Author Topic: Introductions, Part VI: Welcome to Our PD Party  (Read 75033 times)


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Re: Introductions, Part VI: Welcome to Our PD Party
« Reply #435 on: July 06, 2020, 01:12:04 pm »
I think the Joaqin Phoenix Joker was a better movie, but Heath Ledger was a better Joker.

A Bill Murray Joker would be so psychologically damaging, it should be made but nobody should be allowed to watch it.
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Re: Introductions, Part VI: Welcome to Our PD Party
« Reply #436 on: July 06, 2020, 01:17:01 pm »
As someone afflicted by the odd episode of psychotic mania, the joker has always been a personal favourite of mine. Heath Ledger played it to a tee for me. There's an appeal to mania. It's like a drug, trying to suck you back in. I've spoken to people who hate it, not me, I fucking love it. I just can't indulge because shit does not end well down that road. So the Joker lets me live out the fantasy vicariously.

The latest one with Joaquin Phoenix was a fucking good looking movie and a great performance but, for me, it had fuck all to do with the Joker. Dude in the film wasn't a maniac. He was some sort of dissociative depressed person. Nothing against depressed people but for me it's like the choice between a getting wasted story and a hangover story. Like, I wanna see strippers and flashing blue lights and climbing up the side of a building for a dare, not some dude lying in bed complaining cos his head hurts for two hours and fifteen I didn't get my fix :argh!:
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Re: Introductions, Part VI: Welcome to Our PD Party
« Reply #437 on: July 06, 2020, 01:29:35 pm »
I enjoyed the movie, but I had to wait to see it

It felt like the mediasphere had pre-agreed that the movie was going to be a SYMBOL, a STATEMENT

and I just didn't want to participate in any of that

I didn't want to like the movie and then feel like I needed to defend it
I didn't want to hate the movie and feel like I needed to explain
And I sure didn't want to make a statement about mass shootings or mental health or whatever - one way or the other - by buying a ticket or not buying a ticket.

Yeah it was a good movie IMO, but the whole media hype around it was exhausting.