Author Topic: A guide to why everything sucks (unedited wall of text version)  (Read 903 times)

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A guide to why everything sucks (unedited wall of text version)
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:00:24 am »
Some say it's you. Some say it's society. Both are to blame. True reason for your misery is somewhere on between. Society is formed out of people. And people are nurtured by society. The problem is the way you treat society. And how the society treats you. Society, being formed of people, is largely affected by how people think it functions. Lately there's been this divide. Society vs. individual. Two parts of humanity lashing out at each other. No wonder everything sucks. So what's the solution? You live in a relationship with society who doesn't share your interests, doesn't listen to you and honestly, it's starting to look pretty ugly. Who said there's only one society? Acquire a new one, either by making one with your friends, or moving out. People aren't solidified in place, we are molecules in a liquid. Nothing holds you down, expect for years of carefully thought out government propaganda aimed to achieve just that. And you may think your society is evil for doing that. But there was a time the people and the society promised each other to be together forever and ever. It's just doing what we told it to. People change and so do societies and I think we just grew apart. If society ever reads this, I have no hard feelings and I really wish you find another sort-of-clever life form to reign over. That's all, stay healthy, grow old, and die from some horrible sickness<3
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