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hëärt hëäd höpë
« on: September 22, 2020, 06:45:43 pm »
i sat in the chair and the chair was mine
i sat in the chair and the chair wasn't mine


look to windward look to inward look
intuition becoming more, survival instincts watered down by lack of wars happening in our gardens they are just in the backyards of those we use to live the life we feel is necessary for us, this proud culture, what a time to be alive - moons and mars and adventures with elon musk at the helm do you get that ken kesey  elon musk is driving the bus and its yellow and we will go further and we will do it quietly in one of elon musks chariots and we will do it green and ecologically sound as we power through the coal belt through the dark the black the pitch but we are white we are green and oh so white

(but only for the cameras)

stepping on the gas we vomit as the acid kicks in not the bicycle acid but the new and improved streamlined acid run through the pipes of capitalism and efficiency acid as a ritual evaporates and mysticism dwindles in one area but is moved into science man runs through the maze smashing one brick wall at a time knowing that some day he will be free to smash other walls and fences, man is the great liberator of bricks

i sat in the chair and the chair wasn't mine, it wasn't a very fine chair but it was good enough to hold my ass away from the floor and as i sat there i started to sing

and around me gathered all the deer of the forest and all the birds in the air the worms in the ground the foreign predatory species of the inlands waters the crassostrea gigas of all our seas

and as i sang they interrupted me told that it could be worse, you could be living in a banana republic they said and that was true and i remembered the life i might have had where i lived in a banana republic but that wasn't for me, banana monarchy babe

america get well
Everyone will always be too late

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Re: hëärt hëäd höpë
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2020, 05:33:03 am »
I like this one.  It's...twisty.
Desine fata deum flecti sperare precando.