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Started by hirley0, January 28, 2012, 08:41:39 AM

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Quote from: M. Nigel Salt on June 13, 2013, 02:23:15 AM
Oh, man, if the city would put a bounty on rats again I could make a FORTUNE.

ad 1963 twern't ctiy Twas Bldg Mngr
anyway for my part?May B i found a way around WiFI DROP
WITH OUT REBOOT'n {OOPSI maybe not | 9:11amPDt
ad 1984}

Quote from: hirley0 on June 12, 2013, 09:19:29 AM
    1938 {12:24:53.48am
Quote from: M. Nigel Salt on June 12, 2013, 07:16:55 AM
ad 1948  SO MUCH FOR COSMOLOGY: It does appear to me
nether Brown nor SayGang Will show up to espouse a view.
THUS: i May ever mind. the other 100 year flood was in 84
Forty Eight spelled backwards but it was 1884 not 1948 100 Yr prior
1894 &1948 not 1884  its a move the 8 tail Not a flip dip{6/17
Ok as i remember{din Look the 84 was 33 feet (11M) &
48 was 24 (8M)
Allright, these calculated guesses are about the
!K floods | its not about Missoula 10Kyr (333' 111M) say between 11&111
avg one two two /2 =61*.1.25 = 15&1/4(Meters) Got It?
Maybe PRep for the 1000 Yr Flood on the Columbia
at 500 cubic miles ? or was it acres ? i 4get TBC} after 11


350 million cubic feet per second / 15,000 to 20,000 years ago ?12.9K
floods in 1876, 1894, 1948 and 1964

? 1894 ?
33 feet  \  1,240,000 cubic feet per second  33-16=+17

1948 Vanport Flood nearly at 23 feet, eight feet over flood
?/? considered to be at flood stage at 16 feet   16+8=24{t
1 million cubic feet per second during the 1948 Vanport flood,
At 12 feet (3.7 m) above flood stage 12+16=28=?/A

1996 Columbia River flood. GAGE not found ?Low &-WiF

i get the exact same flow rate # for 48 & 94 {makes no ¢ents


Me v EcOn = Later for StREam flow & DAM it cap.12:21 pdT{ad 2012
100,000 cubic feet per second | 1948 = 637,800 cubic feet per second.
annual volume inflow has varied from a minimum of 48.5 million acre-feet
to a maximum of 111.8 million acre-feet. The average annual inflow to
Lake Roosevelt is 99.3 million acre-feet. The April through July inflow
accounts for 65 to 70 percent of the total annual inflow volume.
Volume, 11,975,520 cu yd (9,155,942 m3)
3PM.b May B AM getting some WHEN? When i take?
1948 = 24 feet\637,800 cubic feet per second. {this
& 1894 33 feet\1,240,000 cubic feet per second {this
it could possibly make some ¢ents to me | don't forget 360 million
disreguard stmas_flood_of_1964 At 12 feet {makes no ¢
include 1996 Co if fould as it could be 0K

Lr y=ax+b a=67 b=-967
3Lr a=1178 b= -32573
ax^2+bx+c a=3.7 b=-141 c=1926
it does not compute | try this
X-ax == 33-23=10    & yAK== 1240-638=600
SIX HUNDERED / 10 = 60 Min/ hour {never mid 5PM

it is cleer to me at least 3 good {agreed upon sets
of numbers are required | i started over with
X[13,23,33] &Y[321,638,1230] for '96 ? '48 v 1894
ax^2+bx+c a=1.425 b=-19.6 c=334.975  v e/2

21:04 2013 06/16 0K i see | wrong Reg for
PwrReg Y=A*X^B A=7.934 B=1.428 {MY GUESS THIS IS CORRECT 1
96 13' 309Ft^3/S ; 48 23' 698 '^3/S ; 94 33 1169 "  "
-20Ka   ANS = OK 333'      | thus for 43 foot flood  V=1.7M ft^3/s
FOOD H=[13,23,33,43] STREAM V=[309,698,1169,1706] YR'96'48'94'??

However: if one were to go visit the building {2nd an ash ? where
the 1948 & 1894 marks exist you can see its more like 2 feet
rather than 10 ? My conclusion their4 is one more 2.
Not another 10 /My 1.7M "cubic feet per second".


