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Q. G. Pennyworth:

--- Quote from: altered on March 22, 2021, 07:01:08 pm ---I got it explicitly because it was black pasta when not cooked. Really wanted to goth pasta... it was a mistake.

--- End quote ---

squid ink keeps the color when cooked. Someone donated some squid ink spaghetti do not ask me why.

I will keep that in mind! Maybe I will goth pasta in the end anyway? Hmmm

You wanted goth pasta, but you got Lovecraftian pasta instead.

Not wrong. Unfortunately.

I wanted a chili+cheese hot dog yesterday.


1 package johnsonville cheddar sausage
1 can hormel chunky chili
1 can campbell's cheddar cheese soup
1 small-ish loaf of french bread (this is technically not a hot dog bun)
1 tbsp (roughly) butter
some salt idk im not your mom

Butter in a pan. Melt it on very low heat, then toss the sausages in. Crank up the heat to about medium, and spend time opening your cans and such. Turn the sausages over just when you start to feel a little bit antsy but before you think you should actually do it -- these fuckers cook nicely. Cut the french bread to a bit longer than hot-dog-length pieces, and slice almost in half lengthwise while you wait again.

OPTIONAL (I didn't do it but I could have): butter the inside of your french bread, then set buttered-side-down in a separate pan to toast insides.

For the last side of the sausage cooking, remove from heat and set on an unused burner. While the pan cools and the sausages finish their cook time, spread the pudding-consistency cheddar cheese on the inside of your french bread, TOP THAT WITH SALT (IMPORTANT), and spoon some chili in over that. When satisfied with amount of chili and cheese, add sausage on top.

Normally I'd say something funny here but I'm not going gluten free as fast as I want and there's no disaster to discuss, it's just a pretty good and very VERY fucking cheap chili and cheese hot dog that is, in a PURELY technical sense, not a violation of the pentabarf. (It should be noted that I didn't do that on purpose, it was just cheaper and higher calorie-content to do things this way.) Also, technically, you could make this without anything more than a microwave, since the chili and cheese don't need heated up at all, so I'm keeping this recipe around.


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