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Smart Arsed Tarot Shit
« on: November 06, 2006, 12:24:53 pm »
Us and Them - Majorly Arcane

We are the nothing the cosmic joke
that giveth heavy a lighter bearing
We are they who make order chaos
our aim to solve by concentrating
Ours are the eyes that hide an abyss
veiled and concealed by the sword undrawn
We are whats seen when the veil is lifted
to gaze through our eyes is the birth of a dawn
We are the seed, scattered far and wide
cultivated by desire
We grow toward the shining sun
two sides considered from somewhere higher
We who in balance do perform
an a act of will to win this war
We bring the two opposing sides
to summit, settling of the the score
We shine in darkness purified
a lamp to light the valley wide
And in the valley from on high
we find ourselves walking round in circles

They look at us and judge our deeds
the tables turned by solar action
They force us to capitulate
much to divinitys satisfaction
They see us fallen just as they
themselves have felt the transformation
They change themselves to suit the times
the coming of coagulation
They break their chains and slip their leash
unleash the light of truth within
They watch the walls come tumbling down
as the structure topples minds give in
They swim in spirit salmon like
toward the kingdom and the crown
They have one last hurdle to overcome
the mirror shows them coming down
And now we see them born again
enlightened children of our new world
They rise above this mortal tomb
and fly to heaven flags unfurled
As above so below
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