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In Circles
« on: March 20, 2013, 12:19:22 am »
The Land has been awash with the vapid soulless vessels for far too long now.  The only lights in the eyes, the reflection of their digital shackles.  Instruments borne in the quest to achieve the vastness of endless knowledge, turned, and usurped by The Machine, and used as the euphoric sedative it is today. 

Keep the people happy, but draw their gaze away from The Real. 

Don't let them catch sight of the machinations that continuously eat away at what power they possessed.

Fool them into a sense of being part of a Mass for Change when all they have become are cache cows. 

The Recolution has already been tweeted, liked, shared....The People have already (willingly) lost.
Cynicism is a blank check for failure.