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Photo evidence is best evidence.  That said, i would recommend whistleblowing both after leaving and while in secure employment elsewhere.

Well, I've done something I've never done before today: I've called in sick.

I do actually feel a little shitty, but probably not enough to not justify coming in.  That said, I'm sick enough of this place to probably get signed off for stress related disorders for life.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UNLIMITED Arizona Hilarity thread
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He's just lucky he wasn't demonstrating a flamethrower

I'm still getting over the "sheople" thing.

Not laughing at your situation, but rather at the absolute insanity of your bosses.

Its pretty amazing.  I've been laughing all evening.

The best part was we were told this this at the very end of the first day of training.  It has to be among the least inspiring pep talk in history, right up alongside "let's go get our throats cut, boys".

Well, we just got told that not only will our departing member of staff not get replaced, but that there is a "temporary hiring freeze" for our department in the event anyone else leaves.

BRB, looking for work.

I have many pseudonyms.  Some even match the names in my passports.

So....that right wing terrorism article is up

They could hire someone.  But they wont.  Because that would actually cost them money.

As far as I can see it, the situation is this: my boss is on the take.  He uses a work travel card for daily travel, submits overtime for days he doesn't work, puts on a fitness class no-one attends and charges the college for it, doesn't come in for days at a time etc.  He gets away with it because his boss does nothing, because he's a tired old man coming up on his retirment.  They both get away with it because they don't cause problems for upper management, things keep ticking over and because no-one in upper management inquires, they don't have a clue how badly this place is run.

If my boss starts requesting things like money for outside contractors, he risks rocking the boat.  He fears management will start to scrutinise him more thoroughly, and that his benefits and liberties will be curtailed.

But that's just a theory. 

Well, we have two cover staff.  One refuses to do nights, because she's sensible, and the other works the other night shift because they're not hiring anyone to replace the member of staff who left that position, and she has visa restrictions besides (I also strongly suspect they intend to downsize the staffing levels post Christmas).

Quite frankly, I think night shift does deserve extra pay, at least for unsociable hours.  But this company....they don't just ignore basic human decency, they literally will not do something unless you bring solicitors into the picture.  So yeah.  My best bet is to finish my dissertation, then get the hell out of dodge.

 :lulz: Truth be told, I wasn't even looking at that.  That makes it just so much better.

 :argh!: He sold us out to the Japanese Red Army.  Cheese it!

Time for the three stupidest days in my life to commence.

Basically, my boss could not find cover for me and my coworker to attend training.  He knows, however, he has been pushing his luck in getting us to attend previous training while also working, and that luck is running out.

Therefore, he is authorising my co-worker and I, for this week, to finish our shifts at 23:30 every night so we can attend training.  In other words, aside from a notoriously flimsy door, there will be no security in this place overnight, including on a Friday.  No-one to kick out unwelcome guests.  No-one to help students who have lost their keys, or to shoo away homeless people looking for somewhere dry and relatively warm to spend the night.  No-one to do all the usual nightly duties like kitchen checks, preparing people who are leaving, doing the necessary paperwork and external patrols. Hell, there wont even be anyone to unlock the office for the day staff to come in the next day, so I don't know how that is going to work. 

This work training has been scehduled since about, oh, March.  So you can see why they might have had trouble securing someone, anyone, to cover those days.

I kinda hope something goes wrong.  Not massively wrong, something someone can recover from, but just something bad enough to help highlight how this place is "run"

I think my favourite was the one about how the troops are supplied with food that is free from dihydrogen monoxide when they're shipped out, but we're still expected to eat food with it in.

What did the SS soldier say to his mother as he pushed a political dissident off a cliff? "Look mother, no Hans!"

Why don't Jewish cannibals like eating Germans?  They give them gas.

What do you call an upset Nazi?  A sauerkraut.

What is Hitler's least favourite planet?  Jew-piter.

Why didn't Eva Braun give Hitler a blowjob?  He always left a Nazi taste in her mouth.

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