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The ones that aren't right wing trolls will just dismiss any reason you have for not wanting the right wing death cult in power.
I bring up the fact that I'm trans and one party wants to fucking kill me, and I get accused of being a "bootlicker"...
Because I don't want to be banned from existing in public.

I get it, the dems aren't perfect, but what the fuck do people expect letting fascists win to do?

But the idea that letting queer folks and other minorities suffer more to help push the "revolution" forward (yes, that's what I've been told should happen) is bullshit. I'm not your fucking sacrificial lamb.
Literate Chaotic / Share your Copypastas
December 10, 2023, 02:28:44 AM
Write new ones or share your favorites, preferably some less-used ones.
I'll start:

Zac Efron is so hot, I would let him kill me. And I don't mean in an erotic way. I mean with a gun. I want to be getting a coffee and casually run into him, maybe have a chat, and then BAM, he just shoots me right between the eyes, like someone slaughtering a cow.
And I don't want to see it coming. I want to fully believe that I will leave and go on with my day. It should be a lovely, perfectly normal encounter, perhaps seeming like the start of a new friendship, up until the moment he pulls the gun out. And I want it to be so quick, I have no chance of reacting–not a scream, or a flinch, or even a rush of adrenaline.
I want it to be a complete surprise as the bullet flies into my skull at point-blank. I want everyone to be frozen in shock as my body hits the floor. Nobody should be able to see it coming.
And I want him to smile as if nothing happened. I want him to act like he didn't just exterminate me in front of multiple witnesses. I want him to continue to be his charming self right next to my still-warm corpse.
I will do all that I can to save myself for Zac Efron's gun. I refuse to let anyone else touch my brain matter with their inferior bullets. Only one man's lead may penetrate my skull.
For the split second he's pulling out that gun, he'll be the hottest man on the planet. All of my life will have been leading up to this one glorious, orgasmic moment.
Oh fuck that would be hot.
Propaganda Depository / Heritage Action edits
October 17, 2023, 02:58:02 AM
So the Heritage Foundation is a  Right wing """"""think"""""" tank, and they have an "action" arm called Heritage Action. They provide "info" on issues and provide helpful tweets and images for loyal followers to post.
I think they could be a great source of propaganda edits.

I'm making my collection here:
Literate Chaotic / Radio week
September 15, 2023, 04:27:29 AM
23 different radios
With 23 different songs
5 days a week
With silence for the weekend
Literate Chaotic / The Internet
September 10, 2023, 12:11:21 AM
The internet is the fish of the masses.
What does that mean?
Something deep.
Not really.
Random shit I make and will probably keep adding to if I want to, mostly pics and posters.
Spread it if you want to. It's yours. It's ours. It's everyone's.
But only if you want to. I guess you still could if you didn't want to, I can't really stop you.

anyway here is this really tiny ass cat gif, which maybe you also want to share or not idk
In a trance in which I was connected to the higher plane of existence (which coincidentally only happens when I smell that lovely Gorilla Glue in the tool chest), I communed with Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, the most holy. It was then I had an Epiphany:
"Is devotion to a Goddess of Chaos in itself anti-chaos? Does devotion to a figurehead not imply an order, a hierarchy of some sort?"
Her voice filled my mind, and her words echoed in my very being:
"Ok you fucking loser"
After throwing up 2 times in the bathtub and 3 more times in front of my couch, I realized that I must spread these words of wisdom.
Surely, they must resonate with wise scholars such as yourselves. 
Literate Chaotic / Don't think, just type
August 30, 2023, 04:35:53 AM
Just type. Don't think about it. Just let whatever words spill out onto the page as they please.
Will it reveal something about yourself? Will it be insightful? Perhaps. Probably not, honestly, but it will be fun, trust me.

Try to be the faggot in the room. Don't be the god. I can't  fucking do this and I won't try and to be gone is to go. I don't have what it takes to reach the sun until it stops. Just do this and don't. I dontl. I don't. I tdonnnnnn I don't.  God is the open in the sky, I see the hole and I don't get it. I eye and yearn. I don't stop until it's done and then I go and go and go and go home and home is gone and this is jgone and this jis the revenge of the hole. I don't get into the mom. I see the your and the you're and the lolololololololj. Hahaha i Idon't I donl't IT dont. god is the mistake in the window and this is the  truth . Trap me inot the yard and the feet and the meter and the olden days of nothing.

