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Its time to do something. 

Even if its wrong. *

We sit here and complain.  We bitch about society, the government, the piles of bull-shit dumped on us daily.

"But what do we do?"  You say.  "How can we stop this downward-spiral?"

Well, I sure as hell don't know.  But that doesn't mean we should just take our seats and be spectators like good little boys and girls.  It doesn't mean we should ignore what is going on and just worry about ourselves. 

Inaction will result in worse societies, worse governments, and much larger piles of shit covering up the truths.

We may complain about these things now, but what happens when you don't have time to complain?  What happens when you aren't allowed to complain?  What happens when you no longer know what to complain about???

This is what THEYtm want.  They want everything so ordered and predictable that they don't have to worry anymore.  So that they can all sleep soundly.

They don't want any breakthoughs or major shifts putting them out of business.  They don't even want to see the slightest ripple in the water.  They want the boat so steady their house-of-cards wont fall over.  But expect poison from standing water my friends.

They want to know just exactly how you will behave, so that they can easily profit.  And THEY are doing it.  THEY are winning the game and starting to run away with it.  We need to put a stop to their momentum and put a few points on the board.

We may not have a chance in hell, but we can at least be a pain in their asses.  Then again, there have probably been greater comebacks in history.  Get pumped up Bob-dammit. 

And do something. 

Even if its wrong.

*(Just don't get caught.  And if it turns out to be wrong, we don't know you.)
Literate Chaotic / Hamlet's Mill
June 08, 2007, 08:05:22 AM

by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend
Or Kill Me / Attacks on the poor.
May 24, 2007, 08:45:14 PM
The other day I was thinking about the massive amount of power the Corporations have over our government and lives in general. 

I came to the conclusion that taxes can be relative and that a tax cut for the rich can actually just be a disguised tax hike on the poor. 

Is there any basis to this argument??
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Lost Keys
May 17, 2007, 12:17:40 PM
from 8)

only halfway done but the parallels are there.....

Manly P Hall - The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry Or The Secret Of Hiram Abiff.txt 

QuoteThe world is a great prison; its bars are the Unknown.  And each is a
prisoner until, at last, he earns the right to tear these bars from
their moldering sockets, and pass, illuminated and inspired, into
the darkness, which becomes lighted by that presence.  All peoples
seek the temple where God dwells, where the spirit of the great
Truth illuminates the shadows of human ignorance, but they know not
which way to turn nor where this temple is. The mist of dogma
surrounds them. ...........

QuoteIn ******** is concealed the mystery of creation, the answer to the problem of existence, and the path the student must tread in order to join those who are really the living powers behind the thrones of modern national and international affairs.  .....

QuoteWhat is the meaning of this mystic maze of symbols, rites and
rituals? THINK! What does life mean, with the criss-crossings of
human relationship, the endless pageantry of qualities masquerading
in a carnival of fools? THINK! What is the plan behind it all,
and who the planner? Where dwells the Great Architect, and what is
the tracing board upon which he designs? THINK! What is the human
soul, and why the endless yearning to ends unknown, along pathways
where each must wander unaccompanied? Why mind, why soul, why
spirit, and in truth, why anything? THINK! Is there an answer? If
so, where will the truth be found? Think............

QuoteThere comes a time in the growth of every living individual thing
when it realizes with dawning consciousness that it is a prisoner.
While apparently free to move and have its being, the struggling
life cognizes through ever greater vehicles its own limitations.
It is at this point that man cries out with greater insistence to
be liberated from the binding ties which, though invisible to
mortal eyes, still chain him with bonds far more terrible than
those of any physical prison. ............