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Or Kill Me / The Grayface letters - #1
« on: March 02, 2007, 10:58:11 am »
(Recently the shadow organization know as HIMEOBS, during some clandestine operation, came upon a cache of documents that circulated among the Greyface. These documents detail tips and tactics used by their operatives to disrupt and destroy the Erisian Front and the RU. Though HIMEOBS will not reveal their motives, I can only assume these document were turned over to me to circulate here. If I suddenly stop posting, I was wrong.)

ATTN: All Grayface Commanders

From: Supreme Commander of Western Forces

             The series of documents you will be receiving over the next few weeks will be detailing some of the tactics that you were not taught at the academy. As you know, we have most of the general population under complete control. With positive signs, such as the rise in obesity, the fear of terrorism, and the continued high rating of American Idol, it's easy to see that we are winning this war. Most of the people have no idea we even exist, so keeping them collared has been easy.
              Our problem is not the general population, however. We have amongst the blinded masses a few groups that seek to expose and end our iron control. Groups like the Discordians. The Subgenii. Buddists. Freethinkers who wish to quit buying our goods, and slaving in our fields. Aestetic saints who cast off our chains. These types are the reason you've been tapped. The popularity and convienience of the internet has the Freethinker fire buring out of control. Right now as you read this, another young man is being taught that he might not need a sixty dollar T-shirt.
               Tactics used on regular people can be quite ineffectual against a Freethinker. They see the chains and are actively casting them off, and worse yet, spreading their ideas of freedom and individualism. You are going to need to work harder, and be more subversive than ever to subdue this crowd. Luckily a Freethinker is still an ape. He still has an ape brain and ape needs. Therefore, with a bit of tweeking, our tactics can prevail.

Angle 1- Consumerism: 3 F's

A. Food- Freethinkers eat and drink like everyone else. A number of them have master a concept called "Eat to live, not live to eat." This principle could be crippling to our fast food industries. Try and use their ideas against them. An example would be to say Dr. Pepper has 23 flavors to entice Discordians. Peppering a food label with words like "natural" and "bio-friendly" will seduce any hippie.

B. Fashion- Any movement has it's uniform, and clothes in general are an unavoidable fact of life. One instance here is charging fifty dollars for a smelly wool hippie hoody. Hot Topic has been our base of operations in this department for a while now, but some branching out needs to be done. Punks and metalheads aren't the only people that wear clothes.

C. Fun- Our primary tactic here has been to bottleneck the public into a mindless cycle. We attempt to hold down anything good or educational. Independant films and music must be kept in the shadows through intense marketing of our brainwash programs. While things like Clerks and NOFX slip out, we've managed to keep the world drowned in romantic comedies and boy bands. Television has been taken over by making the good channels cost far too much for an average person to own. This keeps then tuned into E!.

We hope these ideas will get you started. There will be more to come.
Stay strong.
Stay Gray.

Or Kill Me / My War
« on: February 28, 2007, 07:53:03 am »
Warning: Radical ideas ahead...

Sorry guys, I turned the TV on tonight.

I just watched a bit of Daily Show and was made privy to a developing story somewhere in the Mid-West. You see, a Muslim group out there is trying to build a mosque, school, and community center on a small piece of land in the middle of a white Christian neighboorhood. The whites there do not want this to happen. They site many reasons, including A. the land is too small for the project, B. they don't want to look at the golden dome, C. they don't want to hear the call to prayer every 3 hours. They stated it was not because they were Muslim, but it is simply a conflict of interest.
To protest they have been having pig races on the border of the proposed site. If you know Muslims, you know they aren't crazy about pigs.

As the story wore on, i was reminded of the gut wretching experience of seeing Borat. Funny? Yes. Disturbing? Goddess, Yes! As the movie progressed you could see the contempt that many Americans across the country have for, well, anyone not like them. The gays were the most discriminated against, and at one point a man basically suggested stuffing them in concentration camps.

Jon Stewart guest was John Amechi, a gay former-NBA player. We were all reminded by the comments made by Tim Hardaway (if you follow sports contraversy). His feelings were much like many: Kill those gays!

The thing that sticks out are not the big points, but the subtleties. I can hear "I don't want them in school with my boy," but what stands out to me is those eyes. Those evil hate-filled eyes. I can sympathize with not wanting a mosque near my home. They have loud prayer calls, traffic will increase, more people around. I know about these issues because I live down the street from a Catholic church. Loud bells, they take the parking, they block the streets. The difference is the eyes. I don't want a mosque because I don't want a bunch of people who follow a stupid religion cluttering my neighborhood. They don't want a mosque because they see Muslims as genuinely lesser people. Their sick, irrational hate oozes out of their eyes, and it sickens me.

It's not just TV and movies. I've been around the world, and i've seen those eyes all over. I'm a first hand witness. I've seen those eyes pointed at gays, and the blacks, and latinos, the muslims, asians. Those eyes have fixed on me, be it my poor looking clothing or my tattoos. My long hair or white skin. I've felt the eyes of disgust for being a "race traitor."

