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Some of you liked the tracks I posted last month so I thought I'd send in this update. The rest of you put down the rocks! - lol


R*A*M* Presents: ’Obviously Forgotten’ >> Poetry, New Tracks & R*A*M* GarageBand link

I have recently uploaded several new tracks to MySpace Music webpage, including ’Shasta: Gateway To Lemuria’. Click this link to discover the Legend Of Mt. Shasta & Lumeria >>>

I also have just opened a webpage at I’ve uploaded 4 new tracks to that webpage.


Obviously forgotten

by the Human Face

the Depths of Illusion

have quickened the pace

birds in water

fish in the sky

if you can go real deep

you will get real high

in through the out door

out through the in

scales on feather

fur on fin


the starry deserts

where diamonds lie

witnessing eternal

the planet’s sigh


Winds of Change

that fly in the face

of forests of nothing

full of grace

obviously forgotten

by the Human Taste

the Mask of Illusion

has picked up the pace

as it magnifies the madness

and you enter the Race

on your marks......

get set......