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GASM Command / Re: Colbertgasm
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:50:54 pm »
Fortunately, they just seem interested in the stash of TGGR rants so far.  He's been busy over there, and is certainly making an impact.

GASM Command / Re: Colbertgasm
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:48:24 pm »
Oh Vex....thought you should know, the freaks from GLP found your site yesterday.

GASM Command / Re: The Advent of Netwar
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:42:44 pm »
It could be useful.

The only problem I see is trying to get people outside this site to use it.  It might be best until we have a working network before introducing it.

But I for one would be very interested in anything cryptographical that could help us.  I've been playing around with TrueCrypt and only finished The Cryptocomnicon the other my interest in that particular area is piqued, you could say.

I should really start transcribing notes on this book too.  And find someone who knows how to play go.

I also wanna punch Howie Carr in the face for supporting him.  Yesterday a caller was calling him out on the fact that he called Kerry a flip-flopper yet he won't do the same for Romney even though there is a clear record of his flip-floppiness.  Either he thinks his audience is really stupid, or he is really stupid and can't comprehend logic. 

Its different when Romney does it.  Quantifiably so, because Mitt Romney is trying to save America from the Brown Muslim/Liberal/Comme Horde and thus must use whatever duplicitous methods he can to try and bypass the craven Democrats.

Its kind of like all the Democrats who decried Bush's adventure in Iraq as illegal, yet fully supported Clinton's own duplicitous bombing campaign in 98, along with his illegal military aid to secessionists in Serbia.

Principia Discussion / Re: Welcome.
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:24:55 pm »
"For in exceptional circumstances that which is commonly held to be wrong is found on reflection not to be wrong. I shall illustrate my meaning by a special case which, however, has a general bearing. There is no greater crime than to murder a fellowman, especially a friend. Still who would say that he commits a crime who assassinates a tyrant, however close a friend? The people of Rome, I tell you, think it no crime, but the noblest of all noble deeds. Did expediency here triumph over virtue? No, virtue followed in the train of expediency. . . . There can be no such thing as fellowship with tyrants, nothing but bitter feud is possible: and it is not repugnant to nature to despoil, if you can, those whom it is a virtue to kill; nay, this pestilent and godless brood should be utterly banished from human society. For, as we amputate a limb in which the blood and the vital spirit have ceased to circulate, because it injures the rest of the body, so monsters, who, under human guise, conceal the cruelty and ferocity of a wild beast, should be severed from the common body of humanity."

Lind's stuff gets stolen all the time, I suspect he doesn't mind so long as he is given credit


On War #248: My Master’s Voice

By William S. Lind

Yesterday I placed my annual call to my All-Highest War Lord and Sovereign Master, Kaiser Wilhelm II, to offer my usual felicitations on his birthday. His Majesty was laughing when he picked up the receiver, so after congratulating him I took the liberty of inquiring what Heaven found so funny.

“Democracy,” His Majesty replied.

“I take it you are watching this year’s Presidential election in the U.S.,” I said.

“The flea circus? That’s part of it,” said the Kaiser. “It nicely illustrates one of democracy’s contradictions, namely that no one who is willing to crawl and grub for votes can be worthy of the office to which he aspires. There’s no place for the nolo episcopari in democratic politics, it seems, nor for anyone with the slightest shred of character. Your Giulianis and McCains, Clintons and Obamas are happy to eat every toad in the public garden.”

“I think the American public is no happier with their options this year than is Your Majesty,” I replied.

“Thereby illustrating another funny aspect of democracy,” the Kaiser shot back. “Who do they think is responsible? They are, of course. No candidate who told them the truth could get above 10% in the polls. They want nostrums, bromides, comforting lies, and they won’t tolerate anything else. America speaks of citizens, but all it has are consumers whose heads are as fat as their bottoms. That too is where democracy leads, to an ever-declining lowest common denominator. It cannot do anything else.”

“The funniest aspect of the whole business,” His Majesty continued, “is that the lower America sinks, the more determined its politicians are to force democracy on everyone else. All but one of your Presidential candidates has pledged to continue crusading for democracy, despite the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan. By comparison, even the late Spanish Hapsburgs were models of realism.”

“The democracy advocates - and I trust Your Majesty knows I am not one - would reply that democracy is necessary to freedom,” I suggested.

“Another contradiction,” said the Kaiser. “Prussia in my day was far more free than America is today, because Prussians understood what freedom is. Freedom is not doing whatever you feel like. Freedom is replacing imposed discipline with self-discipline. No democratic office-seeker would dare say that, because the voters would not like it. They want to be told that they can do whatever they please - spend without saving, live immoral lives without degenerating, vote without thinking - and suffer no unfortunate consequences. If the public wants to square the circle, Presto!, a hundred politicians promise to do it.”

“I trust that Your Majesty’s preferred alternative to democracy in monarchy, as is mine,” I said.

“Yours, mine and Heaven’s,” the Kaiser replied. “As I have said before, Heaven is not a republic. Though there are, I think, two countries God intends should be republics.”

“And those are?”, I asked.

“Switzerland, to show that it can be made to work, and America, to serve as a warning to everyone else.”

“Were America to wake up to the virtues of monarchy - and God knows our current election campaign should wake us up - who would you recommend for the American throne?”, I inquired.

“An Austrian Hapsburg, I should think,” said the Kaiser. “They are accustomed to ruling over ramshackle, polygot, decaying empires. My old friend Emperor Franz Josef did so remarkably well.”