Here we have the basis for My War.

There are a number of varied political viewpoints here. We have advocates for Socailism, and we have Libertarians. We have Communist and Anarchist. I don't have much use for these titles. I used to wonder "what should the balance between freedom and equality be?" Would Libertarian freedom really set us free? Is a Marxist society a Utopia?
Short answer: I have no idea.

What I do know though, is that lynching a man because he likes dick is wrong. Evil. I've always felt morality is relative, but here I take my stand. I genuinely believe that these types of people are a detriment to any good society. This is the one thing that I will fight against. This is my one man jihad against all these bigotted motherfucks.
Unfortunatly I do not have the means to fight a full scale convential war against the neo-nazis and the KKK. What I do have is my tactics. The "anti-bigot boogeyman" we could say.
My form letter?:
Dear Bigot,
You may have noticed that I took the liberty of slashing your tires and putting a brick through your windshield. The psychological and financial pain you are feeling reflects the pain you have put others through during your years of bigotted discrimination. Perhaps it is time to rethink your life.
I know where you live,
White like you.
(or black, or straight, or whatever to drive it home)

Others write songs discouraging racism. People hold marches to promote gay right or open racial dialogue.
I am not an artist.
I am a soldier.
Prepare for war.

Or Kill Me / Let's take a walk!
« on: February 26, 2007, 04:10:30 pm »
I would like to invite anyone willing to come take a walk with me. A guided tour of a day in the life of a madman.

Madman? I'll let you judge. Some seem to think so. I have my doubts.

Generally the beginnings of my days have me fleshing out what happened last night, and what is going to happen later today. This means first checking the Weather Channel. Two minutes into my weather inquiry, and already I am frustrated. Why? Because in two minutes i've seen three commercials for the Weather Channel, and no temperature. I can't specifically condemn them though. The History Channel runs ads for Dogfights, during Dogfights. Just last night I saw an ad for Family Guy at 11. It was 10:57. My, what short attention spans they must think we have.

Next I check the news and hope for the worst. Perhaps society collapsed while I slept... No such luck. What I am privy to are some gripping pieces about American Idol and what Barrack Obama looks like in his swimsuit. Occasionally they break things up and show a little about the car bombs that killed more innocent people, but not too much. I'd hate for them to clutter things up in case a celebrity drinks and drives. Those bombing stories only embolden the terrorists anyway. Maybe society is collapsing after all...

Seeing as how the status quo is being nicely protected for me by Bill O'reilly, I decide to take my daily walk. This is a time for me to put on tunes, and block out the world for a little while. Thing is, every now and then, something sticks out and ruins it for me. Today it is a sign. The sign is on a mini-van and it read: "Caution: Show Dogs on Board". My pulse raises. I begin to think "Today is the day I go to prison." These yuppy fuckers have extended our prissy sub-urban class system to dogs now. "Baby on Board" is one thing, but a dog? A useless dog at that. A sick, sad, shell of a wolf that has been stripped of it's balls and forced to prance around for the amusement of pretentious assholes that like feeling up dogs for "sport".

Being in a funk this particular day, I decide that I need to gain some rage to get in a good workout. Nothing brews it up like some more TV. I go straight to the bowels of TV hell: MTV and E!. These channels show me the nausiating heights of hypocricy. MTV swings first with a great commercials about how I fund the war and destroy the environment with my dependance on foreign oil. If only I would go buy a hybrid, life would be set right. This is, of course, followed by a rap video which features Hummer, Escilades, and private jets, all funded by robbery and acts of urban terrorism (or so they want us to think). They then tell me if I give ten dollars a week I can help obliterate hunger in Africa. This is promptly followed by a spoiled 16 year old girl getting a birthday party for the low low price of 60 G's. If torturing spoiled little brats saved Ethiopians, I would surely take a stab at humanitarianism (pun intended).
The E! network runs a show about how fashion magazines make it impossible for young women to meet the beauty standards of our society. They condemn these high standards for making millions of girls Bulemic. Littered through it are ads for the Girls Next Door and Dr. 90210. I guess if your going to try and look like a Playboy model, surgery, not starvation, is the answer.

After a good rage filled workout I try to read, but my concentration is shattered. Those fucking show dogs are in my head. I think I know what Berkowitz was screaming about now. "Keep it together, man." I turn the TV back on. Oh Fuck. Fox News is on. O'reilly chastizes a girl for having pink hair. AHHHH. Couldn't get the remote fast enough. When I do it flips to CNN. Dammit. A law in Michigan is going to be used to hook a man. There is an old little known law that says you can get life in prison for cheating on your wife. I stifle back vomit and instead of hitting back I hit up on the remote. Back to O'reilly. Now he is trying to get a judge to explain why he thought a rapist should get only a year of probation. I'm proud of Bill for once, but thinking of that and the life sentence for adultry is too much.

