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Bacon Tacos
« on: January 27, 2013, 07:38:46 am »
Ok, another fairly simple recipe, but one I haven't heard anyone else using.

This is for 3 tacos

3 corn tortillas
one can refried beans (Sometimes I refry my own beans, but that's outside the scope of this recipe)
3-12 strips bacon, depending on taste, should be a multiple of 3
shredded cheese (I use cheddar, my wife prefers taco blend, I am not a fan of shredded cheese in a bag and I don't want to hand shred more than one kind, it feels like too much work)
3 nopalito pickled cactus sections
hot peppers, at the moment I am using pickled jalapeno slices, however diced habanero is also quite good

Fry Bacon in a skillet on medium low heat, if you are frying 9 or 12 pieces of bacon you'll want to pour off about half the grease, otherwise you want it all.  This is a good time to dice the peppers if you are using diced ones, and shred the cheese.  The bacon should be crispy, but not burnt.  The heat should not be enough to boil the grease.

Once all the fat is melted off the bacon put the tortillas in the skillet.  Let them fry for approx 30 seconds then flip.

put cheese, peppers, beans, and bacon into taco.  Put cheese in first so it can melt.

Fold tortilla over, the time frying should have it crispy, but not brittle yet. 

Cook until cheese is all melted.