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Principia Discussion / Have a Convivial Confuflux!
July 15, 2024, 01:12:28 PM
Today is the 50th day of the Season of Confusion in the YOLD 3190, and time to celebrate Confuflux, the Season's Holiday.

Yes, that ol' Hodge/Podge, Yin/Yang thing is happening again. The seeds of Bureaucracy are quickening in the soil of Confusion, and the times they are a changin'. So, consider doing something different today from what most Discordians here do on most of our Wholly Holy Season Holidays.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
This is news I wanted to know about the incident:

"Donald Trump rally shooting live: Killed suspect was registered Republican"

Here's the link to this article:      TSF's Shooting Suspect Was a Registered Republican
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
July 14, 2024, 03:24:54 AM
Quote from: Bobby Campbell on July 01, 2024, 06:16:29 PM

I don't know ... that's a really hard choice for me to make. Could you just give me a 'time out' while I'm thinking it over?
Quote from: Q. G. Pennyworth on July 13, 2024, 07:53:23 PMFuck that, go and do it anyway. The FSM people pass the religious sniff test and they have half the history and documentation we do.

Well ... as near as I can tell, the Church of the FMS was last successfully, politically active in Florida in 2013, as per the following link:    Florida Capitol's Holiday Display Now Includes A Spaghetti Monster

And, in spite of their inferior pedigree, they were also politically active in Alaska last year, as per the following link:    Church of the FSM - CATEGORY ARCHIVES: EVANGELISM

So, do you know of any Discordian cabals in Florida who are politically active in the Resistance, and might appreciate some support? Personally, I'm unaware of any Discordian cabals at all in my own state.
Quote from: Sophia the Altered on July 13, 2024, 05:23:43 AMDo you think us Eristocrats can volunteer as well?  :)  :fnord:

Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C., proclaimed, "We Discordians must all stick apart."

So, we as individuals can certainly volunteer. But, being the decentralized religion that we are, and the condition we are in, I don't expect to see any 'boots on the ground,' as would be the case with organized resistance cells.     

Hail Eris!
Enterprising tech entrepreneurs have once again done their market research, listened to customers' feedback, etc., and developed the hardware and software to fill another 'market need.' And, what makes this really special is the use of an identification scanner and facial recognition software!

"Bullets being sold out of vending machines in some U.S. grocery stores"

As per this article:

"A company has installed computerized vending machines to sell ammunition in grocery stores in Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas, allowing patrons to pick up bullets along with a gallon of milk.

American Rounds said their machines use an identification scanner and facial recognition software to verify the purchaser's age and are as "quick and easy" to use as a computer tablet. But advocates worry that selling bullets out of vending machines will lead to more shootings in the U.S., where gun violence killed at least 33 people on Independence Day alone.

The company maintains the age-verification technology means that the transactions are as secure, or more secure, than online sales, which may not require the purchaser to submit proof of age, or at retail stores, where there is a risk of shoplifting."

Here's the link to this article:      Ammunition Now Available in Vending Machines

Yes, thanks to 'Merican entrepreneurial spirit, another redneck wet dream has achieved reality!
I've never taken any interest in Satanism, and never taken it seriously, as it's always struck me as being an unimaginative religion. But, I do have to give credit where credit is due. These guys are a force in the Resistance. 

"Satanists in Florida offer to fill school counselor roles after DeSantis law"

As per this article:

"Florida Satanists are volunteering to fill school counselor roles after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a law allowing religious chaplains into public schools amid staffing shortages.

"Nothing in the text of the bill serves to exclude us, and no credible interpretation of the First Amendment could. Should a school district now choose to have chaplains, they should expect Satanists to participate as well," Lucien Greaves, cofounder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, said in a statement to The Hill on Monday.

Back when DeSantis signed the bill in April, he described Satanism as "not a religion" and said its members would not be allowed to participate in the program.
But Greaves said the governor "openly lied to the public" regarding the situation.

"Either entirely ignorant of the most basic fundamentals of constitutional law, or too incompetent to care, DeSantis fails to recognize that it is not the place of the government to confer unique rights to one religious identity while denying them to another," he said."