“One last question, if I may,” I said. “Should America continue on the unhappy road of democracy, what lies in our future?”

“Let’s just say that the combination of military defeat and economic depression is not a happy one,” the Kaiser answered. “And now I must ring off. I hear the band of the Garde du Corps playing, which means it is time to review the troops. I think the tune is, ‘And the World Turned Upside Down.’


Ignoring the blantant monarchism coming from both of them, they may just have a point....

Principia Discussion / Re: poo
« on: February 07, 2008, 09:16:28 pm »
Because its uncommon?

At a guess, the only name on here I've found really strange was the one written all in alternating caps, jUsT lIkE tHiS aNd wAs fUcKiNg aNnOyInG tO rEaD.  You get the idea.

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, is highly thought of.

Of course, all she really has to do is keep the flow of sheep coming into the country, and not do anything stupid, like try to invade Indonesia and she's pretty much set anyway.  Even Hitler couldn't ruin New Zealand that much.

The funny thing was...most of her Cabinet, hell the whole Tory party, were bigger wimps than she was.

Of course, given the track record of the Tory party and kinky sexual preferences involving leather and domination, perhaps its not such a surprise they put Thatcher in charge...

Anyway, moving swiftly on, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck are all willing to support Hillary over McCain.

No troll.

People stopped bitching about Thatcher?

But then who's at fault? Us, them, or both?

The US Occupational Authorty set the groundwork for the current government.  Their policies excluded key players at early stages and helped exacerbate political divides between Shi'ites and Sunnis.  They wanted Iraq to be Ohio, or failing that, Lebanon.  Iraq is neither, both the models fail.  The election system set up by them creates weak parties and coalition governments and is not representative on a national level.  It gives far too much influence and power to local political issues which, along with the violence, have helped Balkanize the country.

Edit: that said, the shitheads in the Sunni Triangle didn't have to side with Al-Qaeda, or ethnically cleanse the area of Shi'ite Muslims.  And vice-versa in Baghdad with Sadr City.  The problem comes in untangling the origins of the insurgency....documents suggest it was Saddam, who with a few loyalists took advantage of the situation in Iraq.  However, Saddam liked to believe he was in charge even when he wasn't, and since he was the one with the rubber stamps and the typewriters, I don't totally believe this scenario, because he was deeply unpopular.

Does anyone remember that the surge was originally supposed to quell enough violence so the Iraqi Gvt could have some breathing room to establish itself?

Yeah.  That worked pretty well, don't you think?  While the violence did go down a little, the surge has failed because the reason for the surge didn't happen.

Violence has gone down because of a unilateral ceasefire by Sadr's Mahdi Army, and Sadr has no fear of US military power in Iraq, it has nothing to do with US troop presence.

Or Kill Me / Re: Chaoticians and Agents of Strife
« on: February 07, 2008, 07:34:11 pm »
Yep.  Its not especially reliant on any outside factor to augment it, no more so than any of the other categories.

Russia just issued Iran warnings over its missile tests and told it if its thinking about a nuclear weapons program, it better stop right now.  Russians don't care for proliferation any more than the American government.  Russians remember their history well, too well in fact, and they remember how their embassy got stormed way back in the 19th century, and how the Marxists they backed in the country got slaughtered by the Ayatollahs.  As far as they are concerned, Iran is a business investment, not a military ally.  Its too untrustworthy, and missiles that can reach Europe can reach them.

Political violence has been reduced under Putin's leadership.  Putin never bombarded his own Parliament to get them to sign a constituional change he wanted, and neither did he let millions sink into poverty while he lived it up with oligarchs, not giving a shit about the state of the economy so long as his buddies were rich and doing well.  Putin may have had a hand in helping re-ignite the Chechen conflict, but the evidence mostly points to Boris Berevosky, the billionaire exile who hates Putin's guts for not pandering to him in the way Yeltsin did.

The Pentagon has covered up assassinations of journalists done by US troops and contractors in Iraq.  How is that any different to the journalists who died during Putin's leadership?  Incidentally, the evidence in the case of Anna Politsyanna points to Igor Setchin, a political backer of Putin and not Putin himself, but if we are indicting on the basis of relationships, we must equally consider the suspicious deaths of journalists in Iraq as well as those in Moscow.  Also the bigger picture suggests a group of exiled oligarchs who are attempting to blacken Putin's name abroad, in order to discredit him internationally.  Because of how politics are in Russia, if Putin were to leave the political scene, he'd end up dead rather quickly.  He can't go abroad, because he's viewed as some sort of next coming of Stalin (which is ridiculous) and he can't let go of power, because he'll wind up dead.  He discredits himself, the oligarch backed 'Liberal' opposition take power.  Oh, and the OSCE, who observe votes within the former USSR, have admitted they ignore illegitimate practices when the party in question is favoured by the USA, and play them up when they are not, so its actually very hard to know how legitimate Russian elections are.  Most people agree Putin has a 60% or so approval rate though, which probably means it is closer to 70%, given the "accuracy" of many polls taken by the Western media in Russia.

As for McCain, if he's hanging around with and attracting the sort of people who Bush attracted, it doesn't say much for his bi-partisanship.  Many of the NeoCons, such as Bill Kristol, actually backed him in 2000, and he's exactly the sort of person who would play party politics from a position of strength.  Remember his statements on Chelsea Clinton?  "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?  Because Janet Reno is her father."  Yeah, a nice guy he's not.  And how are another 2 useless wars with a bankrupt economy ever going to help the USA? 

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