All you can say in this site's defence is that it, rather than reality, occupies the warped minds of some of the planet's most twisted people; gods know what they would get up to if it wasn't here.  In these arguably insane times, any lessening or attenuation of madness is maybe something to be thankful for.

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Some men you just can't reach.
Quote from: LMNO on July 13, 2017, 08:11:17 PM
Quote from: trix on July 13, 2017, 08:01:30 PM
What positive connotations of excrement are there for the presentation of their theses to possess?

I am aware of no positive connotations related to excrement, aside from the release of pressure associated with its extrusion.

You've never heard praise in the form of, "That's the shit, yo!"

I think the literal translation might be closer to "That shit's cray-cray!"
That's not your sister, that's a RealDoll in a tube top and carhartt overalls with a bad wig.

And everyone can tell that the "inflatable clown" in the corner is just you wearing a GoPro and holding some balloons.

You're not fooling anyone, Pent.
Hey Ippy, nice to see you poke your head in to these parts!

This place has actually been remarkably not throat-punchy lately. These are interesting times and that leaves less idle time for bickering. And, dare I say it, the board seems to be mellowing as everyone slides into being middle-aged.
Did not die. Also did not wake up with laser eyes, so we'll call that a wash.

DID get a promotion at work. Entry-level management at a smaller store that's only about 10 minutes farther away in terms of commute time. Also I'll have a daytime schedule and Sundays off (HELLO FOOTBALL SEASON!) and the extra money should be enough to afford a decent day-care for the kiddo.
Well, just in case I'm that lucky one-in-a-million that never wakes up from being put under general's been real, y'all. Hell, I have friends that I've actually met that I don't consider to be as close to me as Roger, Cain, and LMNO. This place has been way more giggles than shits and that's about all you can ask out of anything in life.
Why is this thread stickied all of a sudden?

I literally thought it had disappeared for days. :lulz:
Quote from: Mesozoic Mister Nigel on June 04, 2017, 05:01:30 PM
I have discovered a fun new thing, inspired by Titus on Kimmy Schmidt.

1. Find a group full of young sprightly neckbeards
2. Wait for a thread in which someone mentions IQ
3. Talk about having a very high IQ
4. Argue that the IQ scale only goes to 100 and everyone who says they have an IQ over 100 is either lying or too dumb to understand how it works
5. Enjoy


Oh, this is brilliant. :lulz:
Yeah, my lungs recently started plotting to kill me. It's a race now. I'm pretty sure I can kill them first.
Also, when you say some dumb shit on facebook that you think is smart and you've said it in a thread that's already full of PD members you should probably come here and crow about it too because that's a great look and clearly we all need to give twice as many fucks.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're a boring little turd of an edgelord and SHUT UP.
Clearly scientists and engineers are two diametrically opposed mutually exclusive things and it would be simply impossible according to the laws of the universe for someone to do both things.

You're a fuckin' genius, you are. Thanks for SHOWING US WHAT, guy.
Sorry to break it to you, Chuckles, but we kind of live in a post-satire world now. We've even Poe's Law-ed Poe's Law.
Not only do I not condemn violence against the system, I absolutely condone it in much the same way that I condone you flapping your arms and trying to fly.

If you think it'll get you off the ground I'm more than happy to offer all the encouragement I can.

Who taught you reading comprehension? :lulz:

They let you down, Spanky.

But hey, dig those heels in harder. You're probably making headway.
It's just, y'know, we're not quite as smart as you so we haven't yet figured out how to out-violence THE SYSTEM, man.

Please, oh wonderous guru, enlighten us. :lulz: