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« on: June 25, 2016, 10:41:22 pm »
~ Disjointed response/rant to this.

The Bill of Rights and Constitution laid out the fundamental limitations of all future legislation and governmental responsibilities, among other things. Regardless of what you agree with in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, specifically, the basis of such documents was inherently Just and necessary. Defining the limitations of government, instead of defining its abilities, was a demonstration of how strongly the People of the time cared for their rights. "It says so in the book" because it's one of the fundamental freedoms that our Founding Fathers decided was important enough to protect at the expense of governmental potential. When our country decides, as a whole, that the right to bare arms isn't as important as it used to be, the Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the states, as that has always been the process.

Until then, "thou shalt guns" is the Law. Banning guns is against that Law. It is not a Law of God. It is a Law of Government. Last I checked, society functions when people (and their governments) obey the law and cooperate for the betterment of both parties.

When it becomes beneficial in the eyes of both parties to take away guns, you will see change in policy. But no one's provided a valid reason to remove guns, thus far, so I don't see any reason as to why the country would remove guns any time soon.

Bad people behave badly as they always have. The only difference between now and when the Bill of Rights was created is that we live in a surveillance state that is capable of displaying and angling every murder spree that happens. Racists turn Hood violence into "LOOK AT THE NI@#$@, THEY'RE SO UNCIVILIZED AND VIOLENT TOWARD US GOOD WHITE PEOPLE, AND IT'S TOTALLY NOT DUE TO THE CONSTANT DISCRIMINATION WE PUT THEM THROUGH" and scared politicians turn mass-shootings into "WE CAN PREVENT THIS IF WE RESTRICT GUNS INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE OR ALIENATION THAT ACTUALLY CREATES MASS-SHOOTERS."

People see more of the real world and the direction it's going and they are so easily willing to give up their rights. Not because there's a logical connection between said rights and the terrible things they see, but because they are given no other solution. I will admit, liberals seem to be the few who actually try to do something to solve problems. That doesn't mean we jump on the first fucking solutions they toss out. Just because the thought behind the solution is Just, doesn't mean the solution is Just, or even valid.

The liberals were the first to claim that Sex was a good thing as long as it was a subject of education. This was a Just and effective solution to MANY problems regarding sex. I don't understand how they can't stand the same concept being applied to the problems of guns. Educate people on them. Educate people on their safety. Educate people on the importance of their proper storage and handling. Educate people on protection from bad people with them. You'll see less accidental shootings the same way you saw a drop in teen pregnancies.

The only problem I see with that is something comparable to the increase in STDs that we're seeing in America, as a whole. Our society has a problem with diagnosis and management of STDs and psychological trauma, as well as other teen-health issues. Just like the rise in STDs, we might see a rise in teen gun violence due to unmanaged, psychological instability. The only argument for gun restrictions I could see are ones that are TEMPORARY and coupled with outreach programs for those who are silently suffering from the result of endemically FUCKED familial situations or emotional torture. But that's too much of a compromise. It's not extreme enough, or racist enough, or PC enough, or anti-PC enough.
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