Author Topic: President of Germany resigns--why?  (Read 644 times)

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President of Germany resigns--why?
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:00:43 am »
President of Germany Horst Koehler stepped down yesterday. I'm a bit confused, and I expect so are a lot of other people.

Apparently he went to see military operations in Afghanisatan, and when he got back he said something like that seeing Germany being so dependent on international trade and export, in emergencies, military action can be necessary order to protect these international trade relations, as well as to prevent regional instability [I hope I worded that right--feel free to correct me]

Well. That's of course a rather controversial thing to say [even though everybody seems to be doing it], especially given Germany's historical sore spot considering war and foreign military operations, this caught him a LOT of critique.

His press spokesmen worked double time to spin this into something salvageable, and they pretty much succeeded. Additionally the Koehler apologized and somewhat clarified his point into something more agreeable.

But yesterday afternoon, rather unexpectedly, he announces his resignation. Even the people that critiqued him badly before say this is a bit sudden and uncalled for. A wrong thing to say, but nothing so serious to actually step down over. Koehler feels that his position has been damaged.

He is the first president in history of the Bundesrepublik to resign.

He was always somewhat of an odd one [my gf told me], he said what he meant and stood for something and didn't afraid of anything. The position of President of Germany doesn't hold as much power as the PotU, it's a littlebit more like the Queen of Dutchland, except not heredairytary but appointed. But he's slightly more than strictly a ceremonial figure. He is allowed to be more free about making political statements (as opposed to our Queen who is supposed to stay neutral), he is expected to address societal issues. He tests and signs laws [but hardly ever uses this power, Koehler vetoed a law 2 or 3 times or so, which is exceptional], can grant amnesty, represents the German people and can disband the parilament.

Regardless, anybody know why he really stepped down?

It feels for me that his statement on military action, might have been bad, but in no way enough to make him step down. Neither was the critique that heavy. And politicians can be extremely stubborn in much worse situations like these. So there must have been one or more additional reasons that pushed him to make this decision.

But on the other hand, the article I read said his speech was emotional, and in his voice you could hear he was touched and having emotional trouble with it. So, what is going on?

Maybe I'm reading too much in it, but it's just so sudden.
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Re: President of Germany resigns--why?
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 09:35:23 am »
"military action can be necessary"

my guess is someone said something to him about their recent investment in greece
and much to say they wont be withdrawing troops from foreign campaigns anytime soon
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