None of this seams correct to me, not the height in feet
nor the stream flow in any units whatever. That in mind i proceed from

1.7M "cubic feet per second". is Less than TWO Million ? So i will start here
Columbia river main stem stream flow at =< 2e6 cubic feet per second
THEN think in terms of water behind the dams | upstream from #1
id you mean: Volume of water behind bonneville dam Yes
Lake Bonneville. Capacity, 537,000 acre·ft (0.662 km3) 5.4e5/1e8=<2days
mY ATTEMPT to convert <2e6 '^3/s to acre·ft per ?/?
:fnord: 1 cubic foot per second (ft3/sec) = 0.083 acre feet per hour (acre-ft/hr)
Amount : 2000000 cubic feet per second (ft3/sec)
Equals  : 165 288.60 acre feet per hour (acre-ft/hr)
HOURS {This makes no ¢'$ . Look iz saying "DAYS" here
otal time logged in: 73 days, 39 minutes.
00:30B annual volume inflow has varied from a minimum of 48.5
million acre-feet to a maximum of 111.8 million acre-feet.
0:45 i see no hope of containing the FLOOD situation. with dam TBC


Lake Wallula 
Lake Umatilla   Storage  = 534,000 AF        2days a 2e6cuft/s
The Dalles
Lake Bonneville. Capacity, 537,000 acre·ft?{2days a 2e6cuft/s  ? sure is hard to find storage #'$
finger 20 dams at 1 day each + coolie fortnight | still its IFIFIE
g1 in the chaos of data AVailable | its TIME to move on?
JHB25 Moving on:Journal of Geology, v.31, p.617-649. Bretz, J Harlen (1925), "The Spokane flood  ...
Listen:: its not really posible to do this due to overriding Econ interests
/-/owever i will say this about burns
A WORTHY WOULD BE ASSASIN OF MyShelf {if possible & can date in 2015
for todays 3:21 BUHS new'Ds  {thats dum shit DS
Alright moving along once again: W hiTch should trigger a responce
from the AI assIgned to moniter My M 'ssis etc
To the flood that ended?
the Mayan Civ {104th?
LOOK, mY OBJECT IS TO NAME the Typhoons from the West
& the Hurricans from the East that brought about

100 AD, end of Preclassic | No universally{city accepted t |9thcentu
AFTER T=days H=Months etc etc . starting from the'48 soil
My guess is WHERE FOUND ?{on the isle} the brown '48 Deposite
is a uniform depth of maybe 8 inches to possibly 1 foot at 22 foot elevation?

THUS 22foot pre 1948 = 23 foot elevation post 1948 - compaction rate /d/m/yy


ad 2064 2088 2092 THUS? My guess will be
that the Floods win | Same songs as the end of the preclasic 1AD

NOW ITS OFF TO POLAR is my guess 2098
ad 2101 .. waiting for LoC 12?xx
Monitor dead = long delay expected 2116
ad 2124 NoTHer Moniter installed? /VAting 4BooK
Ad 2127 2132 2139 ---- 2152 2191 mummers of discontent in back of brain:
ad 2220 My disappointment with the TI book deal is Hi
ad 2222 color select tool is not working 4Me.
ad 2233 reply? = a b numb? & 4NuK2


a=16.24 b=1.112 a=16.78 b=1.109 a17.23b1.107 a17.86b1.105
the raw data for y=a*b^x ^READ L->R &then UP^ x step=2 Not1
these a,b figues are from the EG&B.T12R1 ENTRIES {x.step=2


ad 2449 there was NuNeWS on OPB ? sieverts :fnord: :fnord:
ad 2446 ?46 {= HARD2grasp.con
ad 2400 THUS its hard to grasp, the disconnect ? memory LOSS
ad 2397 these 8 lines took me 1/2 day} :fnord:
ad 2379 I THINK IT WAS CALLED ternery
ad 2368 many years ago GNUPLOT from dartmouth could solve it
ad 2346 ad 2353 ad 2365
ad 2318 PAUSE2reflic 2323 Slowly> 2329
:fnord: KEPchart.1y{n.k.4sure & Iran?
ad 2314 shift from Y/X {cartesain?[_] to polar O :fnord: :fnord:
ad 2307 Nostly it was MUS 60Hz*4 = 240HzBb K?
ad 2281ad 2296 added2 Na.liteno idea:its Fri? 2305
i41 doubt the tail i do think there were others sources 4Me it
Was a Miade for prime time tv sit Calm with After Story.
Just as i do not believe the F.D.  tail was a H accidentaLL Xplosion
More Maids for PT TV & of course now days Twitter FaRce B