For this is the old and the nold and the into and the intro to hte happy god. I am the gold and the youth and the old and ghteeh. 11111111 and the second and the 789988978978978978978907 and the youth and the hole and tits and god and beer.
The ghost is the hole in the vivivn and ghost and goats and hjoljjllj and the olples and  theopl theoplle and poeple and pope and  the opolol pope of  the olholhol and then it is the hen. The end of the ghost and reaaaaaaal and the hoouse in the meadow. scrath the old and the ulllllllll and dull and olplololol poop iiiiillllll bitch I'm sorry. Uldddddddd and the Nashville shooters in the windows and insane and the roof of the sky and the ghost in the real aaaaaaaaaaa. I scaream andndndndndnndndndndndnnd jthe jfd ghosts in ultimate power if it hurts and hurt and hurts you and hurt me again I don't want to do it unltil you hurt me again.
Not today and acid on the weekend. I don't speak inside of me. I want you to fuck me until this roof fucking dies. Only the oldest of the clan can be married to the oldest of the old of the eldest. I don't want you . I want yol. I iiiiiiiiiii mom and you and dad and the dog and the fucking baby in the chair over there shut the fuck up.

888000800800976809786 reasons to be inside of you right now. I don't need you to tell me what you want I want it. I want it now i woannnnnnnnnn and moan and want and jump and junk. I don't see how this is real I just want you to fucking die and kil me first. I want a penny. I want thooooooooooooooooooooooooo and eeee andndndndndndndnndnd hoenohkonoohohonoh9onoh., 999998 and nothing. I jdjddjdjdjdjdjdj ljkljlkj ouioljk and the nI szream and you yell and then we die and get to hell and hiiiiiii and get aid and die again and agian and agian and aigaiiiiiiijn nanfjjjjj.

jon and the old girl in the window. I donl'jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj trump is in the yard and ghosts are in the head of the state. Intro and outro and inonononon and inuendeo and trees in the house. I your and me and you and his and her and thejieheheheheheheheheheh laugh all you want fujcker I dono't care anymore. Just keep fucking going you hwhohhhhhhhh whore heartles sslut and the lost cause of the ghosts.

Hold me and then hold me and then hold me and fuck cuck fuck cuck fuck nonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nno great and holed and holjed and mold moley holdelllllllllll lholdle dhooolllllllll;llllllllllllll. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck reeeeeeeetreata aaare you ok no no nononionohononoonononononono whore you whore I don't work here.

don't srop fucker, i said don't stop don't sotpppppppppp sop sop sop sop haha just go and go and go and go and go and hold me and go and go and leave and ghost and lolololol please shut the ghost and the hole and the reeeteeereererer whatever the fuck you are and me and I am am am amamamamamamamammamamam mom is the hitch in the nonce and the most of the time aof aof aof arf wollf woof fuck the trees and the wsky and the old and the old and and anddndnnandadnadnadnadnaldn nada nothing fuck dont' dssoppppppppp stjop sopt sotp sjopssojtopsjfkl jadsklfjkldj aklfdsjklafj dklj bitch I dont' love you.

open wide and see inside and the yournel of the cornel of the jon is inside. Most of us don't care unless you be a fucking hot mess in the toiilet. Hah. Don't fucking stare at me your fucking whore i will fucking kill myself and your dog. dog goes woof. Don't fucking see me unless you're bllind. I don't dare you to do this andndndnd you don't fucking go away I fuck your mother inside of the wendy's. Hah. That's fucking the joke. The johnny walrus is the ghost in the host of the jojojojojojojojojo. Tha's fos fucking fine and all but hahahaha I dxon't let you go inside of me unless you are the pope and that's hard to do.

Like and the fingerblast of the last century in the jojojojojojojo no don't fucking hurt me I swear I will love the penis in the volvo. I am the one and the only and the one and the onel and the one and the polplol[ and poles in the youth and the lost of the loss and the preacccccccccckckc whatevder  the fuck that is and the old.

I hope you enjoyed my keyboard finger-blasting.
Literate Chaotic / Cychosis
June 29, 2023, 10:33:19 PM
Each vein attached to another wire,
Each wire attached to an electronic playground.

Mass connection,
Connected masses.

Mental inter-connectivity with digital symbology
Open artifacts of clicking and whirring
Integration of the whole

There is a god here
Literate Chaotic / The Meaning
June 29, 2023, 07:43:24 PM
I know you're trying to find meaning in this absurd tangle,
the tangle of wires and yarn,
Of words and symbology,

But have you considered that the meaning is the meaninglessness?
The point is the pointlessness,
The gibberish is the message.

The Heavens open and reveal a scripture of nonsense,
Psalms of incoherence,
Holy Books of random noise
The Deities of ignorant knowledge our their wisdom,
Wisdom of nothingness,
Wisdom of scribbles and screams
Bring and Brag / I am Falling
June 28, 2023, 04:15:28 AM

Inspired by Serial Experiments Lain because I think it's really cool
#12 machine are just really great tools, especially for kopyleft content and the like.
Also, reminder to ARCHIVE YOUR SHIT. The fuckers running the machine don't give a shit about preservation and will let shit get lost forever to save a few bucks.

Anyway, here's cool shit from, Hail Eris, Ave Discordia, and go fuck youself.


reading and printables ALL POSTERS POST POSTS -printable Hands of Eris


Videos 2323232323232323 Profane Propane

Share more things, please. I wanna see them. Please.
Aneristic Illusions / The Privilege of Individuality
April 19, 2023, 03:50:07 PM
Since coming out, I've noticed something which was only exacerbated by the Covenant School shooting:
I lost the right to be an individual.

I'm held accountable for the actions of complete strangers.
We were treated like we all had blood on our hands because we shared one common trait (in my case, more than one) with a single shooter.
I'm trans first, a person later.
At it's worse, I was suicidal, and thought that maybe offing myself wouldn't be bad because some trans autist dying would make people happy after one of them killed a bunch of kids.

I know this has happened to other groups throughout history, I know I'm not the first, but fuck.
Or Kill Me / I'll be a Dart Frog
March 08, 2023, 06:04:30 AM
I have learned that I am not a person
I am merely a collection of buzzwords.
I have no mind or thoughts,
I am simply a societal poison.

Well then, I shall poison
I will be as the dart frog,
Poisoning only absolute fools
Who dare to strike at me


(I know it's shit, It's 1 am and I can't sleep, AND THE GODDAMN NEIGHBORS WON'T SHUT UP)

Propaganda Depository / The best way to Memebomb?
March 01, 2023, 06:40:07 PM
We have an archive of well over 6,000 memebombs (and growing, because I fucking love writing them), but what do we do with them?
What is the best way to spread them? There's always the classic bathroom graffiti, but what about adapting to the visual age?

How do we "evoke a mental charge, ripple, or spiral" in as many people as possible?
The closest I currently see to "memebombs" being spread are Twitter accounts like like this: (these could arguably be considered memebombs, but I'm not sure)

Any ideas?
I'd also love to see your favorite memebombs.
There's nothing left for the bleeding aristocrats here.
We can meet the end, naked and screaming, or we can suffer.
Collect rusty quarters to level up!
Like the Universe, this sentence cannot be stricken from ever existing.
Literate Chaotic / "For Discordia" (Title Pending)
March 01, 2023, 06:05:54 PM
I'm working on a bit of a project. It's a bunch of poems, phrases, memebombs, and ramblings meant to embody Discordianism.

Here are a few bits from it
Stay in school AND do drugs for an extra SPICY education!

Their insistence on SOULLESS CONFORMITY;

In her infinite wisdom,
Revealed to me another name;

Baskets of teeth are not the world's currency
Perhaps, one day, we shall rectify this

These are just a few. I like to use the surrealist method of automatism and free-writing.
Bring and Brag / Neon-Vomit-Colored beating heart
February 28, 2023, 02:29:52 AM

A discolored heart.
Why does it matter?
It's sick.
It's dying.
Let it go.
It has nothing left for you.