Ewige Obamankraft!

WE already knew it, of course. Vance, of radosh.net finally caught on too.

Now that “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” has picked Joe Biden as his running mate, the question remains: Why did he wait the 23rd to announce?

Traditionally politicians announce things late on Friday that they don’t want to get too much attention (because it’s a dead spot for MSM cycles). Assuming Obama had made his pick by Thursday, announcing it that night would have been a night-and-day difference in how much it was ballyhooed.

So why pick this dead spot for this high-profile announcement? The answer, obviously, is that in announcing on August 23rd, Obama is performing the first phase of an Illuminati ritual. If he is involved with this gnostic Illuminati sect, expect another signal on November the 5th.

I told you guys he wasn’t a secret Muslim.

One thought on “Ewige Obamankraft!

  1. It is tragic that when the American people were ready to accept a man of colour and finally send a strong message that it was tired of the its history of racism, the illuminati criminals saw the opportunity and groomed a candidate that is going to be the ruin of our freedom and this planet. Obama is the third anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus. One has just to read an article written last year, by the Alternet, about how Obama invested his money on the nuclear industry to cringe at how this future of this planet is in jeopardy. Notice how only technologies such as fossil fuels, bio fuels and nuclear energies are allowed to be mass produced, while the EV1 in 1996 was “killed” by General Motors in complicity with the Bush Administration and OPEC countries. They do not care about Nature, they only care about power and profit. They are willing to kill all life on this planet rather than relinquish their Luciferian agenda.

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