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13 al 15 de Julio XXXI Fiesta del Pomelo
En julio? antes de los acontecimientos de octubre de un pequeño {5-50) N
delagation deben ser invitados a asistir a la XXXI Festival de pomelo
realizar una planificación preliminar (Costa Rica) Octubre carnavel y carrera de coches

Día de la Raza) el 12 de octubre,
Highway 32 Siquirres, a Puerto Limón, (60 km) / 4800 = | <12.5Meters> |
el plan actual es pedir a Laura invitar a hacer para enviar 5000 para ver y
actuar como juez de línea a lo largo del lado sur de 32 a blancura de la carrera de coches.
Mientras Cristina pasa un Chilien comerative 5 moneda de un peso se le da a cada
12,5 metros para cada una de las paredes de la ruta 4800 para asegurar el coche
la carrera se lleva a cabo según lo planeado. Que en la práctica es pura LOGÍSTICA
Los restantes 200 de 5000 se dejaran entrar en la línea de meta,
para estar presente en la subasta de los 2 coches tan pronto como la carrera ha terminado

13 al 15 de julio XXXI Fiesta del Pomelo
IN JULY? prior to the October events a small{5-50) N
delagation should be invited to attend the Grapefruit XXXI Festival
to DO preliminary planning for (Costa Rica) October carnavel&car race

Día de la Raza) on October 12,
Highway 32 Siquirres, to Puerto Limón, (60 km) / 4800 = |<12.5Meters>|
the current plan is to ask Laura to invite DO to send 5000 to watch &
act as linesman along the South side of 32 to whitness the car race.
As Cristina passes one Chilien comerative 5 peso coin is given each
12.5 meters for each of the 4800 lining the route to insure the car
race is conducted acording to plan. Which in practice is pure LOGISTICS
THE remaining 200 of 5000 are to be accomidated at the finish line,
to be present for the auction of the 2 cars as soon as the race is OVER


Agenda return activities Formosa 13 to 15 July Grapefruit XXXI Festival
13, 14 and 15 July 2012 will be held in the town of Laguna Blanca, Province of Formosa, a new edition of the traditional Feast of Pomelo. There will be exhibitions, dressage and rodeo festival, a tournament ajederez and multiple activities for people of all ages.
Agenda Volver Actividades Formosa 13 al 15 de julio XXXI Fiesta del Pomelo
El 13, 14 y 15 de julio de 2012 se llevará a cabo en la localidad de Laguna Blanca, Provincia de Formosa, una nueva edición de la ya tradicional Fiesta del Pomelo. Habrá exposiciones, festival de doma y jineteada, un torneo de ajederez y múltiples actividades para públicos de todas las edades.

At this time? let me change sides?/? and suggest,
THIS IS NOT about the 100 year flood {i call #28
this is about the 1000 year flood (33.3) 120% Hi?
Also refered to as "another FIFTH add to 5 Fifths."

the point being that in addition to the Five Bags of
Chilien Paso {for 5 year Lease of ? isla T ? that as
many cases of Argentine Wine be taken to T to be used
as pre payment for housing of the Lab students from
Lanus{for 5 years. While the coins are intended for
CH issue as Comerative of the car race. the wine is
considered more as rent deposit to private provider
of accomidations near the Macaw Research Area (MRA}
because the 1000 year flood is parT & parcel of the
plan, it is clear that provisions for the wine's
storage be secure in the event. floating storage? READ 21 ^ 6/12 2012
Daniel Ortega, descartó la posibilidad de retirar las tropas y el caso omiso de la resolución de la OEA, porque su gobierno considera que esta organización no tiene jurisdicción para resolver disputas fronterizas
My position in these entries will be 1. opposing Astronomers a. 4Astrologers
2: in Flavor of D.O. A. Oppose CH,L. & K,C2, at finnish line Día de la Raza
Columbus Day | second week of October | Puerto Limón host | "carnaval." ?
Daniel Ortega discarded the possibility of withdrawing the troops and disregarded OAS resolution because his government considers that this organization does not have jurisdiction to resolve border disputes
^ read up ^20120611|es|

15:50:50St In a strong speech claiming so ver
the group which is is made up of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.

8:33 14 June 2012 ... The Special Committee on Decolonization will reconvene at 10 a.m. Friday, 15 June, to continue its discussion of the Falkland Is
{img height=333][/img}
^ ^

10 CHUEN :fnord: Cristina& Timerman, Argüello,Domínguez,Urribarri,Zamora.55
8:24AM pdT
9 OC R47 :fnord: UOCRA stands for Unión Obrera de la Construcción de la República Argentina.
8 MUCUK { jade  ? 13June | enough of My BS: |U should be getting the picture: ?/?
        }  TRead 36 times)

Later then: i did sign up at merc HOWeveR: it takes me a VerY long time to finD Me:
9:00?00 yeah? it takes me 4eveR TO TRANSLATE | at 09:01:04 PM by hirley0

To activate your new account, please follow this li

Hi, Hi2U!
    20120615 16:17:18 pm PDT?

10:10 pdT 78 Hi2U (#) Jun 15th, 2012 - 11:17 pm so yeah i did find Me.  :fnord:
& can move on try to pick up on the moves CHESS | CHECKhers | & yes AceY-DosSAY

Nephew Twiddleton:
Holy fuck, you speak Spanish too?


12 BEN

10:20  9:24St
   Saturday, June 16th

Canindeyu department, a region close to Paraguay's borders with Brazil and Argentina

10:40- My guess will probably be that there are some False
hoods asociated with this NEWs sTory for eXample the UTC time etc TBC?

9:St 11 EB {expiration day {{ time to revise dates {{{ IMg

THUS: during the lull, { a period of ? global market inactivity ?/? )
Awaiting the next global disaster, & the decline following the one of
the recent past, my thoughts have time to return to MY THOUGHTS?
 I  do not { for example ) think as Astronomers think, that the so
Called "RED SHIFT" finds as its root cause " expansion of the universe"
 For me it makes just as much sense, to assume a contraction of
dimension of the atom. Meaning a change in the internal energy
of the electron jump from shell to shell over long time frames
 never mind the silliness, i disagree with them on several issues
RED simply is one of many. My point today? i'poise is i disagree
with all science, and especially Anthropologists. WHY, let me say
  I DO think there was a decline in the Mayan World, Prior to
the arrival of the Spanish ships carrying HORSES. Rather than
searching about for Horse shoes and other relics of the past
  My Method would be to find the flood deposit ages of the
PAST FLOOD AGES? & here in the N.W. is the place to begin?
the Missoula floods, Know by other names also are examples.
  However for me access to the data, at the academic level
has been blocked, ? { to preserve the status quo ) i suppose
and so the question | when : becomes academic & pointless.
  For me to rambull on then is also pointless, and thus i
close with the Question {in the Spanish language about
the age of recent flood deposits in Limon post -3K A a 


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