Several times a month, I will be in a store aisle reaching for something and feel a hand going up the inside of my thigh. When I turn around to find myself alone with a woman, and ask her if she would prefer me to hold still so she can get a better feel for the situation, oftentimes she will act "shocked" claiming nothing had happened, it must be somebody else...

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an idiot prayer of empty worlds

Started by Sepia, January 06, 2023, 08:56:54 PM

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Our love starts out sullen, it dreams of us, you and me.

A sickness spreading upon oneself, loosing, lost time because we forgot/forgot to rewind the clock we figured time would be atomic now in any case even though planet of the apes is coming closer and in that far future it will still be charlton heston cryogenically preserved and as the credits roll future heston sees the empire that never ended

the death of the kings son as the king is dying and in the instant of his death he sees his kingdom with clarity - the seed spurred by creativity forms and deforms life, what are these dreams of life if not wispy and bubbly, bubbles bubbling in your ear closed eyes asmr style as you touch yourself and rudely awaken to a loud hammering at the door and there he stands, bubbles, smiling through his broken teeth and offering you a hat, following the globalized american dream and your eyes glaze

the homerun is a fact as the crowd goes wild and captain benjamin sisko runs smiling cackling that laughter, that bellowing belly full of disarmament, i wish i still believed in the good of mankind but when you go for banalities like good the only people who ever were good were fictions or myths and as you say these words my brain goes a different way and i connect the cables and i set the dials and i push on the controls and i set the course for the heart of the multiverse, elon musk and jeff bezos following right behind but im winning the race im becoming something there is a process a transition a transformation and everything that is me is flipped on and i see it, i see the eternal burning heart that scorches every man and woman under the sun as its own sun ouroboros connecting each and every one of us and as i arrive/become at the heart of the multiverse i see the end of 2001 and then i am remade as a sperm cell and as i breach every wall in every existence i hear the groans and moans of every elon musk and every jeff bezos in all existences and i feel the me becoming the starchild becoming the multiverse becoming the vast consciousness of a multiverse of a universe of a reality of me

screaming like an infant barely born

emptying my lungs, gushing out every part of me that i thought you didn't want this is it why im here this is why we are all here and we all have this weapon but so few of us ever use it and when we use it is for petty reasons, personal reasons to live by gordon gekkos words as we seem to live in it but it is the tip of a spear, the end of the lance, perhaps his lance but longinus it's christmas now, not easter, it was His gift to us and as he died upon the cross he didn't die for us because he was born for us and except the mercy of longinus it was His gift to us that killed him, disobedience

I will kill you with my kindness, I will end you all by smothering you and the apocalypse that is coming is my apocalypse and it will destroy you all by enlightening you

our words spread across the globe, across planets, across solar systems like poison for our words come not from the heart but from the desires of the city virus, carrying our unseen masters and doing their deeds in our name whilst the seen masters monitors everything, all the world seen through cctv eyes and they're men of course they are men but this seems fitting blurred faces commanding the future so we can sleep well at night
so elon musk can sleep well at night, sucking his thumb, dreaming sweet orwellian nightmares for the good of humanity and we recognize our sun-king, warrior-philosopher our chosen one and the rest of us accept the fact that a new idiot king for a new idiot age is the only thing that (doesn't)make sense so we go along with it, every man woman and ostrich in our flock a willing judas, opensource writing a new idiot bible for an idiot god dreaming idiot dreams sucking his thumb

shadows fill the crevices and light fills the cul-de-sac as love and her lover hate is revealed
Everyone will always be too late