Author Topic: sooo, this isn't exactly RPG, it's a card game, but  (Read 1550 times)


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sooo, this isn't exactly RPG, it's a card game, but
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:57:40 am »
I'M DYING FOR A GAME OF L5R, but is 2am* and I can't go somewhere I'm likely to find one., so talkung about it seems like a good alternative. Anyway, i want to see if anyone else plays.Coyote, I know you mentioned you once played, but am not sure if you still do, or even want to discuss it.

Oh man, kotei is coming up soon, and Tucson has the first event of the season (we stole it out from under Phoenix. Take THAT,  you snobby bastards!) coupled with the newly released Torn Asunder set, which will be tourney legal if they aren't already, and 80 people expected to attend just for the card playing bit and not necessarily for the honor bit of the tourney, this is going to be a huge, awesome cl,usterfuck.  Oh, I am totally going to get into the honor side too. SO MUCH EXCITING, CAN'T EVEN STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

Please excuse my enthusiasm, you who knew about it twenty years ago or so. I only discovered it last year, and I am getting pretty okay and wanna discuss things which may make me a better player. U

I want to go to the SoCal and Oklahoma events, too, because I want to hit that level of "weird fucker who obsesses over that game." Also, three kotei '13 prize packs, and a chance to play and meet new people. I doubt it'll happen, but I can always try in a few years when it isn't as much of a pipe dream.

I do not like the art in this set, save for a few of them (mostly the promos, the experienced versions of certain characters, and a handful of odds and ends. It looks like AEG just went to amateur hour at the local library, threw money at random fan art, and then slapped it onto the card.  I feel similarly about how the cards have made the environment. The cards are either STUPID REATARDED UNBLANCED GOOD for clans the forumites in winter court larping favored or ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH for clans and deck types that really needed some equalizer. Especially since their story is essentially saying okay that was a fun and engaging thing, now to set up the most shafted clan to gain a huge amount of equalization. Everyone ready for this? Yeah? Okay. BOOM shafted clan starts war with three enormous clans all at once, they'll probably not survive as a great clan after this, aaaand story gets canned midway through. Thanks a bunch, aeg. Totally love how you're going to kill my favorite deck because you wouldn't give them things they needed.  I hate you so much right now.

*It's actually 3 now. Stupid phone typing slowness.
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