Author Topic: I state my case ... of which I'm undecided  (Read 1448 times)


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I state my case ... of which I'm undecided
« on: March 03, 2007, 09:03:07 pm »
Nothing solves anything
Solve aint coagula

we do one
then try to control the others happening

here are all the principles from life in motion
to scientific notions of speed and distance

Over Time

Tick over tock

burning a hole in the mind
and the illusions we project
and we are subject to
in this act we melt the object of reality
before our very eyes the slate is wiped
and the machinery behind revealed
and what has been concealed
becomes one more experience beheld

the Pariah bides his time
counts it out in little slices
that he analyses and examines
much to the whim of his own devices

he experiments
he realises
makes it happen
in a blink of the minds eye

he does not respect it other than with awe
and does not necessarily tread it's paths
in reverential manner as expected by established order
and so is outcast
and turned
at every door he shows his face
for fear he will endure
to upset the delicate balance
as is upheld in this sacred place

Pariah is who he is
no apologies he makes for this
for he is great as he is tiny
and evermore the state is bliss

SOOKN counter propaganda
from the very public disorder of the Holy Pariah
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