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This was a test

60 FPS, high graphical settings, recording with fraps.  No framerate hit whatsoever.

Which is not to say some idiot in Egypt didn't voice an opinion along those lines.

But basically, MEMRI trawls the cranks and lunatics of the Arab world, the sort of Daily Mail and Express op-eds of the Middle East, mistranslates them as badly as possible to make the statements look even more negative, then releases them in order to discredit Arab populations as superstitious and ignorant savages.

"Translated by MEMRI" should make you pause.  MEMRI is an Israeli "think tank" staffed to the brim with former IDF intelligence and Mossad people.  Under the guise of providing "translation services" they basically wage propaganda warfare on behalf of the Israeli government.

Petition to change Delcon's name to Richard Nixon's Festering Corpse.

I'm experimenting with the patcher for Requiem  Took me half an hour to realise I had missed a space when specifying the Java memory allocation and so the entire thing failed in a spectacular fashion.

Also, the latest version of MO does work with SkyUI now, perfectly.  So there is no reason not to use it.

Nothing fun, the game just crashes to desktop.  Which suggests a missing master file issue, even though none are being flagged by MO.

Requiem stress test went well...until I tried to cook something.  Not sure if iNeed is conflicting with something, somewhere.  Entirely possible, since the modlist got up to 97 slots filled.

Or I might have a 1.8 patch installed by mistake.  Anything's possible, after rebuilding a modlist from scratch.

Destiny reminds me of ME3's MP.  Except ME3 offered much more in the way of classes, character customization and weapon choice.  And, if the current drop rates are accurate, less of a grind.

Given ME3's MP was dreamed up in some EA sub-basement a few months before launch and had about 4 people working on it, it doesn't exactly bode well for Destiny.

I would "like" Vex's comment, only does not give me full social media web 3.0 functionality  :cry:

Principia Discussion / Re: Any military here?
« on: September 15, 2014, 07:15:14 pm »

For all that development money, they just should've bought a stake in Farmville. 

I know, I shouldn't mock...but I will.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Suggestions welcome - cider
« on: September 15, 2014, 12:32:31 pm »
Cider is an abomination.  Elderflower infused cider more than most. 

I don't think you can even make it into vinegar when it's in that state, so I say throw it out the airlock.

Stress testing proceeds well.  I'm doing beta-testing for the Perkus Maxmimus overhaul for Skyrim.  With PM and 78 other mods installed (including CWO, Frostfall, RND, Convenient Horses etc) I still maintain 60 FPS during the opening stages of the game.

Oh, I've also done some ini file edits, following the instructions from the STEP:Core setup (though I found using an ENBoost was giving me CTDs).  At most I'm getting a 2 FPS hit during some fight screens and when scripts are initialising, though I have yet to test this with any lighting or saturation and colour overhaul.

Good morning!

Quote from: BBC News
A body has been found in a burning skip on a main road into Manchester city centre.

OK, I'm going back to bed.

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