicea comes damn close, though.

Someone posted a fucking awesome t-shirt to the "I Love 80's Goth" group on Facebook.

For the lazy, it's a tshirt with the "Unknown Pleasures" waveform on it, above that it says "DEPECHE MODE", beneath it says "BOYS DON'T CRY"

They went FUCKING NUTS, like ragetears.

And yet they claim to have complex senses of humour under the eyeliner and shit...

edit: Not that this is relevant to the topic at hand at all, it's just good trolling & the wint tweet reminded me of it.

I would wear the ever living fuck out of that shirt.

Hey I kinda think I might be able to use your support here.

I feel oddly vulnerable, and I honestly don't know why.


Remember, you both have midterms next week.

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