3? ad 2273 Яussia e #1 / Chernobyl?  :fnord:    :fnord: :fnord:
French chart goes here if i eveR find 1 working 4Me es  :fnord:
2:ad 2267 The new Bloomberg Chart Builder requires Flash 8.0 or newer.
.1 a b TKECF2: i4get: Maybe? oecd/G
ad 2235 ^READ UP^ PR say NuK not a probLEM, those who Run itKick them all out!


ad 2455 reboot day {take a break v READ DOWN v
ad 2464 reReset clock to behind -2 seconds for new Mayan 20d
ad 2471 yeah its not good: 4got time again should be 0
ok i c waiting for the new Std day to start i 4got that item also so 4get4got
ad 2477 4GOT2.2 2494 2497 some times i wonder
2505 8/3 MAYBE: it was fallen pollen? what ever it was, WAS cause for
concern, i can only guess, what a mess, the filters were covered? very deep
with stuff, i'LL call Creap, kind of pinkish id say? from Month 7? Seven grams
id guess at sg= same as Air | it must float | take note |then return? does
it burn????/
Quote from: hirley0 on July 16, 2013, 11:19:46 AMOzone                     1.666
Alcohol vapor             1.601
My 1St guess ------------>1.six007
Nitrous oxide - N2O       1.530
Propane - C3H8            1.5219
Carbon dioxide - CO2      1.5189              (about 0.04 %)


2542 2559 2576 caught2
Another thistle chase: it disappeared right in front of me in plain sight
YES?yeah Sat. saw a thistle seed float by on the wind
A Question about the seed, past my mind again, {a recurring 1)
ow much Ohh.. seed do you weigh?
And pray say what is your volume????/
why do you float that way?
So i got up, {not easy to do these days|
& went chasing after it as it appeared to me to stop in a
bush not far away, sadly it got away

several ideas  come to mind ... about the levitation of the
thistle seed
Hot Air model ,  the gravity pod 1, & the UNknow2


ad 2679 ad 2683 ad 2695 ad 2705  and as 4This?
try to remember what it was that need thought. Galactic ages :fnord: :fnord:
ad 2711 2727 2732 WAS ABOUT .wav 0 to 255 origin at 125 so its 125 +/- 125 or close to it ad 2738 2748 2763 2772 2778
ad 2782 of course ii am not delighted with
the sounds comming from the abiscuss ? turn it around ?/? so all fall ????/

ad 2783 :fnord:
exactly Y i find these numbers of interest iv NO id I do
& side B: its probably more mUS than mTH :fnord: :fnord:


ad 2797 ^ i was sad. | Have Moved to about ? tbc> :fnord:    :fnord:
:fnord: :fnord: 0k ? it is ABOUT Time / comparing2clocks Their's/mINe
& tries to take into account if comparing 2 impairs either OR "both"

yeah: i gave up on trying to win, My {i mean this computers
clock was reset in the past 24 | NOT BY ME | SO BOO } to the sYs .
so far Navy 000090 or 000080 {today & teal 008080 were decoded
brown DECODED2 A52A2A THE NEXT TRICK: shades of? dC-4
ad 2837 ^never mind {800080 | its hard2con.
ad 2844 FFA500  I have no idea: }}
ad 2849 FFC0CB {pink c0cb vers
ad 2851 32CD32 { I LIKE THE SOUND OF IT


ad 2856 8/2 1:47s 2872 3 4 2878 4 5 2887 5 4
ad 2891 ok so My Less.Class action against the following in order
CITY OF PORTLAND intent $35/2
county of Multnomah co. Adding &  $35^2
state of Oregon participation in inTENTs to decieve $35^OR
TV news coverage Participation in tents to decieve for profit $35^TV or ?/?
US department of ho*Land *ecurities | amount ?/? or (?/?)^3
world crimes against humanity court in EU's | crime against man kind | cum.sum
if remittance not received prior to 9/11 | the case will be reffered | to
OUT OF COURTS. & when opperational for reDRESS .
Court to notify:
Server not found
The server at is taking too long to respond
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Quote from: hirley0 on September 02, 2013, 10:48:05 AM,31493.msg1314085.html#msg1314085

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Quote from: hirley0 on September 02, 2013, 10:48:05 AM
2887 5 4 ad 2891 & ad 2892 11AM
Class action against the CITY OF PORT/intent $35/2
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Mesozoic Mister Nigel

I never paid that tax either, because fuck art.
"I'm guessing it was January 2007, a meeting in Bethesda, we got a bag of bees and just started smashing them on the desk," Charles Wick said. "It was very complicated."