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The people here were against me from my very first post.  They are close-minded.  I do not blame myself for the sad attitudes of close-minded people.  The Principia Discordia is full of nonsense.  The many books inspired by the Principia are also full of nonsense.  Therefore my nonsense beautifies the Principia.

Whether this is "popular" or not isn't relevant to me.  Religion is a personal thing.  Christianity failed because it is all about popularity and social control.  When people reject someone from the first post, and never question their own attitudes, it reflects internal problems and not the person they are rejecting.
Principia Discussion / Re: Eris in Astrology
January 02, 2024, 07:47:12 AM
The European Zodiac sort of begins between Cancer and Leo, being Sol and Luna, and flares out to Aquarius and Capricorn, both as Saturn.  There were 7 planets originally.  Maybe there were three planets originally (visible Mars Jupiter Saturn).  With Sol and Luna as giants, and Venus and Mercury are different.  The sciency visual does not line up with tradition.

What even is a goat fish?  Chariots are for crowd control.  Aquarius is a food slave, Virgo is an arranged marriage.  They eat crabs, fishes, rams, cows.  They believe in centaurs. 
Principia Discussion / Re: Eris in Astrology
January 02, 2024, 07:39:36 AM
The Zodiac is literally the most mainstream occult knowledge.  It lost relevance thousands of years ago.  Astrologers will do just about anything and lost connection to occult traditions a long time ago.  I think of Eris in the modern sense as a fast lightweight thing in contrast to slow order.  I think I would rather Planet Eris be Aneris, and both Phebos and Demos be renamed Eris.  Somehow calculating the slow against the two fast items. 
Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
January 02, 2024, 07:24:17 AM
The time of normal people is now January 1st 2024.

I declare closure of the holiday Year 23 Imperitivae.

ỿꬴᶏꭉ 23 ᶖꬺꝕꬴꭉᶖȶᶖⱱᶏꬴ
Of Astrology, the Season of Aftermath is like Saturn, Jupiter, and Luna.

Saturn in the European sense because Saturn connects to destroyed things.
Jupiter in the Chinese sense of Wood element and forest,
Luna being about animals rather than people, as suggested by Turkmenbashi.

Aftermath like abandoned city, destroyed, ruins, the TV show Life After People.
The Season of the Aftermath reigneth over most items of the flea market ,
and therefore is auspicious to the Collectors of Garbage.

AFM , like an AM FM radio
after the conformist system runs out of paper and loses meaningful revelance
Now all polkas cost $1. Now impoverished people can learn Sumerian glyphs from the Internet's.
Like an astrological house that occupies one out of five time peroids,
but instead of astrology it is numerology!  Discordianism honors and creates numerology.
Because astrology loses relevance in the event of space travel, but numerology remains.
Principia Discussion / Re: ITT: Famous Last Words
December 03, 2023, 09:06:54 AM
nσtícє thє usα mílítαrч nαmєd thєír sσuth kσrєαn míssílє вαttєrч sчstєm "thααd"
Principia Discussion / Re: Merry Fucking Maladay
December 03, 2023, 08:59:45 AM
๓ץ ςยггєภt เ๔єค ๏Ŧ ๔เรς๏г๔เคภ ђ๏lเ๔คץ เร ๏ภє ยภเt ๏Ŧ ๔гยﻮ คภ๔ ๏ภє ยภเt ๏Ŧ ςгץקt๏ﻮгคקђץ
เ ค๓ lเﻮђtฬєเﻮђt ๒ยt เ tђเภк ςђค๏ร гєlเﻮเ๏ภ เร ๏ภ tђє รђค๓คภเς รєςt๏г ๏Ŧ гєคlเtץ
гєςгєคtเ๏ภคl ςгץקt๏ﻮгคקђץ ς๏ภภєςtร t๏ ภย๓єг๏l๏ﻮเรt รєภเ๒เlเtเєร
เ ςєlє๒гคtє tђє tє๒ Ŧเאє๔ ђ๏lเ๔คץร คภ๔ tђเภк ๏Ŧ tђє รєשєภtץ tђгєє ๔คץ ςץςlє คร ๏ภє ץєคг ยภเt
ђคเl єгเร
Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
December 03, 2023, 08:43:30 AM
the letter lowercase L , like an ancient tally , here used for seasonal time:

chs lll lllll lllll lllll lllll
dsc lllll lll lllll lllll lllll
cfn lllll lllll lll lllll lllll
bcy lllll lllll lllll lll lllll
afm lllll lllll lllll lllll lll
Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
December 03, 2023, 08:40:14 AM
and on the subject , d ification , why actually isn't this lolcats ?
Perhaps because this forum existed before the internets did that,
but sweetmorns and random memes are very similar flavors.   :fap:
I think this forum could and should have a section that self-erases after five pages,
maintaining an ever-constant state of dumb creation. 

Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
December 03, 2023, 08:35:05 AM
why are random garble scripts desirable?

because barbarous words
because zwack cypher
because appendages
because the wall is silent
because graffiti

Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
December 03, 2023, 08:19:59 AM
Instead of me fucking off,
how about you fuck off off howl 
i will have you know that i am a navy seal
Principia Discussion / Re: Local 73rd Hermits Cabal
December 03, 2023, 08:17:42 AM
[ curse fraudulence null ] , That name is awesome.  I don't know if the legalist aspect is relevant, beacuse of disregard for the authority of the state over church.

To be honest, I have been off and on forums decades ago, this is my first forum in years.  To encounter prejudice at the first is weird, but whatever.  Previous forums almost always had pointless fighting and meat-jockeying over who is the biggest baddest nerd typing on a screen hidden somewhere.  Sometimes I would find myself in admin positions and sometimes I would be on the outskirts.  It is irritating being treated as an enemy by Discordians, considering a lifetime of devotion to Eris.  Though it is also irrelevant because religion not organized.

As per your bragging, I support your Biblical project, and I would like to see your languages.  I have a knowledge of the Torah but not of the Zohar.  I tend to think of Hebrew Kabalah as crypto-Shia.  After Discordianism, being the creation of DIY religion, it is easy to trace the origins of Torah religion, via Moses and Ezekiel. 

As for both ancient Eris and modern Eris.  The ancient world was much different from the modern world.  Modern Eris as presented by the Principia Discordia, by RA Wilson, and by other authors is totally disconnected from ancient Eris.  Why even mention LSD?  The Principia claims to have been written in 1957, continued during the 1960s, and the location seems to be San Francisco.  For any religion to trace its origins to the hippie era of California is an honor!  But ancient Eris, who might also be Ares and Iris, eating eyeballs and stuff,  isn't somebody like the authors of the Principia, or like the devotees of Discordianism.  Wicca has similar problems, where the ancient gods being slowly refurbished are different from the enduser.  Ancient Hecate is different from modern Hecate.
also about mantras, something about one-syllable words ending in a vowel. 

One syllable words are for intonation without trying too much pronounciation.  The vowel at the end is so an individual can hold the note for a long time, trail off, and zone out. 

a Hare Krishna mantra being a permutation of words. 
"hare krishna , krishna hare , krishna krishna , hare hare"  01 10 11 00

Adapted to Discordianism, both Eris and Discord as words do not end in vowels with this mantra scheme.  Therefore more one-syllable words ending in vowels , two syllable words with both syllables endings in vowels , are required as materials for creating new mantras.