"We don't make the apocalypse, we make the apocalypse better."

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My life is really going nowhere.
Fuck me
Quote from: Finnius on February 09, 2024, 02:03:46 PMMy last post in this ridiculous thread (yaaa):

Good Morning Spectators! Today we will be taking the following phrase -

"The original poster of this thread, and others like them, are literally in fear for their lives, some having difficulty with day-to-day survival,..." (thank you cno for supplying this)

- and having 2 widely different groups duke it out and see which group this phrase REALLY should apply to. Winner gets the Title and Belt.

"In this corner (wearing the latest fashions from Hot Topic/Old Navy/Walmart) we have THE LDD's !
And in this corner (wearing clothes worn for months at a time) we have Anne Frank and her family !
Let's have a nice clean fight here."

(a gong sounds)

Round 1 - Housing

...and the LDD's come out swinging! Those that have to share an apartment or live in a school dorm are bemoaning the lack of privacy and smaller spaces. The Franks take it hard on the chin, having their own business and comfortable home in Amsterdam. The other LDD's with nice apartments/houses stand on the sidelines...cheering their mates. I do see the LDD's that still live with their shuffling back behind the others. I guess the strategy is to keep them fresh for later rounds. BUT WAIT...Ladies and Gentlemen! I have just received word that Margot Frank has been ordered to report to a labour camp, and faces arrest for non-compliance. The family takes a quick huddle and decides to go into hiding, in a secret room hidden in Otto's business. It appears they have heard about the nazi roundups/ghettos/deportations. They BREAK THE LAW and flee...becoming homeless. Piledriver to the LDD team! The LDD try to recover, citing right-winger blog posts and words of 'extermination' but the referees quickly agree that words are not the same as actions. And the first round ends with the gong.

Round 2 - Employment

...and the LDD's come out swinging! They cite discrimination in the work environment. The Franks seem to be holding their own...citing the same. It's toe-to-toe here right now. But then...OUT OF NOWHERE...the Franks mention that the only job they can get is at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp...while the LDDs can possibly work ANYWHERE. A Walmart. A Starbucks. A Waffle-house. A trucking company. Sunglass Hut. That's 5 quick jabs by the Franks. The referee breaks it up...blood is starting to flow. The ref wisely stops the pummelling. The gong ends round 2.

Round 3 - Ease of Access and Food

...and the LDD's come out swinging! They start with fear in the streets of war-torn USA (circa 2024). They mention bigotry, slander, hateful remarks, stares at the local "Whole Foods". The Franks take it all in stride...mentioning no access to food other than what sypathizers smuggle to them. Describing the booted military and soldiers, rifle and dog in hand every few blocks...demanding the correct paperwork or ID to simply walk down the street or enter an establishment in war-torn Europe (circa 1943-44) To be caught without such papers means a trip to the trainstation, onto a cattle-car...destination Auschwitz-Birkenau...for free showers or slow starvation, disease and death. The LDD cannot match this brutal onslaught. NO armed guards in the streets of the USA. NO mandatory roadblock checks for unsavory undesirables here. Apparently The LDD have a warped...if not psychotically unrealistic idea of what FEAR really means. The reverberating vibrations of the gong pierces the crowd...silencing the round

Final Round - Communication

Unfortunately the Frank family is murdered. No communication possible. Really. Reality.
All the LDD can do is post on Facebook, Twitter, and other forums...hoping for 'likes' and shows of support for their overbloated, imagined, horrific view of their world. Really. Unreality.

And the Winner is _____________________ !
I take it you've never had
1) your access to medicine legally challenge
2)your access to bathrooms legally challenged
3)your ability to exist in public spaces legally challenged
Unless you're saying nobody is allowed to be upset by politics ever unless its literally the holocaust.
Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on February 08, 2024, 10:01:57 PM
Quote from: Pergamos on February 08, 2024, 08:46:31 PMvery, I certainly don't condemn your choice, it's still a choice to support genocide.

Bullshit.  If I'm a vegetarian, and both candidates eat meat, voting for one of them isn't a choice to support meat-eating.

You select who to vote for based on the differences between the candidates, not what they have in common.  If you don't vote, then you're saying that the differences between them don't matter.

Let's say you have a choice between voting between two of the worst specimens of humanity, who have identical policies in almost every respect, but one will load the supreme court with judges who toss out Roe v. Wade, and the other wants to protect abortion rights.

If you don't vote, that would be a declaration that you don't support women's rights.  Nothing else. 

Nobody is going to pat you on the head and praise you for not voting for either of the two monsters when you sit back and let the worse monster win unimpeded. Not voting doesn't keep the monsters out, and it doesn't give you the moral high ground.  It makes you a moral coward.

