I hate both of you because your conversation is both navel-gazing and puerile

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Or Kill Me / Re: Twas the night before Christmas.
September 26, 2016, 08:40:03 PM
So, nobody asked, but I feel an explanation is in order.

I am an alt account.  My regular account is "trix".

Originally, this account was created not for me, but for others.  My local Cabal, which I almost never mention online, was sitting around my house one day getting stoned and pretending our stupid pranks were making some sort of difference.  One thing i tend to do is bring up posts from PD that I especially like and/or are especially relevant so the folks in my Cabal can read them and discuss.  Most of them do not spend much time online.

Anyway, occasionally someone will say something like "you should say xxx" or ask a question, but not have an account with which to do so, and seem uninterested in making their own account.

So the idea was hatched to make an anonymous torbrowser account named notloki, and give him a stupid fake accent that anybody can easily replicate, and then anybody can post under that account using the fake accent and pretend it's all the same anonymous person.

However, while a few one-liner responses were made with the account, it fell into disuse quickly and nobody actually put forth any real content to PD using the notloki moniker.  So, I did.  I started this thread and posted what you see.  Since everyone else gave up on this idea and account I took it over up until I forgot the password one day and went back to being trix.

So there you have it.

Back to your regularly scheduled bad poetry.
You know what, fuck this Country.

Lets all write in "The Good Reverend Roger" and be done with it.

Then we can all die laughing.
Or Kill Me / Re: Twas the night before Christmas.
September 26, 2016, 07:25:03 PM

Poor people suck, they are simply the WORST
Rich fuckers like me, will always come first
If you can't afford to live on the bay
i don't care what you say; get out of my way.

Minorities suck, they are simply the WORST
white people like me, will always come first
If you can't talk to cops without getting shot
I don't want to see you from the deck of my yacht.

Gay people suck, they are simply the WORST
Straight people like me will always come first
If you like the idea of dicks in your butt
you're either a chick or your dick should be cut

transgenders suck, they are simply the WORST
cis-gendered people like me should come first
If you use the bathroom meant for chicks
they should check you first for lack of dicks

WOMEN ALL SUCK, they are simply the WORST
Macho men will always come first
if you tell my wife I said such a thing
I'll be forced to pawn my wedding ring

people who LOGIC should always come first
if you think the previous rhymes were true
you're part of the problem and man, FUCK YOU
Or Kill Me / Re: Twas the night before Christmas.
September 26, 2016, 05:28:27 PM

Wonderful dreams of greatness and cheer
give way to waking nightmares and fear
Promise of life: excitement and fun
give way to terror and death when done.

There doesn't exist a single soul
That enters this world, paid in full.
Instead there's the debt under which we begin
The debt that will kill us, with no way to win

Life is a gift we did not request
and we're born with the curse of eventual death
No matter how hard you reach for the sky
Gravity and time will cause you to die.

So what do we do with this temporary gift?
Celebrate and pretend that the curse will lift?
Or should we ignore the inevitable end
And distract ourselves with a book and a friend?

We're all given time, a little or lot
This gift always kills us and leaves us to rot.
Why is a birthday an occasion for mirth
Why should we praise our distance from birth.

My birthday's not happy, not joyful nor great
It's just a reminder that I started late.
That my plans and my dreams and my zest for life
are passing me by without even strife

I could pick a god and try to believe
that beyond the end there exists a reprieve
But that wouldn't work for a guy like me
there's too many gods and none I can see.

Perhaps the solution is just to ignore
Pumped full of drugs and diseases and more
Wrecking my body until it's too worn,
congrats motherfucker, today you were born.
Or Kill Me / Re: On Being Terrible
October 22, 2014, 10:29:39 PM
This is excellent.

i like that you own your terribleness to such a degree.

this is why I like PD so much.

not the book but the website.

posts like this shine truth into places that are normally kept illusory.

PD is like ripping off bandage, wound finally breathe fresh air but OW SHIT IT HURTS

Your friend,
Or Kill Me / Re: Her Ladyship
October 19, 2014, 02:53:29 AM
Quote from: Q. G. Pennyworth on October 19, 2014, 01:58:18 AM
I know the secrets she held in her heart
Know all the demons that tore her apart
I know she was doomed to this right from the start
And I just can't let go of her yet.

This part especially.
Or Kill Me / Re: Her Ladyship
October 19, 2014, 02:50:42 AM
Wow. Very good!

Quote from: Pæs on October 18, 2014, 10:50:17 PM
Also, I'm dubious of the idea that faking poor English avoids all stylometric markers, but good luck.

:lol: Oh yes maybe correct.

I try switch up punctuation capitalization grammar word selection and other too.

I not stylometric specialist so maybe I get very much wrong.

It can't make easier at least.  Anonymity not perfect but if notloki paranoia turn correct he make them work for it!

Thank for luck!

Your friend,
Yes going through PD again I see it like that.  It changes meaning of much to interpret the way you two do.  Eris consulted in pineal gland.  It work well with my interpret of rest of the PD.

Thank both of you.  It like seeing black hearts and red spades in the PD.

