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« on: February 14, 2010, 04:12:10 am »



         What do you?

« on: February 11, 2010, 07:32:23 pm »

          When it comes to comics, I mostly follow authors rather than titles. Ed Brubaker's "incognito" got me hooked on him and his noir stuff, so I caught up on "criminal" and several of his previous titles. Matt Wagner's probably my favourite comic writer/ artist, and I'm really enjoying his "madame xanadu". I'm not against the 'super hero' stuff if it's written well, but I'm kinda interested in something more original to dig into, rather than the millionth Batman story. I need suggestions for my comic addiction.


          My friend BRIAN CHURILLA has managed to get a gig as artist for a regular monthly title, with writer PHIL HESTER called "The Anchor". Totally worth checking out if you're looking for something new yourself.  It involves an avenging behemoth monk and a lot of monsters.

« on: January 29, 2010, 06:40:11 pm »

No doubt , if you're picking up any news anywhere, you're running across a fair amount of these "tea party" related hysteria articles. What's ultra fantastic about this article is the VIDEO LINK attached. As a 'promo' video for regional 'militia' groups, it's nearly Saturday Night Live material. After the dramatic smoke filled forest intro, a few 'militia men' stumble, seemingly drunkenly, out of the woods. They try to haul their fat asses into the back of a pickup. Running maneuvers -  the viewer is convinced one of them is going to accidentally shoot someone else. No matching camouflage, some are wearing sneakers. They want the viewer to believe they have a helicopter. They hand out order forms for lunch at one point. More meandering. This must be watched all the way through for its total and complete glory. Then they embarrass Ron Paul, too.

« on: January 12, 2010, 08:02:39 am »

          Kommissar Hjuler ist die folgende beste sache zu chardonnay und zu einem warmen feuer


          A little over a decade ago, I was visiting with a friend in Holland, who deals in experimental music. Somewhere between 2 or 4a.m., some hand made CD's on his stock shelf caught my eye. They were crude and adolescent, with an innocence of purpose.  When I asked him what the hell it was, he proceded to tell me about this guy who called himself KOMMISSAR HJULER, who would put political flyers around Hamburg promoting some DADA / Aktionist- style nonsense political identity. He had once addressed a bustling square of shoppers from a hotel balcony, complete with wind waving banners, screaming about a meaningless, spontaneously fabricated movement. He had been known to find empty lecture halls at a local university and carry on in this same manner, whilst students drifted in confused, certain this was the location of their next class but not having any idea who this guy was or what he was talking about. My friend put a record on, as a sample -  and for me, it was one of those life changing moments, which tears and warps all definition of what is possible. As I held the sleeve, a hand-made, heavy gatefold, decorated with some photos of flowers and wallpaper, the sound of a hand held cassette recorder played repetitions of burps and belches for what seemed at least ten minutes. Then something like crunchy noises and snippets of conversation. Huh...

          I began corresponding with Detlev Hjuler when I got back to the states and he's continued to be one of the most decent and inspiring artists I'm very happy to call a friend. Detlev is the kind of music artist who concieves an idea, does it throughout the day, makes the art for it (usually in editions of 4 - 36) and then moves on to the next urge that overtakes him. By the time he and I embarked on our first project together, (2005),  Detlev had self released nearly 100 recordings on cassette, Lp and CDR. Detlev continues to issue recordings on hand pressed acetate vinyl in small amounts, always creating all of the sleeve design himself. One thing Detlev really turned me onto was the fun creative project of the 'anti-record'. Taking applicable elements from his life which are somewhat round, punching a hole in it and, boom, instant art thing. I received a package from him once which was a clear jewel case, the title "presswurst" neatly engraved in the plastic spine, along with a catalog number, and inside was what looked like a piece of Canadian style bacon, with a hole punched in the center - the anti-CD. Brilliant. And it was already molding.

          I could go on and on, I love him so much, but here's a clip of his called "Apple-Gretchen"

Bring and Brag / AUTENTICA
« on: January 11, 2010, 04:04:21 am »

          I bought it at IKEA


          For the better part of the last year, I've been remodeling a restaurant. It started with hooking up a sink and snowballed into adding more kitchen & dining space. The owner/ chef recently won every award you can get in the city, and being a creative individual he also gave me a lot of room for design. I studied a lot of traditional mexican art in the process, which isn't much different than 'traditional' anything, I found, however, it gave me that final encouragement to really spend time getting into joinery. You know, just wood, fitting into wood. And then staying there. Sounds like a bad one nighter, but it's really heaven. Anyways, here's some stuff that happened in the process:

This is  where things began to tip. Oswaldo wanted to cover up the water heater in this new bathroom we built. While putting it together, I kept telling him I was just using his back patio for an art project, which he accepted. Two days later, my first foray into traditional joinery produced this 8 foot by 2 foot three panel (That's 8x6, total) TOTALLY RECLAIMED LUMBER screen, with old door hinges as the hinging. The material is all old school wood I've pulled from jobsights doing remodels.

Another ridiculous, but fun project. Oswaldo wanted a "draft" wall for tables near the front door. Apparently people with so much money they drop $150 on a meal complain alot about the natural universe, and its' inconveniences. I milled down old douglas fir for about two days, joined some panels then trimmed out of my mind with a jigsaw and router.

Oswaldo wanted the new dining area to double as a private party space, so I built this oversized cafe style door to offer seperation (from the giant hole I made in the wall for people to walk through). I started with these rough, oversized cedar planks and planed them down for about two days, hand milled the detail trim pieces and WALLAH!! a door. Again, my masturbatory endeavor into mortis and tenon joinery gone wild.  All wood joints, no nails, no screws.

Here's the new dining space. Surprisingly,  the garish pink which Oswaldo insisted was a "Mexican" thing, looks pretty sultry in dim light. That giant built in is all clear douglas fir, which I hauled out of my garage (because I love Oswaldo) and is actually a functional space on the kitchen side, for the linen, coats, plates, shoes and cockroaches.

Outgoing plates get set on this. Fat 2 x 10" cedar mortised into itself. Again, pure joinery fappishness.

Overall, this was a fun gig, can't wait til AUTENTICA expands again. Aside from great people to be around all day, I was fed huge plates of the best food ever all day long.

Apple Talk / ARAB REBELS
« on: January 07, 2010, 07:16:46 am »


          "what WERE they thinking?!"


         " team america... fuck yeah" (the slow version)


          "freakin sweet" (said in the style of Peter Griffin)

Apple Talk / DUBAI BABEL
« on: January 06, 2010, 06:01:52 am »




          These aren't the droids you're looking for


          The new DUBAI tower, "Burj Khalifa", bears an uncanny resemblance to the TOWER OF BABEL



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