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« on: December 16, 2011, 01:52:25 pm »
I wish I could be Kanye West
I wish I could be Sage Frances
I wish I could be Joyce and Jack
Sliding down a stream of conciousness
I want to spit trademarks, emit green sparks
I want a new concept like Breton and Marx
I want to burn so bright I light the dark
Memes up like lazerbeams on sharks
Fight for a big idea, invite the Devil near
Make it clear what was once obscured
I知 here. I知 pure. I知 new. I知 newer.
I知 back, I知 big I知 a burning ship
I知 a V8 engine on a mobius strip
Ripping up a comic book,
and guess how many pages it took
It took them all, and more, what for?
For spandex archtypes, motifs metapore
Better for dreams or life, or more?
I知 waiting for Jesus, I知 waiting for Superman,
I知 waiting for Mandella and Bauer and Hoffman
A gentleman thief, a fiddling Nero
A God, a girl and antihero
The belly of the whale went and broke my fall
So I wrote it up on my Facebook wall
Monomyth in 120 characters
Cos attention economy needs to keep shit small
and fall
and fall
and fall and fall and fall
Campbell knew what he was all about
When he said the first step was refuse the call
I refuse them all and refuse some more
Found a bag of cliches and reused them all
There痴 a frog and a pond and a girl and a ball
and car and a fence and a house and a mall
and democracy justice and freedom for all
Peter Parker became Spiderman, Saul became Paul
A magic marker, some vitamins, a pen and a floor
An idea, a muse
Two socks and two shoes
And running and running
And keeping up with the news
Which keeps up with you but hey, what can you do
I want Wikileaks and Gods and Freaks
I want to hear your voice when it cracks and speaks
Things that I didn稚 hear on TV first. I want the worst. I want the best
I want a flash of leg, of thigh, of chest
A cheeky grin, a smirk, a sin
A naked girl with a violin
A breakup that doesn稚 follow the script
Unexpected twists, tweaked and flipped and
kissed by a pair of perfect lips
And perfect eyes that blink like an eclipse
and slip
and slip
If sheep entrails could in any way be related to the weather, i.e. sheep trails only originate where it rains, then you could use it as an accurate model for discerning what the weathers going to be like. Either, sheep shit makes it rain, or raining makes sheep shit. Sheep don't shit "randomly" sheep shit after they eat, it doesn't rain "randomly" it rains after water collects in the atmosphere.