Your friend,
Quote from: Your Mom on October 18, 2014, 05:32:19 PM
But fuck being all philosophical about it, the run-of-the-mill Facebook Discordian just wants to use Discordianism as an excuse to be rAnDoM and sociopathic.

Yes.  Even if PD was only define of Pineal they seem to miss the point.

PD was funny.  It old now for old timers but funny.  `rAnDoM' to random is not fun for reader and not funny either.  Just dumb.

But merit still in PD idea of silly I think.  Giggle at life makes life better.  It healthy and fun and feel good.  Deep humor great too but silly kick ego in balls/vag and ego need that sometime.
Quote from: Your Mom on October 18, 2014, 05:30:39 PM
Can I just say that I think that 99% of pinealists completely misunderstand pinealism, if we are referring to the biological function of the pineal gland? It regulates sleep and wake cycles, and one might reasonably interpret pinealism not as being some off-the-wall absurdity or meaningless bullshit, but accessing the dreamlike amorphous state in which non-linear-logic connections can be made.

On other words, tapping not into the ridiculous, but into a state of intuitive inspiration, much like the dream that inspired Otto Loewi to discover the existence of the chemical neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

I like your take.  I mean it more the PD describe.  I use it mean `silly'.  Absurd so so but silly supposed to be fun or funny.  Like pun at right moment.  Like dance around like loon.

I like how your take is based on the biological function of the pineal gland.  That is a good reality tunnel too.  I can never control that state. :(  It just happen or it does not.

Good post!

Your friend,
Quote from: Your Mom on October 18, 2014, 05:26:20 PM
Pinealism makes me sleepy.

Now you do sound like notloki's mom! :lol:
Or Kill Me / Re: Goodbye, my friend. :(
October 18, 2014, 05:27:57 PM
Quote from: Your Mom on October 18, 2014, 05:15:51 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

I appreciate this.

I just not sure if distance from Corey was good or bad.  I think good for notloki and bad for Corey. 

But what if Corey would have changed?  Distance began long time ago.  Could have changed decades of Corey life.

I think I don't forgive enough.  I cut away friends too quickly.
Or Kill Me / Goodbye, my friend. :(
October 18, 2014, 04:44:22 PM
Some Generalissimo needed.  Bad idea to post in own voice for me.

I had friend named Corey.  Corey was smart, funny, energetic, built like battle tank.

When we kids Corey live at my house to escape his father.  His father crazy crack head woke him up one time choking Corey screaming that Corey is vampire.  So Corey come live at my house.

One day when we 16 we start selling green plants.  Make good money and we not used to good money so we spend like poor kids with new money.

Money like tootsie rolls.  More you have more you want.  We want more.  We cut out middle man and grew in basement.  Learn very much.  First try disaster.  Take more serious buy more stuff read more books.  Second try work but small harvest.  Harvest hard!  So much pretty crystal get cut off.  Amazing me how much good stuff I happy to smoke get left on floor for garbage.  So I collect.  Learn to make hash oil from butane.  Much fun!  Off topic.

Corey is fighter.  Sometime justified.  Many time not.  He start drink and party more.  He want more money.  One day we pulled over.  Corey only one with stash on him.  He hide under seat in front of his.  My sister seat.  They find.  Want more bribe then we have.  Sister go to jail for awhile.

I mad at Corey.  He get more dangerous.  Take on customer we never talk to before because that customer not good.  Corey steal two plants but deny.  Blame my family who help us harvest.  Get mad and punch me and take petty cash.  It not too much but still affect everyone cut.

We not see Corey again.  He try call few times.  I not answer and delete message.  Corey too dangerous and always was.  Always want to be hardcore.  Always carry gun or knife and must feel like toughest guy or will fight.

Last year Corey die.  Shoot out with police.  I feel bad.  Corey was once friend.  Could be such good guy sometime.  I wonder if I forgive him if he die like that still.  We were only good people in Corey life.  Corey other `friends' always do gangs and hard drugs.

Not sure what point is.  Corey remind me of `An hero' or what name of guy that died on camera.  He post `i told u im hardcore' then die from overdose.  That like Corey.  Very much.

Other point I guess:

Make sure you keep people around you that care about you.  At any cost.
It is easy to get lost, and there are so many roads that go bad.

Not just for Corey.  He left behind little sister and mother that also love him very much.

I hope it okay that I share this here.  I be anonymous in hope I can be candid and share.

...Or Kill Me.

Your friend,
Quote from: trix on October 18, 2014, 03:31:56 PM
LOL @ that gif.

Loki, I think your issue here is your attraction to pinealism. These boards often attract word salad lovers that fill up sections with inane bullshit we have to then sift through to find anything worth reading, which is never fun. Since it's difficult to get banned from here, sometimes we have to just deal with it for a long time before they get bored and wander off.

Not that you word salad, from what I can see you are communicating, just silly and pineal in a way that might trigger negative connotations in some that have had to weather incredible amounts of pinealists.

just a heads up.

notloki understand.

i try to share Pineal ideas and funny goofs. i think that different from `word salad pinealism'.

i need reminders sometime to drop mr serious head and enjoy moment.

otherwise i just some old guy losing hair and mind.

Your friend,