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« on: June 05, 2020, 11:11:11 pm »

i have dreamt the dream, lived the dream and forgotten the dream and I will dream it once more, live it and forget it, we will cycle our emotions, to and fro like a child skipping like hopscotch and i drank it for a while in my early tweens but then i was more of an irish man and the only thing i use whiskey for nowadays is torching pancakes for my nieces or irish, coffee
my dream was one of digressions, without soundtracks, the opposite of reality and filled with meaning so i made it my reality and i lived it until it became my reality also, there is a difference there and then it bled into each and other and once more i had forgotten so I kept watching myself and then it slid into observation and into apathy and it slides towards the maelstrom for some of us before we get it together before we remember

it rains and it feels hollow, it should feel more like a television moment with hot chocolate and blankets and something, something more than last time i saw the scene, it might have been ferrero rocher it might have been frozen pizza, it might have been the past and it might have been the future but i was stuck in the presence for all of it

i have      into enough realities, i have seen enough transgressions, i have seen so many different people do the exact same shit in so many different ways and they say theres variables but it feels binary, it should seem vibrant and filled with different dimensions but it doesnt matter if its alan moore or marjorie liu, it still looks flat

like earth
Everyone will always be too late


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Re: sümmër
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ahhh I love these

I always appreciate your words, my friend