Author Topic: The problem with Timmy's wheelchair (hint: it ain't pretty)  (Read 1537 times)


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The problem with Timmy's wheelchair (hint: it ain't pretty)
« on: March 13, 2006, 02:40:43 am »
Timmy was hit by a car when he was a child, and he has been confined to a wheelchair as a result. He's almost 17 now, so he's managed to get some flair for his newest 23-inch chair.

The rims have been chromed, and Timmy rigged a drop kit from some old parts. His uncle, and engineer, decided that Timmy's chair needed some music. Since his birthday was coming up, he decided to design a sound system.

"Your wheels aren't a ride, unless it's got room for boom!" said Andy. Timmy had no clue what he meant, but realized that he would get a stereo if he went along with it. So, after Andy had agonized over every detail, they got to work. Timmy, as patient as any teenager could be, sat on the floor and bitched until Andy was done. Andy finally managed to get the electrical system working, and he started assembling the stereo mounting kit. Five minutes later, the whole thing was together and Timmy wanted to go rollin'. Andy gave him $100 and told him to get some CD's to test it out.

Andy realized that he wasn't going to see Timmy for a while, because Timmy hadn't gone outside in the past few days. He looked happier than he had been in weeks, maybe months. He showed everyone his new stereo. Nobody had seen it before. Some of them didn't believe it would work, they told him to come back when he could prove it. Timmy swore he would, just because he had the coolest wheelchair in the town.

The employee at the convience store couldn't stop laughing when Timmy came in. He noticed that she had covered her mouth, he assumed that she was laughing at him. But today was different. He didn't care, because he had a stereo. He bought some CD's, flirted with the cashier, and then went back to show off his present some more.

When he was a block from the house, he cranked up the volume. It barely worked. "Shit," thought Timmy, "if I pull up with this thing, they'll ridicule me, and beat me up. Maybe I can make it louder by going faster..." So, Timmy spun the tires as hard as he could. He cut his hands a few times, but he did manage to get some "boom," from the subwoofer. It could have been his heart, which was still pounding from the effort. So much so, that this would have to be done in a more efficient way. Tim spent the next half-hour climbing a steep hill.

Timmy had done this once before, on his seventh birthday. He didn't like to think about that day, but he knew a bicycle could go 60km/h on this hill. "How loud will this be at 60?" he wondered.

"Hey man, I think that dipshit is coming by on his wheelchair." said Ryan.
"Haha, what a loser. Who puts a stereo on a wheelchair?" John didn't want an answer, but they both knew that only a loser like Timmy would.
Ryan asked, "What do you think he's gonna do? There's no way he'll be able to slow down. We're not going to hear a thing."
"I don't think he's going to stop... but I do hear something... I think it's Ace of Bass."
They laughed harder than they had ever laughed. It really was Ace of Bass. Timmy had managed surpass even their expectations.
"Here I go." Timmy repeated, as a kind of mantra. "This'll be the first time..." He was certain that a stunt like this would earn their respect. The speakers screamed "I saw the sign!" louder than they had since 1993! Timmy had never felt so alive! He looked up as he blew past, and saw John and Ryan rolling around on the ground laughing, and barely noticed! The wind, the road, everything melted away, blurred by speed. Everything going impossibly fast.
"Where are my CD's?" screamed Tasha. "Who stole my fucking CD's?!"
Both her friends were scrambling, trying not to drop the coke while pushing aside piles of garbage. "My CD's better be in here! GIVE THEM TO ME!"
Timmy barely had time to do anything. He grabbed at his brakes, but they were not enough.
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The problem with Timmy's wheelchair (hint: it ain't pretty)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2006, 09:27:07 pm »
i would expect this to happen in real life.

very very soon.