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Those are so awesome, Hoopla!

There are a few images I've created in each of the following threads. All of the following stuff is Kopyleft.


the Flying Ass Ghost Dance


Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
You guys make fucking awesome art.

Sorry some of those are so big, they didn't seem that large here.

If they are making the thread hard to load for anyone let me know and I will resize them.

Bobby Campbell:
Tell ya what, Cramulus, good sir!

I'll kopyleft my entire image catalog for Discordian usage:
(Except for the pictures of my son, please!)

I'll cover my ass so to say, usage is granted for non profit purposes, less I should so happen to get a taste, in which case let us all do good business!  :fnord:

(Printable versions of any image file available upon request)

I'll steal some time away soon enough to parse the scribbles more likely to be of use.



Rev. St. Syn, KSC (Ret.):
Christ. I have so many bits. Shit, do I need to keep a proper portfolio!? :o Yuo knoa you can use anything of mine, Cram.


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