Author Topic: Baron Samedi's Fire  (Read 1209 times)

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Baron Samedi's Fire
« on: April 26, 2009, 06:08:14 am »
I circle at the cross roads
scrawl a sigil in the dirt,
light a cigar and take a swig of rum
Now I'm ready to do the work.

Pull my penis out and shout
Baron!  Baron!  I'm your steed!
Do another little circle, spit out my rum,
and here's the Baron Samedi.

Riding high, I oblige
dance a jig, take a swig
steal a Top Hat and laugh
what gifts do you bring?

I bring you condoms and
drew your sigil in crushed birth control pill
I brought you this hat,
and of course, the rum that I spilled.

I brought you this penis
chopped off while erect,
from a man who thought he was fucking a woman
but it wasn't as he would suspect.

I brought a liter
of womans menstruation,
sealed in a milk jar,
for you to consume this wasted gestation.

I brought you this fire
"Oh fire you say?"
Baron Samedi reached out his hand
"Pass that shit this way."

So the Baron and I
burned one on my grave,
and he took the rest of my gifts
and then I was awake and screamed "Don't bury me for fucks sake!"
Fuck like there's no orgasm.