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pouring it out for the Shorties
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:40:04 am »
Oh Lord be on my side as I Lament about the Terrible Things of this Fallen world. I pray you guide my hand and my tongue as I pour out my heart for the children of this world and their often terrible plight.

The curse on every Predator who would touch a child. Even Jesus was pretty clear about this. Better Stone be tied about their neck and they be cast into a cesspit then what I would prefer to do to them. I remember first and foremost those who have been made into sexual slaves.

It wasn't their fault
They didn't do it
They were brought
By scoundrels
Into it

The people that harm children are the worst of the sinners. Jesus said forgive, but this I cannot forgive. I guess I'm just not that Godly. You see the children that are sold as chattel wind up living a life that was never anything but sexualized. All their potential, all their Joy, All their creative ability turned to the satisfaction of pigs. The worst part is that their abuse becomes a Cornerstone of their psyches. Children are made to enjoy their abuse. Their minds know nothing else, and this is what the fucksticks want. They want slaves that have never known anything other than the lecherous Touch of their masters. They corrupt innocence for their own gratification. For this I say death On the corruptors. Those fools that believe that for money or gratification they have the right to destroy that which is not yet truly begun to build. I'm at my say Revenge cannot come soon enough. Oh Lord if you are just then You will guide the hands of those that will bring about your judgment. Oh Lord if you are just then you will Aid those that would bring an end to this destruction. Oh Lord if you are just then you will throw down the corruptors. And Lord if you are not hearing me,

Because perhaps you do not Be

Then it is on us to do something or to support those that will.
Lord let those whose bodies have been abused, find healing and peace. May their abusers Perish forever.

There are those also that will take a child and use them for ritual purposes. Whether this is in Your name, the name of some deity, or some madman self-serving Glee and search for Power let them be thrown down. Let their indoctrinations turn against them! Let the children that are so bound learn the truth of the world and come to knowledge in Freedom. Lord I cry out against their chains and their jailers.

Do not teach them what is God
For they are more than animate sod
May they find a way to break free
Lord this is All I Ask Of Thee

Their minds are forever stunted by hunch brained grey faces. This goes for religion and politics, and politics that are religion. May those who have been blinded by their would be sun gods see their way to Freedom.

There are those also that will take a child and put them to war. Those whose ability to play is turned into a Lust For Slaughter. They're taken from innocence given a weapon and told to kill

And those that will not
Will face the weapons of their peers
It brings me to tears

Father I pray that all of those who's Will's have been so subverted come to peace with themselves and rise against their masters. The world is greater than they have ever known. More than bullets and drills and drugs and rape. Let the crimes of those who have been so corrupted be upon the corruptors. Let those who have been so abused become free.

There are many things greater than me
but if it comes down to me
to do something so be it.
So fucking be it.

This world is full of sickness. My heart is full of Shame to be a part of the system that makes this possible. I can only declare war and gather what resources I can by any means necessary to give funds to those who can fight this Darkness. This Darkness will not prevail. Lord if you hear me understand that I cannot let it prevail. Understand that I will do whatever I think is fit to do to win the war upon the children of this world. They need not a Saviour like me. Oh no. I am nothing but angry wind. They need teachers and counselors, mentors and therapists. These I will sacrifice much to support. Even my dignity.
Even my peace.
Even my precious comfort.

My conscience will not allow anything less then all I have to be this one cause. This war for the sake of the children is a war for the one and only future. Let this rant be my declaration.

Let peace be far from me.
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