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It is a fun concept.

I'm just leery of screenshots about me being passed around behind my back.  Some Discordians have...previous for such behaviour, and it was not well intended at all.  Had I been consulted beforehand, that would be a different issue.

Um, yeah.

That's a parody group.  Interesting though, that I've not been invited, while my posts are being used.

Use them to write five paragraph essays, of course.

So, people are actually protesting, despite the snow.

I am surprised but heartened by this news.  Also the protests appear to be spreading...a lot.


Trolling AOL chatrooms while reading hilariously inaccurate bomb building manuals on Totse FTW

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Aya
« on: Today at 12:14:40 pm »
Yes.  I felt light-headed and threw up, everything looked over-saturated.

To say it was an underwhelming experience would be an understatement.

Also interesting to note that he went to Tesco.

Tesco are coming in for a lot of flak lately.  Their financial misdeeds, along side this, and their government connections almost makes them sound like the Goldman Sachs of the retail and food industry.

And I'm not sure that isn't a very apt comparison.

Politics and police forces are jobs people should be drafted in to. 

People who actually want those jobs should not be let within 100 feet of them.

Doesn't matter.  The job corrupts anyone who gets near it.

True.  Do you think it corrupts immediately?  I'd be in for there being a defined time limit one can work those jobs.

Had me being an asshole inside of 9 months.  Which is why I quit.

Let's say 6 months, then.  Each role has 2 people filling it per year.

Given the context in our society in which our police force exists, it would take two weeks for new draftees to be functionally corrupt.

At most.

Interestingly, you could say the same thing about racism.

Much of what I don't like about the Twitter/tumblr approach to racism, adolescent radical posturing and idiocy aside, is that it seems to assume that racism is a matter of bad intentions, and that good intentions (ie; "privilege checking") can help overcome racism.

However, racism in America is a structural problem, where good intentions or conduct literally don't matter, because it's inscribed into the functioning of the system.  Like the Slate journalist Jamelle Bouie said:

LOL @ "it's not about race".  How more blatantly head in the sand denial about reality can you get? 

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Checkmate?
« on: Yesterday at 04:00:05 pm »
Ah, clickbait.  You're the only thing on the internet that isn't illegal and pays.


Trolling is an art and skill.  Any idiot can name-call over the internet.  It takes a master to make others name call, though.

(I really wish the media understood this distinction)

Probably in the case of men.

Not sure about women though - I had quite a few message me about my "racism" towards Scots.  I can't remember what I said, except it was clearly lighthearted and inoffensive, probably something to do with their cooking.  These were not Scottish women, I should point out.  Or other entirely minor issue, like a preference for a certain author or mild criticism of a tv show.

I think a lot of people on OKCupid are just socially inept, raging assholes with no respect for others. 

Sure, not a problem.  Whenever you have the time.

OK, here it is:

My Self-Summary
What I'm Doing With My Life
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I Spend A Lot of Time Thinking About...
On a typical Friday night I am...
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