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Subtitled Ranting, Your Majesty...

Started by UB, June 12, 2014, 12:03:22 PM

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Porn?! Ahhh, indecent exposure.

So, I am gathering a better understanding of the subtitles... and the subtitles of the subtitles... but hahaha, I suppose what could be figured in a few worthy minutes by most will take me weeks for the time I don't have to read through.

I'm wondering if anyone would suggest any specific internet international radio stations. I have a few apps on my phone but in working with an Arabic Doctor and an Iranian MA, I'm almost embarrassed to share with them the translations that sometimes come through. Perhaps I shouldn't be, the both of them have very high aptitudes and they would know better than to assume I am a direct part of anything misinterpreted. *dunno*

The Arabic and Farsi language, both written and spoken is tricky to me. I am developing an understanding toward reading/writing and hearing such BUT I am unable to pronounce much and then there is that damnedable thick in the throat GK sound that seems it would take being throttled or some kind of esophageal implant for some people to accomplish.  :( 

Any suggestions? And, please no Rosetta Stones.
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Principia Discordia  mentions five types of Order
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it does not mention corporations