The potential for far-right terrorism in the USA

I’ve been kind of busy, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon, so instead of doing a writeup myself, I’ll just direct you with links.

Orcinus has the details about the potential (and, in my view, likely) re-emergence of the “Patriot” militia movement:

One of the more disturbing trends we’ve been observing is the return of far-right “Patriot” rhetoric about government oppression with the election of President Obama. Fueled in no small part by mainstream right-wing talkers proclaiming we’re headed into “socialism” — not to mention a “radical communist” who must be “stopped” or else America will “cease to exist” — the overheated rhetoric has been gradually getting higher in volume, intensity, and frequency with each passing week.

The initial concern that this raises is the possibility of a new wave of citizen militias, particularly when you have mainstream pundits like Glenn Beck out there helping to promote the concept. As Glenn Greenwald observed, the “Patriots” are back with a vengeance.

At least for the time being, however, there isn’t any evidence of new militias forming, though we may see numbers growing within the coming months within existing units, particularly as Fox News and radio pundits start fueling right-wing anxieties.

However, we are starting to see a trend that’s even more disturbing: Military veterans voicing Patriot-movement beliefs, including threats of violent resistance to the Obama administration.

If anyone is foolish enough to think these guys are actually about liberty, I suggest you ask them where they have been for the past 8 years, or their views on Bush’s leadership.  There is a disturbing proto-fascist element to the militia movement which is really worrying.

2 thoughts on “The potential for far-right terrorism in the USA

  1. I stumbled over David Crocket’s blog the other day ( ) …

    These militant fanatics definitely should not slip under the radar. There seem to be a number of militias which are already well-organised and operating on a cross-state level… Some are just nationalists, but a lot of the new ones seem to have a strong religious background vibe as well – polarised to a point where there is not much difference to the classic jihadist anymore.
    And all of them are well-armed and ready to secede.

    Something to keep an eye on indeed.

  2. I’m in a militia, what’s with all the stereotyping? The Nebraska State Militia is very different org. than what you’re describing and this crap-description is pretty weak. Plenty of libertarians, Disc’s and other such people make up a minority amongst the movement. The groups you are describing are the fly-by-night, “let’s take down the zog machine”, “I like sheep” BS that TV and movies depict. We don’t have to justify or membership, but our actions and volounteer service leave no room for doubt.

    – the above is true –

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