You don't like the choices?  Do something about it after you've voted.  Or before.  But like the Würfel said, if you don't vote against the nazis, you voted for them.
Not the mention the fact that there is no way Trump wouldn't be worse for Palestine. He wouldn't even do the basic "please follow international law" shit, he'd let Palestine be leveled entirely.
Quote from: Finnius on February 08, 2024, 11:45:41 PMWhy even pay attention to politics in the first place? It's a game...a distraction. You cannot affect it. You cannot change it. You cannot be a true part of it unless you become it.

You might find a lot less stress in your life if you simply ignore all the external stimuli that is being forcibly pressed upon you. That's also part of the game.

Turn it off...turn it all off. The social media, the news, the phone, the tv. That is all virtual reality.

Be no part of it.
I don't think I can just ignore the fucking government and the laws they put in place
The ones that aren't right wing trolls will just dismiss any reason you have for not wanting the right wing death cult in power.
I bring up the fact that I'm trans and one party wants to fucking kill me, and I get accused of being a "bootlicker"...
Because I don't want to be banned from existing in public.

I get it, the dems aren't perfect, but what the fuck do people expect letting fascists win to do?

But the idea that letting queer folks and other minorities suffer more to help push the "revolution" forward (yes, that's what I've been told should happen) is bullshit. I'm not your fucking sacrificial lamb.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Share your Copypastas
December 10, 2023, 02:29:16 AM
I want Keanu Reaves to just fuck me up. That's right, I want Mr. Wholesome 100 himself to beat me within an inch of my fucking life. And I want him to do it in public. I want to be struggling to breath on the sidewalk in front of everyone's favorite celebrity. I want to be crying, gasping, and choking on my own vomit. This isn't a sex thing, it's not a joke, I just need this so fucking badly. Please, Mr. John Wick, just fucking brutalize me in front of a crowd.
Literate Chaotic / Share your Copypastas
December 10, 2023, 02:28:44 AM
Write new ones or share your favorites, preferably some less-used ones.
I'll start:

Zac Efron is so hot, I would let him kill me. And I don't mean in an erotic way. I mean with a gun. I want to be getting a coffee and casually run into him, maybe have a chat, and then BAM, he just shoots me right between the eyes, like someone slaughtering a cow.
And I don't want to see it coming. I want to fully believe that I will leave and go on with my day. It should be a lovely, perfectly normal encounter, perhaps seeming like the start of a new friendship, up until the moment he pulls the gun out. And I want it to be so quick, I have no chance of reacting–not a scream, or a flinch, or even a rush of adrenaline.
I want it to be a complete surprise as the bullet flies into my skull at point-blank. I want everyone to be frozen in shock as my body hits the floor. Nobody should be able to see it coming.
And I want him to smile as if nothing happened. I want him to act like he didn't just exterminate me in front of multiple witnesses. I want him to continue to be his charming self right next to my still-warm corpse.
I will do all that I can to save myself for Zac Efron's gun. I refuse to let anyone else touch my brain matter with their inferior bullets. Only one man's lead may penetrate my skull.
For the split second he's pulling out that gun, he'll be the hottest man on the planet. All of my life will have been leading up to this one glorious, orgasmic moment.
Oh fuck that would be hot.
Mentally not doing well. Relapsed into some bad habits again. Feeling like it should all just end again. wondering if I should even bother again.
Got out yesterday and had a decent time, though. Got shit done. I don't get time to myself often.
I'm out of my own head lately.
Disconnected, like I'm managing to drown internally. Sore from everything.
Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
November 08, 2023, 02:44:09 AM
A dying man finds a succubus who just wants a friend ):
Propaganda Depository / Heritage Action edits
October 17, 2023, 02:58:02 AM
So the Heritage Foundation is a  Right wing """"""think"""""" tank, and they have an "action" arm called Heritage Action. They provide "info" on issues and provide helpful tweets and images for loyal followers to post.
I think they could be a great source of propaganda edits.

I'm making my collection here:
Literate Chaotic / Radio week
September 15, 2023, 04:27:29 AM
23 different radios
With 23 different songs
5 days a week
With silence for the weekend
I used to be creative. I used to be bright. I used to have a FUTURE.
Is this what getting older feels like?
Maybe it's the medication, I've felt off since I've taken it. Or maybe that's just a shitty reason I'm using to cope with the fact that my brain is losing value, slowing down, going numb.
Maybe I'm just depressed because the world sucks, idk.
My mind is either uselessly racing or slow and numb.
I was supposed to get a psych, but they're expensive as hell and I was denied telehealth shit, so that's shit. Great.