Time to search the internets for some lulz. Please take away the pain. I go onto Myspace knowing the risks, but hoping for a message from a friend. No luck. What I do get,is an army of waste. I cringe everytime I click on a profile and under books it says: "Hee, Hee, What are books." Under TV it undoubtedly says Grey's Anatomy in an effort to say, "I'm retarded, but watching a soap opera set in a hospital shows I want to appear smart enough to land a man." I am amazed when I see a guy acting hard on Myspace. Noone sent him the memo that say having a Myspace makes you incurably weak and ineffectual. Good luck with your ghetto look.
Not wanting to spend too much time hating everyone, I look for some lulz in the troll department. I check out the trusty Encyclopedia Dramatica and am floored. Someone wrote them saying that My Chemical Romance isn't emo... they're... get this... punk. Jesus... Punk...

On and on this goes. Day after day bombarded by Blackberry commercial and news stories about Anna Nicole. Head on, Verizon, cutting education budgets, Mel Gibson, AT&T, it goes on. Life is a never ending commercial.

Did I go mad? Am I insane due to too much or not enough of some chemical?   "Have my years of wild hedonism finally caught up with me?"(-Lela)
Or am I just seeing things as one of the few rational people left?
Am I wearing those glasses from "They Live"?
You guys see it right?
Am I walking alone?

Or Kill Me / State of a Union(?)
« on: February 06, 2007, 06:01:53 pm »
This is my State of the Union Address for the Revolutionary Underground.

The RU (Revolutionary Underground, for retards that couldn't figure that out), is what I call any number of people, from any number of counter/subcultures, that are working to change this world for the better. By better, I of course mean what they think is best. To my knowledge, concensus on better hasn't been reached, but we shall get to this later.
Groups typically involved in this are the punks, the hippies, the left-wing intellectuals, the hip-hop set, any number of autonamous survivalist groups/cults. The list is hard to make because the RU is people looking for change. There are many punks who simply like green hair and spikes. No revolution there. No problem, not everyone is cut out for that sort of thing.
This is when things get weird though. Who is up for a change? Who are our leaders? In what direction is this revolution headed? When I look back to the sixties and their hippies, I saw an agenda, a direction, no plan to speak of, but they were trying. What about today?
Let me tell you what I see. I see a bunch of hippies that identify with no message. They take their drugs, they wear smelly oil, they put on itchy hoodies, they smile.
They do not protest. No marches, no letters, no message. A concert isn't a mode of change, it's a fucking social club. You meet other worthless individuals with whom you can go into your van, and slowly kill the last remnants of the old hippy way.
A social club?
Let's talk punk. What do I see? It's a fashion show. "People think my Dead Kennedys coat is cooler than your vintage Ramones T-shirt." Conventional haircuts and popular music not allowed here. You like NOFX and the Dropkick Murphys? Congrats! You've just become too mainstream. You didn't follow the rules, no revolution for you. You aren't punk enough for it. Get out of here.
Go to college.
Become the left-wing intellectual. Not punk now. You listen to independant music, but you wear conventional clothes. You aren't a drunken slob now. You put on your avant guarde black box frames and listen to Guided by Voices, until you are eventually devoured by the machine. It hurts less when you go willingly.
What the point of this bashing?
Comparison. In all these instances I see two things. The first obvious one is the circle jerk fashion show that all of these cultures are. With so much effort spent accessorizing your outfits, it leaves little time for change. With a mind so focused on getting tail, subversion becomes a significantly smaller portion of your day. The point of the movement has dissolved, and they have devolved into the same corporate whores they claim to hate. They breathe in smoke from a Newport, and breathe out hate for lobbiest, and poison selling corporations. They hate Paris Hilton for being a slave to fashion, but won't be caught dead without their green hair in a perfect mohawk. They swing at a machine they cannot see, all the while tightening their collars.
How could they take those collars off? Perhaps with a little help from a brother.
Uh-oh. That dosen't fly. A punk won't help a hippy. He's not sure why. It was in a song somewhere. Urban-boy won't help out the privledged college boy. "Let his daddy's money help him out. I've got my own problems." Round and round they go. The same agenda on the tip of their tounge, but their fashions won't allow it.
I cringe when I see a rapper thank Dr. King for his sacrifices to promote equality, then walk off stage and get into a fight in which he uses the word faggot no less than 30 times.
Alienation. "They agree with our message, but they're not cool enough." It's the knife in the heart of the RU.
So my State of the Union can be summed up simply-
Fashion took the place of a message; ego took the place of progress.

I sum this up with a thought towards progress. What I think everyone needs is a fat dose of cyanide - for their ego. Instead of complaining that the oil company is fleecing you, walk to the store. Sure the oil company is still fleecing you, we'll get to that. In the meantime though stop being a slave. Don't bitch about how cigarettes cost too much, and it's unfair to smokers; quit smoking. Don't talk to me about a lack of educational opportunities; go to the library, pick up a fucking book. All your problems will still be there, but you will be moving to eliminate them.
The leash you put on yourself is much tighter than the one your corporate master has on you. Truth is, you break your leash, theirs dosen't matter. Because without the clutter of your fashions and preconceptions, you'll be ready for the revolution.

Ready to break your own chains?

Might I suggest our fine BIP section?

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