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Just wrote up my statement.

Fortunately, I was going to do some overtime tonight anyway, so I don't really need to go to sleep early (shift time: 0045-0715)....but if I wasn't....

Well, I'm not exactly impressed with this school anyway, at the moment.  Omnishambles would be a good way to describe their overall "approach" to, well, boarding, accomodation, welfare, the national minimum requirements and associated legislation, pay, leave, benefits etc.  So if this student doesn't get severely punished, it's no big deal.  I'm basically on the lowest rung of responsibility in the boarding house, and I have absolutely no problems just doing my job to the letter of the law until my degree is finished and I can find a nice PhD program somewhere.  Until then, its just wasting time and making money (and to be honest, I work about 7 hours of the 12 hour shift most nights anyway)

Oh hell, I thought this was satire.

Dawkins has successfully Poe's Law'd himself.

So, I just spent the last 3 hours dealing with a, in the words of the fire brigade officer I spoke to, "malicious act of vandalism".

Said act resulted in me having to rush into a series of clusters of flats, all of them full (as in, zero visibility) of chemically treated fire extinguisher dust, while evacuating students, then, after that, running around a building while shouting at the top of my voice.

As a consequence, my voice has a certain....gravelly quality at the moment.  In addition to that, I'm wheezing, coughing, suffering headaches and stomach pain.  I also missed out on all but 10 minutes of my break, meaning I worked a full overnight 12 hour shift and now I am "off duty", I am currently writing up a report to ensure that the little shit responsible for all this gets hit hard by the school discipline system (which, despite the many faults of this school, does seem to exist).

This thread is starting to remind me of the time Justine Tunney said unemployment was an "engineering problem".

Duluth, Minnesota.

Hello, Poptard.

God, no wonder he's so bored.

I'm gonna defer to Cain on this one.

No need to doubt yourself.  It's Delcon, therefore Poptart.

I'm already seeing elements of that in the online backlash.  Admittedly, I am certain its because elements of the backlash are being pushed by neofascists and other forms of bigots (there is a surprisingly large white nationalist community on tumblr which no-one pays attention to), but it will be reinforced by the message of "former SJW" "converts" to this sort of thinking.


I know, right?  People treat me like some sort of Nazi, just because I say "I hate all Jews".  Life is so unfair.

Every time I see this thread title, I can only think:

Sorry to hear that Pix.

One advantage of working the night shift - I've already done a good amount of research for my next degree essay.  Chosen topic: were anti-Nazi resistance movements "terrorists".  Answer: yes, if they were Soviet partisans. In Belarus, the partisans decided killing the Wehrmacht and SS was too dangerous, and so mostly stuck to killing small town teachers, peasants, landowners and minor political/administrative figures.  Because that'll show Hitler, or something.

Some on Youtube, but lots of conspiracy theorists cherry-picking or very small segments, unfortunately.

Well, lecture is over anyway, so whatevs.

I'm not sure why we're discussing the Charlie Hebdo attacks.  By which I mean I'm not comfortable with it.

I was asleep when this happened, so I missed a LOT of what went down, the media coverage etc.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Roger and Prez Televisions's Plot Hole
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:35:55 pm »
It was good enough for JK Rowling, so it's good enough for you.

That's the best bit.  It's so bizzarely and nakedly partisan it makes no sense even from within a conservative rhetorical frame (except maybe the one Grover Norquist has been pushing re: Islam).

They've been a big contributor to PBS Learning Media in particular, if I recall right.

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