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Point 2 is surprisingly actually the case.

No joke, frozen Snickers were shipped to Iraq in the first Gulf War.

Speeches made entirely out of quotes from The Big Lebowski.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: Today at 04:53:43 am »
A careful reading of the first letter used to open each chapter will, however, read "420 blaze it fgt get rekt anon 4 lyfe"

Oh and I forgot to mention, my line manager gave me like 50 additional tasks to do for the night, mostly revolving around reformatting the paperwork so it doesn't look like a five year old designed it on Excel with creative input from a cat walking over the keyboard.

Still done 90% of everything.  If it weren't for the fact this place is run by idiots who can't even get my pay right, this would be the easiest job ever.

New thread for OB.

90% of my work for the night is done.  It's 23:30.  I'm on until 07:15.  Bleh.  Also, the 24 hour store down the road just got hit in an armed robbery.

There is a "fat acceptance" story doing the rounds on tumblr that is...well, it's definitely fiction, the only question is whether it's the product of delusion or trolling genius.  I will post when I find it.

Also, on Reddit, there is a sub called /r/StormfrontorSJW, where they basically removing the identifying information and you have to guess whether the comment was made by a racist or a SJW.  It's actually pretty hard....the only way I can tell the difference is that the latter use a lot more condescending language ("honey" etc) whereas the former just straight up tell people they're subhuman garbage.

That's Toy Story 4, I believe.

Logic trees are awesome.

And by awesome I mean "a terrible pain in the arse which made my first year undergrad philosophy classes the most painful experience since the dentist didn't dose me correctly with anaesthetic before giving me a filling".

Hi Dimo!

That's great news, Demosquid!

In other news, I am reacquainting myself with the dubious joys of online takeaway ordering in London.  BURGERS, FUCK YEAH!

That was a whole raft of A FUCKING MAZING.

It was kind of up there with the white girl on the athiest cat group telling me that she knows better than me what I should be offended by, and following it up with whining about how everyone always thinks she's white. I didn't stick around to find out whether she was trans-black or 1/128th Cherokee. :lol:

Well Nigel, that's because you've chosen to be white, and so your opinion is irrelevant:

Sadly there is no scene where Chris Kyle talks to an empty chair.  Though Kyle did claim he beat the shit out of Jesse Ventura, a claim that was subsequently proven false (in a court of law, no less.  Defamation suits are very hard to win in the US, but Ventura did so).

He also voiced a whole bunch of unsavoury opinions about Iraqis and basically said it was fun to torment them.

Sleeping at night only helps the cisheternormative elf patriarchy.

Some guy joined the army after 9/11 and ended up shooting a bunch of people in Iraq (because of reasons).  Clint Eastwood made a film about it, with his usual subtle and nuanced approach to political issues.

Today I found out that I need to be vaccinated against Hep A, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, and Rabies for my trip to Borneo. Maybe Hep B if I'm feeling frisky.

Also, I won't have computer access for mucht of it because evidently I'll be in the jungle. I'll try to take lots of pictures, though.

Those can get expensive. We looked at the vaccination costs before our Colombia trip and just said fuck it, we probably won't contract malaria in the third largest city in the western hemisphere.

Apparently the older malaria treatment with more side effects is way cheaper, so I'll probably do that, since I'll be in rural areas for a bit.

Much of this also might be useful when I go to Peru this summer.

Can confirm.

One particular variant does make you photosensitive, however.  I do not recommend that.  Another one is taken on a weekly basis, with somewhat less severe side effects.  That is the better one to get.


I am so alone.

The levels of irony in that particular quote are so deep I could write essays about them.  White person telling Japanese people off for not doing their culture right is probably near the top of the list, alongside a complete misunderstanding of the geisha makeup (it's meant to be mask-like, and accentuate the coloured makeup) whilst claiming to be more Japanese than them.

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