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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Anybody look at Ukraine lately?
« on: Today at 07:44:10 am »
Pretty much dead on in regards to Crimea.  I mostly agree with the bit about Eastern Ukraine too, but I think it's a little more complex than that.

I think there are two extra agenda to be considered here.  Firstly, Russia doesn't overtly care about eastern Ukraine.  Yes, it would be nice if the whole region just fell into their laps, but I think they realise that there are a lot of potential consequences there which could be unpleasant.

Instead, they're basically doing this to needle Kiev, and show the new government the costs of denying Russian interests.  It's crass bullying, but often such displays are more effective than, say, lodging a complaint with the UN.  Russia is saying "look what we can do...wouldn't you rather be our friend than our enemy?"

This may also work because Ukraine's finances are in such a dire situation, Russia and Russian proxies will, by default (lol) win any struggle of attrition.  They have deep pockets...Ukraine has 60 billion in debt.

There's also the risk, which has been obscured by painting the uprising in the east as entirely the fault of Russian agitation (because people who oppose the west have no agency), of warlordism on Russia's borders.  Sure, the rebels today are pro-Russian...but five years down the line?  10?  If they can drag out the conflict, which seems quite likely even without Russian support, they can turn the entire Russian/Ukrainian border into a no-man's land, rife with banditry and cross-border assaults, rampaging Ukrainian deathsquads and similar. 

Nothing good can come of that.  By supporting the rebels, they control the rebels, and by doing that they give them a cohesive framework in which to operate, which negates the warlordism threat.

I am looking for a new laptop for school.  There are too many options, and I can't even anymore.

Some suggestions would be appreciated.  I need Microsoft Office to run on it, it needs to be hard-wearing, and multiple CPU eating tasks have to run on it at the same time without it going HRRGRK.

Anything by Samsung or Toshiba.  Ideally you want 4 gig of RAM, at least an intel core i5 processor and, if your preferences run that way, Windows 7 as opposed to Windows 8.

You should be able to score a fairly cheap laptop with those specs, which will work exceptionally well as an all purpose web browser and word processing laptop. 

Mine is similar to that (slightly more RAM, two rather than one integrated graphics card, Samsung, Windows 7) and I can run Windows Media Player, have 20 tabs open on Firefox, have Word open, have uTorrent open, have Microsoft Security, Steam and Origin running in the background, and have no discernible notice on the laptop itself.

You seem to be asking us to be your ethical gurus.

If that's the case, I'd rather be paid up front, before I start giving detailed advice.

Or, you could try doing some research on your own on the topic.  Try Epicureanism, the resources are well out of copyright.  Then try  Aristippus of Cyrene.  Then contrast them with differing philosophies from the same period.

Don't expect us to just put it all out on a plate for you.


is discordianism in general inherently hedonisitic?


That baby looks nothing like Churchill.  I'd get your niece to demand her money back.

Bleh.  Had to do some emergency last-minute edits and additions to my Parliamentary submission.  Literally just sent them a moment ago...hopefully, not too late for the deadline.  If not, the previous draft should suffice...apparently, they wanted citations.  Parliament wants evidence?  Who knew?

Anyway, it's done.

It's a public safety benefit, really.

....And I've just stabbed my other thumb with a name label pin.  I'm pretty sure I hit the bone.

What's got two thumbs and goes "argh" when trying to do the "who's got two thumbs and somethingorother" gag-


Dude! What's the deal with you and your thumbs?

They're the source of all our ills.  Once they became opposable, everything went to shit.


I lol'd

....And I've just stabbed my other thumb with a name label pin.  I'm pretty sure I hit the bone.

What's got two thumbs and goes "argh" when trying to do the "who's got two thumbs and somethingorother" gag-


Aneristic Illusions / Re: Syria reported to have use Chemical Warfare
« on: August 30, 2014, 03:23:10 pm »
No, not really.

They're talking about preventing the carnage being visited on Iraq and Syria coming to UK shores, because ISIS is "determined" to attack the UK.  By which they mean, our Kurdish allies have told us ISIS is determined to attack the UK.  Admittedly, the Kurds got it right on the ISIS offensive in North Iraq, but then so did many other people, who didn't exactly have access to any kind of privileged knowledge.  And given the Kurds really really want our assistance...well, you can see how that might give them incentives to overstate UK national interests in the region.

And there are a worrying amount of ISIS fighters from the UK, possibly 100-500 of them, depending on who you believe.  At the same time, ISIS kinda has its hands full.  A full blown military campaign by the UK could possibly change the strategic calculus, making an attack on the UK a more sensible option.  But ISIS are fighting the Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian governments, the Russians also have a hand in the conflict, the Saudis and Qataris are backing their enemies in the Islamic Front, there's the Jordanian border, expanding their presence in Lebanon, and of course Israel...all I'm saying is, ISIS has a lot of enemies.

Which is not to say some idiots may not come back here after a crash course in IED construction and chopping off the infidel's head 101 and decide to cause trouble on their own.  That's what idiots do.  But I very much doubt al-Baghdadi will expressly give an order that London must be attacked unless we start dropping cruise missiles on his safe houses or something.

Which we may end up doing.  The US is apparently leaning on Parliament to back a joint Iraq-Syria bombing campaign against ISIS.  Perhaps this is a "preventative measure"...but given Parliament hasn't even voted on such action yet, deciding ahead of time that it will happen and taking steps to prevent blowback...well, it wouldn't look good.  MPs don't like being second-guessed.

Aneristic Illusions / Schrodinger's Jihad
« on: August 30, 2014, 09:56:22 am »
Schrodinger's Jihad: the state in which a country is both under threat from a terrorist attack that is "highly likely" to happen, yet there is no "specific threat or information suggesting an attack is imminent."

See also: UK "counterterrorism" "policy".

Serious comment: this is just shameless, even by our current government's standards.  The threat level has been raised, not because of any actionable intelligence (that has been reported in the press) but because the government is going to hold discussions next week on modifying counter-terrorism legislation.


Because thus far our counter-terrorism legislation has done wonders for reducing the threat of terrorism in the UK.  Only...if the government could somehow bring control orders back in, it'd be even better.

Wrap it in gauze, under a smear of bactine, to keep the gauze from sticking.

Thanks.  Unfortunately, no gauze at all.  I ran it under a cold tap for a bit and left it alone overnight, which seems to have done the trick.  Still hurts like hell whenever I hit the spacebar, though.

Jesus.  :horrormirth:

I have a real talent for ripping my thumbnails off.  As you may or may not recall, I did something similar about 4 months back.

Reflexologists can fuck right off, though.

If your discipline talks about energy and you're not some kind of engineer or physicist, you will all be thrown out the airlock with no regrets.

Mine's not all off..but half of the left hand side of my right thumb is.  Unfortunately, when I type I instictively use that thumb for the spacebar and...well, yeah.  I've wiped more blood off my laptop than I'm strictly comfortable with, at this stage.

I'm not posting simply because I ripped out my thumbnail by mistake, and typing makes me wince.

This is great, since one of my jobs involves a contracted 10 hours a week of typing.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Duh Rugs
« on: August 29, 2014, 06:52:25 pm »
Its like that NYT article I posted on FB...academic and disciplinary/work field bubbles are even more likely than social networking and political ones.

I mean, at least sizeable amounts of both Republicans and Democrats disagree with the Drug War.

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