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Oh, and there's a video of the "brutal robbery", you know.

There Brown is, paying for his cigars. (at 36 seconds)


Ferguson police's attempts to demonize Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teen killed by Officer Darren Wilson, may have hit a small snag. The very video they released at the same time as they identified Wilson as the officer responsible for shooting Brown six times, including twice in the head, may show the opposite of what they intended.

Supposedly, the video shows Brown robbing the store, taking a box of cigars. However, the attorney for Ferguson Market says that it was not anyone from the store that called police to report a robbery. In fact, a customer called to report what he viewed as a robbery.

How, then, did police get the tape? According to St. Louis News, the attorney said, "Ĺduring the course of Ferguson's investigation, the police department from Ferguson, came to the store and asked for to review the tape." In other words, the tape was not viewed by police until after Michael Brown was dead in the street.

In their fervent effort to cast Brown in a  negative light, they missed that the video seems to show Brown paying for the Swisher Sweets.

The confrontation between Brown and the clerk may have been because Brown impatiently reached across the counter. Perhaps it was wrong for Brown to shove the employee (it is impossible to know what words were exchanged) but this footage seems to exonerate him. It is important to note that Brown only shoved the clerk after he put his hands on him.

In any case, neither the employee nor the store owner called law enforcementľsomething that would surely happen if Brown committed a "strong-arm robbery."

So, Von, care to explain why it was a "brutal robbery"? 

Not that it's really necessary, of course.  Your standards for what constitutes a criminal are painfully obvious by this point.

Where did Von go?  He was just here a minute ago.   :lulz:

I went to work, thats where.
cant view the video on this phone. Give me around 16 hours, ill have a response by that point.

Spoiler alert. It shows the deceased acquiring cigars by legal means.

6 day summer flu sounds really nasty.

I finally kicked the bastard today, after running three IV bags into my arm.

Which I had to do by myself, because my wife - love her to death - is the Mad Slasher of Tucson.


Von, whether or not you love the cock, this isn't 4chan. Repeat after me. This. Isn't. 4Chan.

You can't just casually throw slurs around. It's guaranteed to get us to dismiss anything you're saying.

That said, Hoops did miss your point, which I caught the second time you said it. But it did seem at first like you were comparing the two groups ideologically.

No, I totally understood his point and found it to be completely fucking irrelevant to anything being discussed.  He has no evidence either organization is "infiltrated", and he referred to both groups as hate groups. Which one is clearly not.

Please do not mistake me ignoring his point for misunderstanding it.

Ah, gotcha.

Von, whether or not you love the cock, this isn't 4chan. Repeat after me. This. Isn't. 4Chan.

You can't just casually throw slurs around. It's guaranteed to get us to dismiss anything you're saying.

That said, Hoops did miss your point, which I caught the second time you said it. But it did seem at first like you were comparing the two groups ideologically.

I think it's adorable.  We contrive such fragile systems of thinking and then huff and puff about it. :lulz:

They're not really constructed, so much as they evolve over time. I'm fairly certain there have never been any Jewish carpenters who were able to stop storms, walk on water, and rise from the dead. But I'm also fairly certain at least one Jewish carpenter just kinda said, "Fuck this hammering. I'm gonna preach!" one day. Where that other stuff came in, I don't know. Maybe they did some good drugs. But Christianity didn't come out of thin air, and it certainly wasn't contrived like Scientology or Discordia.

The smug arrogance seems, to me, to be a by-product of having come to the decision that one has "figured it all out".

Either way, it's a poor sales pitch. Really it just makes religious folk more religious. The devil's unwitting agents they are, trying to lead souls astray. Or, at the very least, "those guys are assholes. I don't want any part in that." If someone calls you an idiot, you're immediately going to shut off anything they're going to say from that point on.

The Black Panthers are not the black equivalent of the KKK, in case you didn't get the memo.

He did, and then promptly misinterpreted said memo.


Incidentally, I've tweeted Senators Warren and Markey, and Representative Capuano about whether or not they would support legislation curbing the militarization of law enforcement. I've received no response.

Sorry to hear it, Roger. That sounds pretty miserable.

So, these multiple Discordian group pages on FB I've been volunteered for.

I suppose I haven't been paying attention to youth culture recently, but when did "FGT" become an acceptable, no-harm-done substitute for "faggot", and why the fuck is everyone OK with it?

I am once again reconsidering my self-identification, if these are my peers.

I've been bothered by it too. I'll read on, but I'm uncertain what to make of it.

A lot of people have objected to it, including myself, but the two main people who are using it are gay so it's a little hard to take the stand that they have no right to use it as a general term of reference for other Discordians if they want to. I am uncomfortable with it but my argument is weak. "Hey gay people! Stop using fgt and ftg, it makes me, a straight person, uncomfortable!".

I've been pretending it means "fidget", which I find much more palatable.

Ah, I didn't know that. It's hard to tell with FB Discordians.

He's both...but let's be honest, when was the last time you heard of Dawkins doing anything vaguely scientific?

He's been spending the past decade writing books about how his e-peen is both tremendous and thoughtful, while attempting to herd cats tender to the online Atheist movement.  Notably not in a lab, or engaged in research, or teaching.  Oh, he is part of that New Humanist College in London, with ridiculous fees, but he's mostly a name on their board of directors, to get public interest.

I saw a video where he and NDT had a conversation so that a biologist could ask a physicist and a physicist could ask a biologist, and I was like, oh, right, he's meant to be a biologist. Forgot about that, because of his primary interest in the non-existence of something.

I liked it, and God only came up during the questions from the audience. Presumably because, again, of his primary interest in the non-existence of something. But it was watchable. He wasn't a douche, he and Neil were just talking about the universe from their specific scientific fields and asking the other to make sense out of something for them.

You wanna know why he wasn't a douche, and didn't try to call Tyson out on his agnosticism? And I'd put cash money on this?

Because Tyson outclasses him intellectually and charismatically. Tyson is a fast thinker and an eloquent speaker with the academic background and verbal skill to make just about anyone feel like an idiot. And politically, he has nothing to gain by alienating the most popular science speaker in the world.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

Your reading skills aren't really up to par, are they?

mike brown robbed a store before being killed and was killed by a black cop.

I'd protest for such injustice anyday! :lulz:

Black cops can't use excessive force against other black people? Is that in their nature?

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