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Don't Stall Joy
« on: May 22, 2013, 12:49:20 am »

which is not the same as DOGMA I - METAPHYSICS #2, "COSMOLOGY" (Book of Uterus)
          In the beginning there was VOID, who had two daughters; one (the smaller) was that of BEING, named ERIS, and one (the larger) was of NON-BEING, named ANERIS. (To this day, the fundamental truth that Aneris is the larger is apparent to all who compare the great number of things that do not exist with the comparatively small number of things that do exist.)
          Eris had been born pregnant, and after 55 years (Goddesses have an unusually long gestation period-- longer even than elephants), Her pregnancy bore the fruits of many things. These things were composed of the Five Basic Elements, SWEET, BOOM, PUNGENT, PRICKLE, and ORANGE. Aneris, however, had been created sterile. When she saw Eris enjoying Herself so greatly with all of the existent things She had borne, Aneris became jealous and finally one day she stole some existent things and changed them into non- existent things and claimed them as her own children. This deeply hurt Eris, who felt that Her sister was unjust (being so much larger anyway) to deny Her her small joy. And so She made herself swell again to bear more things. And She swore that no matter how many of her begotten that Aneris would steal, She would beget more. And, in return, Aneris swore that no matter how many existent things Eris brought forth, she would eventually find them and turn them into non-existent things for her own. (And to this day, things appear and disappear in this very manner.)

There is great significance in our insignificance.  There are so many of us in this speck of space, yet there are far more that have been but are no longer, who were in this same very speck of space.  But all of the human being that has been is still of nigh import when compared to everything else everywhere else that has ever existed and then not existed.  (and who knows, there are likely other forms of manifestation we can't begin to fathom)

So what?

So it's all the more reason to exist the fuck out of existance. 

There is nothing for it but to grab every opportunity to smile like a grinning ninny.  Aneris will come for you soon.
Might as well blink out of the universe with a big ole smile on your face. 
Cynicism is a blank check for failure.


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Re: Don't Stall Joy
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Re: Don't Stall Joy
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2013, 10:29:25 am »
True.  Last time I checked, Aneris would not nihilate anything produced by Eris because of the possible perceptual contagion being mistaken for causation.

Pere Ubu

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Re: Don't Stall Joy
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2013, 08:54:07 pm »
If Joy is stalling, perhaps the carburetor needs adjusting.

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