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Brooklyn, New York.
« on: May 28, 2006, 07:24:50 pm »
"Battle me, boy? I'll show you skill."

Those were the words that spawned a battle that changed everything.

Brooklyn, New York has never been the same. The East Side Crew, B-Boyz, wanted the exclusive to deal in the school. The Mid Town Kidz did not give consent.

The Kidz had the guns, the Kidz had the balls, but the Kidz did not have the numbers. In a gunfight, they would be massacred.

What they did have, were some badass beats. They knew that the B-Boyz were proud. The B-Boyz would not back down from any challenge.

"Battle me, boy?" Asked D-Pax, on behalf of the Kidz.

"Boy, I'll show you skill. Rock, show 'em what you got." The East Side Crew, proud as always, had no desire to back down. They truly believed they were the best, at everything.

Rock, one-hundred-eighty pounds of muscle but not built for breakin', was a klutz. He started good. Spin, spin, step, step, but stumbling between moves. His B-Boy buddies were awestruck by his handstands. They thought he was the best. Step, step, spin, spin. Just like the first.

"HOW YUO LIKE THAT BEOTCH?!" taunted Rock. He had no clue how dumb he looked. His hands were bleeding, his knees scraped raw. He thought he had beaten the Kidz soundly. Their laughter made clear their disbelief.

"Skill? You call that skill? Shit, boy, you shouldn't step to me." This would be easy, thought Kriz. Practise had built his ability. He wouldn't even need a beat. But, the Boyz wouldn't be let go without total humiliation on every level.

Kriz set the rythym with a nod. D-Pax, being the MC, began freestyling. Their beat-boxer, Rozz, once gave KRS a beat for an album. He wasn't playin' fair today; this was pro material. The stage, their arena, was carefully chosen before hand. Gaffer had been tagging the school for years, his finest mural was the backdrop for the battle.

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of being shown true hip-hop. No-one in the school had seen this crew shine. The B-Boyz thought they were the best; they were clueless noobs in the world of hip-hop. They were laughed out of the district. Nobody was hurt, but the B-Boyz would never be seen in the same light.

"Battle me, boy? That's a sin." laughed D-Pax, with a trace of pride. This would not be his last laugh, but it would be remembered by all. The Kidz, outnumbered, had won without firing a shot. No-one was hurt, but no-one had any doubt who was on top.
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