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Been a while.

Nigel, good to know what I might have to be looking forward to when I get to grad school as far as the other people go.

So, I see the last thing I posted was pretty much last year. This past semester it was Game Theory & Evolution, Genomics, Organic Chemistry, and Independent Study I. My Genomics professor is also my Independent Study PI. Failed Orgo lecture, but passed the lab, A's in Genomics and Independent Study, B in GT&E. This semester coming up (my last as an undergrad) is Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Physics II and Independent Study II. Microbial Ecology is a graduate level course--my professor invited people who aced Genomics.

And then that will be that. In theory, I'm preparing to apply to grad school, but I'm dragging my feet on that a little. I'm having trouble thinking about what to put in my personal statement. Aside from that I have to write an application for a fellowship that has a deadline in three weeks. On the bright side, maybe I can just recycle some stuff from that, since it will be put towards my independent study.

Any particular highlights?

If I can pull it off, I may be in Ireland for a week in the summer. Primarily it's to visit my grandfather, but if I feel like getting out of Connemara for a day or two before I go, I'll give you the heads up.

I'll have to check that out. Also how to figure out this Tapatalk thing. Almost done with college--next semester is my last of I don't fuck anything up. I probably won't, since it's all biology courses with the exception of physics II. Have to apply to PhD programs in the next couple of months. Moving in with Villager after I graduate, actually, so I'm doing somewhat of a slow move where I bring over some stuff and leave it there every weekend.

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I'm still alive, firstly, and on winter break so I figured I'd drop in and say hello to everyone. How's it going?

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Testing 1 2 3

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Sorry to hear it, Roger

Do they feel like it gives them license to be "edgy", using the excuse of not being "PC"?


I think that this forum, in contrast, benefits from it's smaller membership. It helps that a lot of the regulars are, as you mention, pretty smart.

No. This leads to SGITR.

You don't become a SGiTR by getting used to being one of many smart people. You get it by getting used to being the only smart person around for so long that you come to assume  that you are the only smart person everywhere you go. I actually think that Facebook groups foster the phenomenon, because if you happen to be one above-average person in a pool of morons, pretty soon you come to assume that you'll always be the smartest person in any given company. I think that's why so many people come here to tell us what; it worked on Facebook, and they think they'll just pop in and become instant celebrities here. Then they spout some stupid bullshit, and instead of becoming the adoring fanbase they expected, people here go "Yeah actually I think that was pretty bad reasoning, let me explain why". Butthurt ensues, and ultimately they decide to go back to Facebook or Reddit or Tumblr or Twitter, where they have a lowest-common-denominator crowd to tell them how smart they sound when they use big words.

Facebook groups are really fascinating. It's just Dunning Kruger all over the place. One particularly strange event was when some dude was trying to give legal advice to someone, and the actual lawyer in the conversation was like, "seriously, don't listen to this guy, he's giving you terrible advice."

I'm supposed to be working on my physics lab. I hate physics. I sincerely hate it. It's BORING AS FUCK.

What was the experiment for this one?

The little cart on a track. We couldn't get loggerpro to work with the equipment (most of the class couldn't) so we don't have any trial 2 data, which makes the entire lab pretty meaningless.

What do you even do in that situation where the lab equipment doesn't even work right?

:lulz:  holy HELL

No Irish dance off is complete without a Lucky Charms reference.


Accosted lucky charms, it's fantastically malicious!

I'm supposed to be working on my physics lab. I hate physics. I sincerely hate it. It's BORING AS FUCK.

What was the experiment for this one?


Damn, a dance off

Oh dear. ECH vs Villager

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