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Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Volunteer Thread
« on: Today at 04:10:50 pm »
I don't like hot dogs.  They are little tubes of greasy fatty awfulness, and people who like then are obviously either insane or some form of food pervert that should be sent to a reeducation camp in Montana somewhere.

They made hot dog flavour crisps in the UK.

They taste exactly the same as actual hot dogs.  Exactly.  It's unnatural.

Strangely enough, I was considering starting up a new OKCupid profile the other day.

Not until my essays are over (so, Christmas), but maybe after that...

Principia Discussion / Re: Me and my questions
« on: Today at 03:37:44 pm »
Answers for "Discordianism on Facebook" and "Discordianism on PD" are given below.

FB Discordianism:  Yes, yes, yes but only literally, yes and yes.

PD:  no, no, maybe, maybe maybe.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Boyd Bushman | Deathbed Disclosure
« on: Yesterday at 09:19:29 am »
See also, "Project Beta".

See, that just made me happy.  Thanks, Cain!

Well, it depends on what is happening with the patch.  The gameplay isn't so bad, about 5 FPS drop, maybe 10 with a lot of NPCs around or in a very chaotic fight. 

But the cutscenes are micro-stuttering, both on the video and the audio side of things.  Admittedly, recording doesn't make this any worse, but it's still not helpful, and BioWare are aware there is a memory leak issue that they need to resolve.

Please could you stop talking.  I'd specify "on subjects you know nothing about", but based on your past and current output, it amounts to the same thing.

Sorry, too busy playing Dragon Age: Inquisition to argue on FB.

Once I have more optimal graphics settings (stutter in cut scenes no bueno), I'll start recording.

Thanks everyone.

"Traditional values" usually means conservatism, ie. maintaining the status quo, whatever that happens to be.

There can be value in resisting change, because change can have negative consequences. There can be value in conservatism, because it helps prevent the progressives in society from enacting change too rapidly and destabilizing core systems.

Not that I disagree with what you are saying...I guess I want to refine it?

I hold with Corey Robin's general thesis, that the status quo is inherently reactionary, but Conservatism, as an outgrowth and co-option of liberal political processes in defence of the Ancien Regime, is actually dynamic.  One of the greatest conservative political thinkers, Joseph de Maistre, posted a brilliant defence of absolutist monarchy...which is a shame, because France was never an absolutist monarchy (Machiavelli neatly disposes of that lie in The Prince).

Which pretty much sums up Conservatism all over.  It creates an imagined better past, to denigrate the present.  That past usually never existed, as those who operated as part of the status quo in the past were normally more heterogenerous in their views and attitudes than conservative theorists allow for.

This isn't entirely unsurprising, as the British political philosopher John Gray noted the same problem in how the concept of the "free market" was approached, a good few years before Robin wrote his thesis on conservatism (I'd love to see them sit down and discuss their respective books together).  The actual theorists of the free market were far more complicated and nuanced in their thought than their modern disciples...which is no surprise to anyone who has actually read Adam Smith.

And I agree, there is some value in conservatism.  Shaking up the core processes of society in a fast and haphazard manner is probably going to have negative consequences, because shit is complicated.  The French and the Russians tried that complete overhaul method, and well it didn't turn out too great.  Of course, all governments impact on their society, even the ones which claim they don't, but it's a matter of degrees, methods and implementation.  Gay marriage isn't going to ruin civilization...but putting farmers in charge of factories and factory workers in charge of farms might create an industrial recession and famine, leading to greater social unrest which spurs on political violence both by the regime and those who oppose it.  For example.

Yes, because I totally have access to a graphics suite and the time to do that in the 2 minutes before dinner when I mocked this up.

It's 3edgy5me.  I dont know if I can handle his radical out of the box thinking.

Damn, Cain made me realize something I had forgotten: I don't believe in progress (most of the time).

Allow me to explain my position:
People are idiots.
Making more idiots is not progress.
Making idiots live longer is not progress.
Giving idiots bigger bombs is not progress.

The only thing that comes close is sending idiots into space, but even then we manage to fuck it up: The international space station? What the fuck is the concept of nationalism doing in space? you drew your lines on the ground map so you get to stay on the ground you smarmy little small-minded fucks!

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

I'd just point out, like I did, that some ideas concerning equality and the universality of humanity pre-date the 20th century by quite a bit, and the idea that history = bad and modernity = good is as childlike as the belief that "traditional values" = good and modernity = bad.

Which brings me onto another point.  The whole idea of traditional values is laughable.  It's either a bastardised, misremembered, idealised and watered down version of percieved 1950s social mores, or "Victorian" values minus all the bits that people don't like talking about (like the very bawdy jokes, the nude photographs, the "penny dreadfuls", rampant drug use etc).  It's make believe, a story for children. It's also incredibly ethnocentric, as it ignores the social and scientific progress that occured under Islam or in the Russian republics, to focus on an exclusively Western "rise from barbarity narrative" (which also conveniently sidesteps the Greco-Roman heritage of Western civilization...probably due to all the paganism, buggery, wine and debauchery).

People in the past were just as honourable, depraved, corrupt, loveable and terrible as modern people - because, y'know, there was the common denominator in that they were people. 

The Roman Empire was ethnically and religiously pluralistic to a point that it seems cosmopolitan even by modern standards,  And it was hardly unique in this respect, historically.

There's a lot of historical strawmanning and curiously linear conceptions of progress ITT.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Sermon #1 on 21C Fun
« on: November 20, 2014, 08:34:57 am »
Do you mean the 'a man farting louder than a woman is fart-raping her' thing, or do you mean the 'forcing someone to pretend to enjoy your farts' thing?
Because the latter is a lot close to rape than the first IMHO.

The first one.

That has GOT to be satire.

That and teenagers who dont know better on tumblr, who can turn pretty much anything into A Thing, for at least a day or so.  Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch was a slaver?  Exactly.

Wait, what?

Jezebel had a fairly reasonable take on this (for once), but it quickly descended from "doesn't have to apologise but would be nice" to "Benedict Cumberbatch is the modern embodient of the Nazi White Power structure" because social media.

There's also a certain delicious irony in (mostly) Americans getting all righteous about British slavery, but that's another matter entirely.

Sorry for your loss, Waffles

Thanks.  And yeah - that's a fairly minor overhaul, compared to what people with top end machines and no consideration for gameplay improving mods can do (example).

I mean, I could probably install fancy depth of field applying effects, ambient occlusion something or other, 4k Super HD grass textures and all the rest...but I'd rather have something worth playing and not quite as pretty, ya know?

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