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Pirate Pass Off

This game works best at parties, conventions, concerts, club meetings, college campuses, or any event at which people are gathered.

The fun thing about it is that the card will go through cliques very quickly as people ask their friends if they’re pirates. Then, once your social network is exhausted, you’ll have to find someone else, maybe a stranger, who hasn’t been pirated yet.

If you want, have people write their names on the back of the card when they get it so you can keep a log of where it went. You could also include “Please return to [your name here] at the end of the day”.

Once you’ve played once, you’ll be able to avoid getting handed a card. So once your pirate cards have made their rounds, throw this one in:

Download a PDF sized for business cardstock (I use Avery 5376 cards).

Download a PDF with larger cards in the “Magic Card” style. This set also contains the infamous NINJA card.

Another card that’s been suggested is the “BIG GAY COWBOY” card, where if someone asks you if you’re a pirate, punch them in the stomach. But if anyone uses the word “Buckaroo”, you have to give up your cowboy card.

I like how the introduction of variant cards modifies the rules and strategies of the game as it plays out.

Any other ideas for cards, or ways to twist the game midstream?