Here's the link to this article:      The Satanic Resistance Strikes Back
Quote from: hooplala on June 24, 2024, 09:13:52 PMWalter was largely based on filmmaker John Milius.

Personally, I think he is making up all the Nam stuff.

According to Wikipedia, John Milius wanted to join the Marines and fight in Vietnam, but was rejected because of asthma.

So, yeah, all of the 'Nam stuff must have come from remembering the war stories of returning veterans he had met.
Bring and Brag / Re: Favorite Sentences Megathread
June 22, 2024, 06:26:29 PM
"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."
- Attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propagandist, without definitive authentication. 

However, this 'philosophy' has been wholeheartedly adopted by a major political movement within the US of A.
"Louisiana Obliterates Separation of Church and State With Wild New Law"

"The Bayou State just got one step closer to Christian nationalism."

As per this article:

"Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a law Wednesday mandating that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public school classroom, in a startlingly clear demonstration of the blurring lines between church and state.
According to the legislation, the commandments displays would be paid for through donations, not through state funds. The law also authorizes classrooms to put up the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, and the Northwest Ordinance—but it does not require those documents to be displayed.
The law describes the Ten Commandments not as the religious edict that they plainly are, but as "foundational documents of our state and national government.""

Here's the link:   A Win for Christian Nationalism

Everyday, it gets harder and harder for me to believe the calendar says we're well into the 21st century. But then, it is the relatively new, heathen calendar. It's the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3190 for some of us, and that does make me feel a little better about the situation.

So, Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
I have never fired a rifle equipped with a bump stock. But, it is my understanding that bump stocks severely reduce the accuracy of such a rifle. So, that make a rifle equipped with a bump stock unsuitable for target shooting. In any case, automatic, and even semi-automatic rifles can not be legally used for hunting game in, at least, my state. (There used to be an exception allowing handicapped hunters to use semi-automatic rifles, and that exception may still exist.)

So, what is a rifle equipped with a bump stock actually good for? Well, as has already been well proven, it's a great choice for an indiscriminate mass shooter.

"Republicans block bill to outlaw bump stocks for rifles after Supreme Court lifts Trump-era ban"

As per this article:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans blocked bipartisan legislation Tuesday that would have outlawed bump stocks after the Supreme Court struck down a ban on the rapid-fire gun accessory used in the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

Democrats tried to force a voice vote on the bill to ban bump stocks, a tactic often used by both parties when they know that they don't have the votes to pass legislation but want to bring an issue to the Senate floor. The bill, sponsored by Sens. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, would ban the sale of the devices, similar to the rule issued by President Donald Trump's administration after a gunman in Las Vegas attacked a country music festival in 2017 with semiautomatic rifles equipped with the accessories."

And, as per further along in this article:

"Nebraska Sen. Pete Ricketts objected for Republicans, blocking an immediate vote on the bill. He called the legislation a "gun grabbing overreach" that could be interpreted to include other gun accessories beyond bump stocks."

Here's this link:   Republicult™ Blocks Bill Outlawing Bump Stocks

As surviving a mass shooting, as well as initiating one, is becoming something a 'rite of passage' in the US of A, the Republicult™ is certainly doing its part to make sure it actually becomes another 'Merican tradition.
Here's an item that all truly hardcore MAGAts are sure to want to proudly own and wear:

Here's the link:   The 'I'M VOTING FOR THE CONVICTED FELON' T-Shirt
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
June 18, 2024, 07:21:16 PM
Quote from: Bobby Campbell on June 16, 2024, 03:21:13 PM

After having been force fed Finnegans Wake years ago, I couldn't take James Joyce seriously. But, after watching your tribute, and knowing that RAW counted Ulysses among the 'Great Books,' I'm going to have to give James Joyce another try.
Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
June 18, 2024, 02:30:26 PM
June 17, 1972 - The Watergate Break-in

In a case of Republicans just being Republicans, minions of the Nixon administration burglarized the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. And, of course, 'Tricky Dick' Nixon, the sitting Republican POTUS at the time, did his best to cover it up.

But, fear not! The Republican Party has learned a thing or two from its past mistakes. Since then, they have closed ranks, and pack the courts with even more of their 'party over country' believing minions. And so, the possibility of a future Republican president ever being forced from office for committing mere felonies has been put to rest.