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the last yatto

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« on: October 25, 2010, 06:43:32 am »

I think your Basil like campaign for office and Hustles/Cain rejection is the case of your deep seeded HATE for the board. I hope you run for office or at least find those nude pictures of Sarah Plain. bI get the spirit of your campaign, these days kids are no good bastards, so if your elected I'll help you toss these hippies into work camps.
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Look, asshole:  Your 'incomprehensible' act, your word-salad, your pinealism...It BORES ME.  I've been incomprehensible for so long, I TEACH IT TO MBA CANDIDATES.  So if you simply MUST talk about your pineal gland or happy children dancing in the wildflowers, go talk to Roger, because he digs that kind of shit