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I don't know about the USA, but in Canada it's not legal for an employer to badmouth a former employee to a possible future employer.

If negative comments are not allowed then references from previous employers are pointless.

I'm not sure if that is good or bad.


If your reference comes back as "we can confirm this person worked here from X to Y period" and nothing else, it's pretty obvious what is going on, even to the most dimwitted recruiter.

Yeah.  While of course, those same borders hamper US efforts to fight ISIS.

I'm also amused at the failure of the nonstop news cycle to realise that ISIS are fighting an insurgent war, and thus will not play to their timetable.  Go back a few months, and you'll see more than a few writers prophesying the decline and death of Islamic State, how they were on the defensive and failing to hold territory.

They don't fucking get it.  ISIS is Al-Qaeda in Iraq.  It took a beating from the US and Awakening Councils, it retreated into the Iraqi desert and licked its wounds before striking again.  It took Fallujah, then feigned weakness while building up sufficient forces for the Mosul offensive last summer.  And here, yet again, they fell back, adapted their tactics and struck where their enemies were weak.  Because they're insurgents.

Thanks.  And you're a good student, you'll do well enough.  Just don't let the stress get to you.

Once again, ISIS shows it doesn't look at Syria and Iraq as two different countries, but part of the same theatre of war.  Days after the capture of Ramadi, ISIS forces in Syria have taken Tadmur and Palmyra.

And....I got a distinction for my final paper.  Only just a distinction, mind, unlike last time, but I'll take it.

Obviously I have to wait for them to actually tally everything up and do the paperwork, but this means I'm 100% in for the dissertation module.

BREAKING: There is more on Tumblr than SJW and porn.

There's also this.

i love.

There's also the Methpire.

And then they would look at you, eyes all sad, and they would say "Man... that really hurt my feelings" and you would feel terrible.

What happens if you say "that was the point".  Do their heads explode?

"Extremely inappropriately" is usually bureaucrat-ese for some kind of sexually related offense which is not direct molestation or abuse.

What the fuck are they doing there?

I like the finger tats.

Does the other side have "head" on it?  Or is it "pics"?

We have a new co-worker.  Her bright eyed enthusiasm is insufferable.  And she's the sane one.  I have it on good authority (ie; someone who used to work with them elsewhere) that the other new hire is not only chock full of self-diagnosed mental conditions, she loves to tell everyone about them.  All the time.  Regardless of subject.

In other news, someone asked where the guillotine was on the public email.  I started a chain of French revolution jokes that ended up with HR sending an email to tell everyone to knock it off.

I conveniently get around this rule by having no social life whatsoever.

Hillary - Palin 2016.

Just for the sheer rage and sexism that would result.

Nope.  You shat out your superpowers.  Tough shit.

You're meant to wear them, not flush them.  Now some rat is going to get your superpowers.

And American officials are now telling the Times (London) that they suspect Saudi Arabia has ordered nuclear weapons from Pakistan.


Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: May 18, 2015, 07:11:39 am »
Yeah.  The official raid story doesn't add up, but neither does Hersh's.

Not to mention how much of it seems to come from this retired intelligence official.  Someone's running a disinfo campaign here.

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