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What does everyone here think of Transhumanism?

Started by Doktor Loki, November 05, 2008, 08:38:55 PM

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If you take admitted "sex addicts" as an example* (I'd go with "addicts" but the objections would be the same), then according to majority testimonial, engaging in a simulated act doesn't decrease the desire for the inital act; in fact, it makes it stronger.

A pedo that has a 9-year-old looking sexdoll would actually be increasing his desire to fuck a 9-year-old.

*yeah, yeah, :cn:


you caught me, I admit I was trying to subtle troll you guys and get some rage out of you by bringing up a loaded topic.

My failure is your win.  :D

Quote from: P3nT4gR4m on May 15, 2009, 05:44:33 PM
Trust me, by the time technological advancement reaches the stage where a 500 year old guy can exist in the body of a baby, your whole definition of what's creepy will have shifted by fucking light years :lulz:

Interesting point, I wonder what future taboos will be?

Probably something like skull fucking someone who has a cybernetic brain that runs on windows 95.
yall are bigger dorks than I am


Possible future sportfuck options:

fucking a german shepherd in the ass - the strange one is the one that's had his dna changed to be a german shepherd just to experience said assfucking first hand paw

decacpitation fetish - you get your head lopped off, someone cums directly down your throat while you watch, then they sew the head back on and you toddle off home with a belly full of spooge

base-fucking - copulating couple jumps off a building and try to reach orgasm just as they hit the ground. Then the gloop is scraped off the sidewalk and re-formed via nanobots

One thing that occurs to me is that things like rape/pedophillia and other forms of sexcrime probably won't be a big deal since any trauma will be pretty easily resolved using direct mind interface reprogramming. Probably receive most of your education that way too. In utero. 9 months, stuck in the womb with nothing but a Playstation 12 and youtube to amuse yourself.

I'm up to my arse in Brexit Numpties, but I want more.  Target-rich environments are the new sexy.
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"computation is a pattern in the spacetime arrangement of particles, and it's not the particles but the pattern that really matters! Matter doesn't matter." -- Max Tegmark


Direct mind interfacing?
No need. First it will be automated and then come in a pill form. Got raped on your way home from work? No problem, when you get home synthesize our patented Blue Skies pill or cream using your online chemist.
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Doktor Howl

I am against transhumanism because humans are already fucked up.  Being able to directly load apps into their brains will not help matters...And while I LOVE the idea of you fuckers getting pop-up ads in your field of vision while you're driving on the highway, it occurs to me that - eventually - upgrades would be economically (or even legally) mandatory.
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(1) Low-tech transhumanist technologies are feasible: glasses, hearing aids, dental crowns, bridges, artificial hearts, etc.

(2) Pain is Mother Nature's way of saying, "Don't do that!" (one of Mom's doctors)
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